Model X Studio

Model X Studio

I could be wrong, but unless Tesla plans to give reservation holders one to two months to customize their Model X, they are already doing so in some secret part of the website, or an alternative one and sworn to secrecy.

In today's blog, Musk says that the Model X will begin deliveries in two months. Your predictions?

ronmerkord | 20/07/2015

As a Signature reservation holder, #1015, I can assure you that I have heard nothing from them regarding designing our X. My wife and I check the MyTesla page every day in hopes.

No NDA's, no secret agreements. Just no info from Tesla.

primetime98 | 20/07/2015

Ron, I have to agree with you as a fellow Signature holder(#911) no news. I called Tesla today and they seemed to suggest early fall delivery so maybe 3-4 weeks we'll be designing. He also seemed to suggest that the 90 would be an option and not standard. I am hopeful that even though I'm Signature it doesn't automatically include Performance/Ludicrous since I'm more interested in range v speed. I'm pretty sure the forum will be the first place to turn once we start configuring, I can't believe they would hold us to secrecy.

Good luck in your wait,


ronmerkord | 20/07/2015

Tony, yes, I agree that I hope that the Sigs are available without the Performance / Ludicrous upgrades. I was OK with the Performance on all the Sigs if necessary, but Ludicrous is just going too far. From the Model S design studio, a fully loaded S is now over $140K, which could put a fully loaded X over $150K. That is getting a little too expensive when what I really want is range-range-range, and space-space-space.

Of course, for those S and X customers who want total performance, Ludicrous will bring in much needed cash flow for Tesla Motors, so I am glad they are making it available.

As my wife says, if they would even release the colors available for the X, that would give us something to satisfy our need for info.


EternalChampion | 20/07/2015

I'll give you a color teaser

Black. And white.

Just don't tell anyone, ok?

ian | 20/07/2015

I predict Sig reservations will get access to the design studio the first or second week of September.

paradis | 20/07/2015

@ian - I sure hope you're wrong because that would mean that Elon over-promised again since he just reaffirmed deliveries starting in mid-September. In order to keep that date configuration would have to open pretty soon.

timf2001 | 20/07/2015

He reaffirmed deliveries in 2 months. He has never said the first deliveries would be Signature deliveries. I fully expect there will be pre-Signature deliveries for carefully selected individuals who don't need a public Design Studio.

Model S Signatures had a choice between standard and Performance. You will not be forced to buy Performance or Ludicrous mode if you don't want it. They only came with 85 kWh batteries because at the time that was all Tesla was making, but there's no reason Tesla couldn't offer other battery sizes on the X Signatures since they have 70 and 90 kWh batteries in production already.

TonyInNH | 20/07/2015

Didn't they used to state 'multiple battery configurations' on the X page? It doesn't now.

One more question.

If the design studio was supposed to be ready in July and it isn't then what makes you think September deliveries will happen?

jewelbox | 20/07/2015

We are not at the end of July yet..............
And anyway if some posters are right, maybe there is "private" design studio already for the lucky few pre-signature cars,,,,,,,,,, we'll see soon enough!

EternalChampion | 20/07/2015

I think if there were a private design studio, some of the enterprising computer engineers that frequent this site or Tesla Motor Club would have already sniffed that out. Kind of like when there was advanced knowledge of the new color schemes that came out this year.

Svenssons | 20/07/2015

The private Design Studio will probably not be accessible from any other account than the ones that are targeted. It does not even need to be on the same address or server. It does not even need to be a complete Design Studio, just a list with options to check from regarding color, interior, wheels, performance and towing.

ian | 21/07/2015

Excactly. The design studio will open in just enough time to deliver about 5 X's in September so they can say that X deliveries started in Q3. Maybe.

I hope I'm wrong but I'm starting to believe the pessimists with regards to the X delivery timframe.

DriverZ | 21/07/2015

As you can see from some of my other posts, I was told that Design Studio for Signature Reservation holders was still about a month away. Since I am holder of Signature Reservation #228, if there is a private design studio, it must be for 227 or fewer cars.

But for the Model S, there were Founder cars produced before the Signature cars. My guess is that those are the ones that will be delivered before the end of Q3.

DonS | 21/07/2015

If the Signature cars follow the precedence set by the Model S, the the Model X signature cars are really just normal cars with every option box checked. Therefore, your choices are limited to color. If Tesla makes batches of each color, they can deliver any car in the color you pick. It kind of eliminates the whole need for the design studio until there are actually options to choose.

Benz | 21/07/2015

I think that they will discontinue the 85 kWh battery pack before the design studio for the Tesla Model X goes online. The only remaining choices will be the 70 kWh and the 90 kWh battery pack to choose from. | 21/07/2015

Or maybe just any capacity you want as long as it is 90 kWh...

Remnant | 24/07/2015

We should note though that the 90 kWh option is piggybacked on the 85 one, probably the result of an "improved-chemistry-cell" (ICC) patch.

This would suggest that a completely different energy capacity might result if the whole battery were made of ICCs, such as 105 or 120 kWh.

Thus, an MX endowed with an ICC battery could have a range of 350-400 miles, which is comparable with an ICE SUV of the same size.

vperl | 24/07/2015

First delivery of MX after 1 October 2015.

As stated for many months

Red Sage ca us | 24/07/2015

I'd like to reiterate my suggestion for a Signature Green version of the Model X.

jjs | 24/07/2015

+1 Red

Not that I would get one, but I do think it would be an appropriate option. Of course if you bought one if would be Red's Green, which is a lot like having two first names. Very confusing! :)

Red Sage ca us | 24/07/2015

In the Real World, I have three last names. Really confuses people on my resume. They think I'm a law firm...

jjs | 24/07/2015

Milkem, Blikem and Howe?

On attaboy to the first person that identifies the person who came up with that name.

jjs | 24/07/2015

Grrr... Make that ONE attaboy...

Red Sage ca us | 24/07/2015

I thought it was 'Bilkem'...?

johnse | 24/07/2015

Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe was a "sponsor" of Car Talk :)

jjs | 24/07/2015

YES BILKEM....damn fingers

jjs | 24/07/2015

.....and eyes.....

jjs | 24/07/2015

Seems Brian has gone missing.

Maybe Elon is with Brian?

vperl | 24/07/2015

Brain was taken hostage by the Unicorns and Bigfeet so he would not disclose the top secret info on the MX P100D .

Trust me.

AlMc | 24/07/2015

@Remnant: I would not be surprised to see a battery option of 100 or just over. Maybe TM will couple it with a 'tow package'?

Anyway, my predictions are Founder's series produced/delivered before the end of September to make the delivers start by end of Q3. The founder's get personal design studio 'admission' or a call from Fremont rep to discuss their configuration.

Sigs produced/delivered in October/November/early December; design studio for them opens in early September.

vandacca | 25/07/2015

There was a post over at TMC outlining a conversation a user was having with a Tesla staffer. The conclusion was that the biggest battery that will be available is the 90kWh. Of course, that may change a year from now, but the initial battery options will be 70kWh and 90kWh. | 25/07/2015

I have secretly ordered a Model X, so secretly that Tesla does know about it yet.

Ankit Mishra | 26/07/2015

100 D now? What about 110D? Reality setting in?