Model X in the wild

Model X in the wild

Lubdub | 11/02/2015

This is great. Thanks

rlwrw | 11/02/2015

What's it doing at a smog station? ;-)

NumberOne | 12/02/2015

A drive by I guess.

Where I live, there is a Costco with a gas station, I have noticed a Model S parked in the adjacent parking area a number of times. I guess the reason is because it is the most remote part of the parking lot for the store, so it is not as crowded as the rest of the parking lot (or the gas station for that matter). Fewer chances for dings.

vandacca | 12/02/2015

Wow, I guess the reveal was sooner that we thought! ;)
Looks like there is a nose-cone prosthetic to hide the new front end.
I couldn't tell that the side-mirrors were taped on, but if that's the case perhaps the surprise reveal that Elon referred to on yesterday's year-end call, is side-cameras. I guess that can be his "one-more-thing" announcement. | 12/02/2015

CA mfr plates.

GLO | 12/02/2015

Wow, great catch! It's alive!! (and has a tow hitch)!

hateToShift | 12/02/2015

How does everyone feel about its looks? I think the roadster and S are gorgeous. I don't think just taking the S, and stretching it upward resulted in as beautiful an auto.

jjs | 12/02/2015

I think the S is much more attractive than the X. For me it is just too difficult to make an SUV as beautiful as a sedan. Overall, a B- on looks. But, I can't wait to get one because I think the utility of the vehicle will be unparalleled.

aljjr2 | 12/02/2015

It is hard to tell. Look less like an Aztec than the airfield video, but suspect there is still some camo or older body panels. Color makes all the difference in SUVs (IMHO)so hard to judge overall like. Note to shareholders said 30 beta's testing so great to see some in the "wild", even with camo. Finally some verifiable excitement. | 12/02/2015

I don't think that it will be the slickest looking SUV out there but it will look OK and, assuming that it drives like the MS, there will be no, as in none, zip, zilch, nada, competition.

jjs | 12/02/2015

+1 george

The feel you get when you look at it will quickly be relegated to the back of you mind becasue of the feel you get when you drive it.

Larry@SoCal | 12/02/2015

We need paparazzi camped on the factory door step!

USCRXDR | 12/02/2015

Overall it looks like my Q7, although at this point the Q7 looks better, maybe if they made the rear of the X more appealing it would improve the overall design.

grant10k | 12/02/2015

Problem is, cars can fit inside semi trailers.

We need to give the paparazzi motorcycles to follow these outgoing shipments.

Someone who's about to get an S delivered, please note down exactly how high off the ground the delivery vehicle rides before car is unloaded, so we can see which semis are 'riding low', like they did in The Italian Job.

Let's just hope Tesla doesn't catch on and fill the trailers with helium to offset the extra weight of the X and throw our guys off the scent.

AA_4_Tesla | 12/02/2015

@vandacca- The front end does look a little odd. Lights look a bit different than on the Model X page.

Can't wait to see some more pictures of this puppy zooming around.

ian | 12/02/2015

As much as I hate to admit it, I agree it's pretty underwhelming in the looks department. Count me as one who was hoping for something a bit "tougher" looking. Hopefully with what's hiding behind the minimal masking on this one and some different wheels it will move the meter a bit higher on the "got to have it" scale.

Definitely agree with the performance assessments too though. I guess I was hoping the looks would match the performance a bit more.

Can't wait to see more!


eddiemoy | 12/02/2015

Looks worse than the concept. If it is this fugly, will have to cancel my reservation!

Goose | 13/02/2015

very low res images, but I was able to bring up some shadow detail that shows the hitch | 13/02/2015

@tomprout: good work! I wonder why it has a rectangular hole in the bumper above the tow hitch?

Goose | 13/02/2015

@georgehawley ... inside the rectangular hole appears to be a solid bar - my #GUESS# is that could stabilize the bike rack the company spoke of a couple of months ago

vandacca | 13/02/2015

@ian_t, remember when the Model-X was first unveiled? Tesla said that there would be enough room to store "... all her gear". Also if you remember the Model-X page, there was only 1 silhouette of a person on the whole page, and it was a female getting into the 2nd/3rd row.

Initially, the Model-X was targeted at women, probably because there are so many "soccer-moms" that drive SUVs in North America.

I'm assuming that Tesla is still wanting to target women, so they have to balance that out and not make it too "masculine". I just hope they realize that there are a lot of men out there that want this vehicle for more practical purposes too. It is supposed to be a Utility vehicle.

Lack of a decent hitch was the main reason why I gave up my Model-S reservation 2 years ago...less than 1 week before they announced the first Model-X delay! :-( But I'm happy to finally see the hitch there @tomprout. Thanks for the touch-up.

aljjr2 | 13/02/2015

Ski Storage Compartment....?????

vandacca | 13/02/2015

My guess is that rectangular hole is for testing purposes. For example, measuring stress levels of a stabilizer bar.

jjs | 13/02/2015

+1 vandacca

Very good point. I'll show the picture to my wife, the X is for her anyway, and get her impression.

