Model X video, spotted in Palo Alto 3/19/2015

Model X video, spotted in Palo Alto 3/19/2015

Model X video, spotted in Palo Alto 3/19/2015. Looks like on a beta test run, still wrapped to disguise features.

Lubdub | 20/03/2015

thanks for your post
hope to see more and more of these

JKL | 20/03/2015

Great! Can't wait to have it.

EVino | 20/03/2015

Looks like the background of a Microsoft desktop.

EVino | 20/03/2015

The black trim around the fender flare and running board definitely gives it more of an SUV presence. Hope that's an offered trim package.

jjs | 20/03/2015

+1 EVino Yes it does. Eerie actually. | 20/03/2015

@ Son of a Gunn: best sighting yet. If I am not mistaken (according to my bride, I am often mistaken.), the top of the windshield has been covered up as well as the nose which looks a little bulbous to me. Hope the real tail lights look better than the mule's.

jjs | 20/03/2015

All the egregious design flaws will be forgiven if it goes 500 miles on a charge, (regardless of how fast you drive), goes 0-60 in 1.5 seconds and recharges is 4 nanoseconds. Then, an only then, will Tesla have accomplished something significant.

Disclaimer: The above was sarcasm.

Observation: If you really needed the disclaimer you need help.

Observation Disclaimer: Yes that was sarcasm too.

models60 | 20/03/2015

Thanks for posting the video ... MX is looking good, holding back upgrading MS to P85D in anticipation of an amazing SUV. | 20/03/2015

I am never sarcastic.

Disclaimer: that was sarcasm.

Lucythesplainer | 20/03/2015

back windshield looks nice & big under the camoflage.
Thanks for feeding our thirst for news!

ian | 20/03/2015

Still seeing a step down from the back if the falcon doors to the rear quarter panel. I don't think we're seeing the final design.

I'll second that SQUEE! ;-)

ian | 20/03/2015

Looks like some big gaps on the hood and the front quarters too. Still lots of camo on this.

EVino | 20/03/2015

Dang it, can't wait. This X is gonna be an awesome ride. Black on white definitely looks good.

TonyInNH | 20/03/2015

Production is right around the corner, when are they gonna start showing some official pictures?

ken | 21/03/2015

Thanks, however I see that there was a driver at the wheel. Maybe next week we can see the driver-less one.

Brian H | 21/03/2015

1 wk after the first delivery.

rdalcanto | 22/03/2015

Can't tell the size of the hitch receiver. That thing better be 2 inch....

Red Sage ca us | 23/03/2015

Thanks! I made sure to share the video on Facebook.

Red Sage ca us | 23/03/2015

EVino: The accent line in black/anthracite was always there at the wheel wells:

The real change is relative to the front fascia: especially air inlets below the headlights and turn signals at the front corners, and the shape of the front diffuser.

eddiemoy | 24/03/2015

looks a lot better in white. can't wait to see the final.