Model X revealed?

Model X revealed?

GIdoc | 30/01/2015

Looks legit. Overall shape looks a bit like Prius...

carlk | 30/01/2015

Looks much sportier than the old design. I like that.

Kimscar | 30/01/2015

I hope the real reveal is soon. With lots of good images | 30/01/2015

I dunno - that roofline looks much to sharp to me in the rear, don't see how you would get adults in the third row. Also, with a test track on site in Fremont, not sure why they would go to Alameda and risk a leak simply to drive around in circles for a while.


EVino | 30/01/2015

The back looks a lot better.

EVino | 30/01/2015

@omar, the Fremont track doesn't have straight runs. Alameda is an old runway strip with flats for near a mile. Fremont's is tiny, with banked curves.

carlk | 30/01/2015

It's heavily camouflaged of course but it does appear that it will no longer be just a taller MS. As an eventual S&X family this really appeals to me.

@O I bet you people will see it on public roads pretty soon. That will be the final stage of testing.

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

Analyzing this video, it seems to be the same overall size & shape to me. The various geometric designs and appliqués seem to really do a proper job of disguising the vehicle. If you think in terms of the cars shown at the Model X Reveal, both the Honda Odyssey and AUDI Q7 are rather large vehicles in person. I figure the Model X has a similar presence.

tes-s | 30/01/2015

Are they still on track for deliveries in Q3?

MileHighMotoring | 30/01/2015

I don't think you can trust that body shape. Looks like a disguise to me. I'd bet the real vehicle's shape hasn't changed an inch.

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

tes-s: July is in Quarter 3 2015 and also in the Summer. | 30/01/2015

I take it back about the roofline--just went back and looked at pics of the proto; guess its been a while since I looked at an MX. :)

carlk | 30/01/2015

@eco5280 Why disguise it if it did not change any?

jordanrichard | 30/01/2015

To keep people on their toes.....

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

I've seen prototypes before, in the real world, that had ridiculous amounts of netting, fake scoops, oversized body panels, and zigzag graphics to hide what they really were under the skin.

Boukman | 30/01/2015

Question...? Why would Tesla be testing a car at that spot and not on their own track? Teaser?

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

Apparently the airport strip is much larger than the Tesla test track at Fremont. They don't have funds for something like the old Honda Proving Center of California (HPCC). It had a 7.5 mile oval, along with a road course... | 30/01/2015

OK, so this is interesting, and perhaps I made some mistake, but I used the wheel size as a way to look at the overall dimensions. My assumption is they are using the same size wheel in both of these pics (the square represents a wheel diameter):

New pic:

Old pic:

If this is correct, then the new car is quite a bit smaller. If the wheel is the same size as the 21s on my MS, then the old proto was approx 180"(L) x 65"(H). The new pic is approx 158" x 54". The new pic has lower resolution so the extrapolations more squishy, but we are looking at ~20" shorter.


O | 30/01/2015

Doh - wrong "old pic": | 30/01/2015

Last try

TytanX_ | 30/01/2015

The pic is on a slight angle which will through off your measurements.
We know the wheelbase is the same as the MS. You could check the accuracy of your measurements by checking what wheelbase you come up with.

Not sure what Tesla is hiding here. They showed a prototype in Texas a few weeks ago. I highly doubt the final design will be much different then that.

EVino | 30/01/2015

@omar, nice method, but in the proto picture it's angled forward. You can clearly see the wheels on the other side. That will skew your profile measurement. Can you find a video frame where the side view is a better right angle?

mclary | 30/01/2015

Too small for X. Maybe it is a Model 3 prototype? | 30/01/2015

Ah, good pont - let me take another look over lunch, although I don't think the angle would shift the height diff (assuming all above caveats on wheel size, etc).

I think we will see changes -- the car in TX is the old proto, since then they have gone through alphas and betas and Elon has alluded to refinements.

O | 30/01/2015

BTW, 158" is about 20% shorter than a Model S - just saying' :)


PhillyGal | 30/01/2015 | 30/01/2015

Doing a quick re-calc on the existing pic gives it a wheelbase of ~90" again about 80% of the Model Ses wheel base.