Red Sage ca us | 13/02/2015

Looks good to me.

TonyInNH | 13/02/2015

Personally I think it has a nice sporty look for it, especially for a crossover.

ian | 13/02/2015

Great points vandacca. That will be a tough aesthetic balance. I also think it will look much better in person with some nice wheels on it and perhaps some tastefully lowered suspension.

Thanks for the clearer picture of the hitch mount tomprout! Looks like it could be a 2" mount. Should be plenty stout for a 4 bike 1upUSA bike rack.

Getting excited again!

Red Sage ca us | 13/02/2015

ian t: Lowered suspension? Why? It looks plenty low in those photos... Lower than a Chrysler Pacifica or Honda Crosstour... Whaddaya wanna do -- slam it like a lead sled?

ian | 13/02/2015

Damn straight! Slam that thang!

I dunno. I see quite a bit of fender gap. ;-)

I want a sports wagon. That photo chopped S picture running around would be just perfect. Haha! Mostly kidding.

AA_4_Tesla | 13/02/2015 Better add in that air suspension.

ian | 13/02/2015

I know they'll offer a performance version and with how the P85D air suspension felt and how much lolachampcar likes it I think it will be great. Hopefully Tesla doesn't soften it up too much.

Red Sage ca us | 14/02/2015

ian t perceived, "I see quite a bit of fender gap."

Seriously? Wow. Sounds to me as if you want to see the tires tucked under the fender. The clearance in these photos is maybe two-to-three inches. When you look at the cars it passes on the street, most have four to six inches between the top of the tire and the wheel well.

The Model X is closer to the ground than its contemporaries, and there is less of a gap between the tire and the wheel well.

Tesla Model X Test Mule



Red Sage ca us | 14/02/2015

Part 2...


Porsche Cayenne

You must look at the Performance versions of these other cars to see bigger wheels, lower suspensions, and a more aggressive filling of the wheel wells. But compared to their base versions, this version of the Model X is very low already.

ian | 14/02/2015

Once again, the Internet sucked all the sarcasm out of my post! Damn! ;-)

ian | 14/02/2015

Wait, are my winkies broken? ;-)

pvetesla | 16/02/2015

Dare I say the model X will be the first SUV to get a 5 star rating for rollover?

carlgo2 | 17/02/2015

I like traditional, real SUVs and do not like the X6 look. Others feel differently or value range above utility.

But here is something strange. Those gaps are so awful that I just wonder if the rear on the test car is really cobbled together to disguise a substantially different look. They are that bad for a reason, not because the robots decided to be creative.

Today even the cheapest cars have perfect gaps. You have to design bad gaps in order to get them. Something is up...

Rear bumper...could be a pivot for the lift-up roof rack I guessed at some time back. | 18/02/2015

Tesla robots have a test mule mode, I believe.

@Red: you may be the world's leading authority on fender wells. Impressive!

ian | 18/02/2015

Since Red did admit that the performance versions of those other SUV's have larger wheels and lower suspensions I'll add some pictures for reference...

Audi Q7


Porsche Cayenne

Yes, the spotted test mule of the X does have pretty small fender gaps. Just hoping some bigger wheels make it look as "sporty" as these others.

carlk | 22/02/2015

@ian +1. And not just bigger, wider too.

Red Sage ca us | 26/02/2015

I would not be surprised to see 24" or 25" wheels and tires as ridiculously expensive options for Tesla Model X. Doesn't change the fact that the standard issue wheel/tire combination on a Model X with air suspension will be closer to the ground than all those contemporaries, until you get to the matte black BMW X6 -- which no one will be using for the Zombie Apocalypse. And the Porsche Cayenne is still gawdawful ugly, no matter how many jewels and lipstick are heaped upon it. Y'know... Sort of like Phyllis Diller or Bette Midler, only not as pretty.

ian | 26/02/2015

Can't stand that X6 honestly.

We'll have to agree to disagree on the Cayenne though. ;-)

paradis | 01/03/2015

For those of you that have access to the Model X Facebook group there are 2 new pictures of a slightly camouflaged white MX in the wild. I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste them here so maybe someone with better computer skills than me can do it.

Let the comments begin!

gfb107 | 01/03/2015

Pictures were actually first posted on twitter:

ian | 01/03/2015

Cool! Thanks for posting!

ian | 01/03/2015

Baby got back! This one looks like it has more rear headroom. Is it just the white color? I don't think so.

Son of a Gunn | 02/03/2015

It looks nice. Not obnoxious. If I saw one on the road I would also be too excited to think about taking a video instead of still photos. What additional detail could moving images give me anyway. Thanks for the pics.

Son of a Gunn | 02/03/2015

The portrait mode picture is also nice. It captures the interior dash of the photographer's car nicely, and the blue sky above the Model X is a creative technique. Landscape mode is overrated.

ScoobyDoo | 02/03/2015

I like it. Very cool.

ken | 02/03/2015

I agree, BIG THANKS for posting these pixs. I like how it looks. Don't see any extra large wheels but those would probably be optional.