I know the angle is off, but its not that much of an angle to account for the delta.


TytanX_ | 30/01/2015

Looking at the side walls on rendering you used as our old pic, it looks to me like they are 19s". The test car could have 21" so your initial assumption could be wrong. If you factor that in the number get pretty close.

PhillyGal | 30/01/2015

@omarsultan - in my super scientific method of holding up a ruler to my computer screen on the pic in the link I just posted, I'd get 100" wheelbase assuming 19/20" wheels.

Check that one out and see what you think. I don't see how or why MX would have such a short wheelbase though. 116.5" on the Model S.

DonS | 30/01/2015

Way too early for a Model 3. The only reason to do high speed testing is if Tesla is checking the X production prototype. Body trim may not be final, but this test means they think everything in the body structure, suspension and drive-line is ready and are testing to make sure.

AmpedRealtor | 30/01/2015

There is something odd about the shape of that test car... the flattening of the rear end looks more severe than the prototypes we have seen, or it could just be an optical illusion. Could Tesla reduce the wheelbase and overall chassis size and still use the existing battery form factor? I'm wondering if all the delays could be due to Tesla reducing size, lowering weight, and increasing range? Just speculating. | 30/01/2015

Here is your pic:

If we assume those are Tesla 21s (22.5" dia), then the wheel base is 90", if we assume those are Tesla 19s (20.75" dia), then the WB is 83", which seems very short.

To do the math backwards, if we assume the WB is 116.5" then the wheel diameter is 29" which does not sound reasonable.

O | 30/01/2015

BTW, I am not convinced this is a Tesla anything--in blowing up PhillyGal's pic, the car looks like it has a tailpipe :)

David Trushin | 30/01/2015

this could be a prius. The estimated dimensions are about right.

PhillyGal | 30/01/2015

Oh I'm not convinced either it's a Tesla. It looks too short and as others have mentioned, has too harsh a vertical rear body.

But the car in the link I provided is definitely the same car as the link in the original post.

jjs | 30/01/2015

Elon and company have to laughing at us right now.

Kutu | 30/01/2015

I took a pole here- at my office. Tesla is a Tesla Model 3!

tezzla.SoCal | 30/01/2015

Looking at this picture, it sure looks like the gull-wing door handles:

Grinnin'.VA | 30/01/2015

@Model X revealed?
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Could you please move this to the Model X forum.

diegoPasadena | 30/01/2015

Maybe it is a Model 3 prototype?

Oh, I hope not. I'm hoping for something with more "S" family resemblance, more Sedan looking than what's on this video. But this does look quite a bit smaller than the MX prototype I saw in Hawthorne during the battery swap event, so mclary might be on to something.

danej | 30/01/2015

I don't think that is a Tesla at all. Looks like a Prius perhaps.

staze | 30/01/2015

Baby MX? M3X? Does look smaller than the MX for sure. Would not be surprised if they are already testing the fourth model - an MX version on the Model 3 platform. It would make sense to develop both at the same time to reduce development costs. I presume they have learned quite a bit from evolving the MS platform to fit the MX.

Regardless, I am happy to me an MS owner and investor (long).

staze | 30/01/2015

Ugh, happy to be an MS owner and investors. I also happen to be happy to be me. :-)

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

It is a Model X. Nothing else. It isn't smaller. Those are probably 24" wheels -- if not larger. It's just riding at the lowest suspension height for the sake of handling.

A fake tailpipe is easy to manage among appliqués or prosthetics to hide what a vehicle really is...

ORWA | 30/01/2015

Isn't that a Model S in the background? It would be a huge coincidence if they were testing a Prius and there was a Model S in the background.

Opafiets | 30/01/2015

Looks like a MS in the background when they're loading in to the trailer. Maybe Toyota has a MS just for fun :-)

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

A Prius looks a lot more like this:

Pontiac J2000



Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

Oh, and this is what the Pontiac Aztek looked like:



AmpedRealtor | 30/01/2015

How do we know that this is even a Tesla?

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

Ugh... Because it is a Model X.