New supercharger network

New supercharger network

Sweet press conference tonight.
Great supercharger network.
Will the roadster be able to use this!?

Bradford | 25/09/2012

Agreed, agreed, and +1 :-)

Timo | 25/09/2012

I don't think Roadsters can use them. Battery chemistry is different and Roadster lacks required hardware. In grand scheme Roadster was just a practice to build real BEV:s. A mean to gather enough money to build the first real money-maker and practical car.

lightly | 25/09/2012

According to George Blankenship, No.

ChrisH | 25/09/2012

Is there an adapter that allows us to plug in, even if it doesn't supercharge? It would seem that it would at least be equivalent to the HPC at 90W.

Brian H | 25/09/2012

My suggestion would be a "side-station" HPC outlet specifically for Roadsters. Much simpler than making a few hundred adapters ...

bernie_beaudoin02878 | 26/09/2012

I agree with the 'side-station idea, while I am buying a model S to give me the same wide smile that I get when I drive the Roadster, there are times I do like to tear up the highway in my white rocket.

What would be cool is for Tesla to build new Roadster batteries that have the same chemistry as the Model S batteries that also provide more power storage as well. Imagine upgrading the Roadster from 400kms to 600kms+ just by changing out the battery to an 85Kw battery... whoa!

SMOP | 26/09/2012

Tesla should really include HPC's for Roadsters at these locations. This would take some of the burden off individuals (be it Roadster or Model S owners) who only need a 70A charge. Right now the only 70Amp charge for Roadster owners is at Harris Ranch. If you are making the trip from So Cal to Nor Cal you will have to supplement this charge with a 50amp RV park charge on the I-5. Many Roadster owners use the 101 instead, as it is a safer bet (several HPC's along the 101). I am surprised that Tesla has not included HPC's in the supercharger design; right out of the gates. I hope they do not forget about Roadster owners when implementing their grandiose charging infrastructure.

Timo | 26/09/2012

I wonder if the required hardware could be added to Roadster with battery pack change for a price. Maybe that's the plan, get them use the same infrastructure?

David70 | 27/09/2012


Use this link to charge stations that work for Roadsters. There are at least 70A stations.

David70 | 27/09/2012

Edit: at least 20 70A stations.

SMOP | 27/09/2012

Thanks for the link, very useful...

As you can see on the I-5 there is only one 70Amp HPC (Harris Ranch) between the Bay Area and the LA Basin. If a Roadster was doing the trip from So Cal to Nor Cal that is ~200 miles (I live in Orange County so its closer to 250 miles from my house to Harris Ranch). I would not risk making this drive without picking up a few extra miles somewhere in between. There are a few RV parks where Roadster owners can capture a few insurance miles and be able to drive with the A/C on. It would be useful to have a HPC option.

Brian H | 27/09/2012

Yeah, ideally all Roadster and Model S charging sites should be able to accommodate the other model. Just to be considerate, like. It's all in the family!

SMOP | 27/09/2012

another benefit is that, if all the Superchargers are in use a Model S could use the 70A with an adapter and at least get a few miles while waiting for the Superchargers to free up.

Brian H | 27/09/2012

... but politely give way to a Roadster should one limp in! ;)

frank_landfield | 07/10/2012

I "heard" unofficially that 70-amp chargers for roadsters will be at the new supercharger stations. When!? Stay tuned. Thanks Tesla. :-)
If any Tesla people are coming to Palm Springs, and wanna get together, here's my number, frank, 760-617-7666, I know most of the charging stations in the neighborhood, some 50-amp ones at la Quinta resort.
Most charge stations I have listed and documented on the PlugShare app. The weather is cooling off!

DHrivnak | 08/10/2012

I really hope they include an HPC for Roadster owners. I have a Roadster and I have let to find ANY charging options above 30 amps and it is normally 200V (one of three phase) at 30 amps for only 6 kw charging. So it is a 10 hour wait for a full charge.

And since I am 400 miles from the nearest service center I am unable to make it without an overnight stop. An HPC would allow me to get there in a day, a long day but possible.

Adding the HPC would also show that Tesla really cares and supports their older generation of cars. A strong selling point for the company.

ChrisH | 05/11/2012

I stopped by the Tejon ranch charging station (not in my Roadster, unfortunately). There are 2 apparently working supercharger stations with a plug that certainly won't fit the roadster.
It seems that with the software/firmware and an HPC/Supercharger adapter, there should be a way to just decrease the charge to the roadster's specs to allow some top off at the station. I would be willing to pay for such a solution.
I am concerned by the lack of support for the early adopters (who funded the company for a while at little ROI). Backward compatablilty is a key point for the majority of the Tech industry, why not Tesla, which prides itself as a tech company and not just a car company.

Vawlkus | 06/11/2012

The Roadster was never designed to handle that kind of power influx. Speaking from an electronics engineering standpoint, I don't see a viable way to accommodate a Roadster on a supercharger.

Brian H | 06/11/2012

I think the proposal was to put up one associated Roadster charger at each station.

Jolinar | 10/11/2012

yea, I think company should accompany their superchargers by Roadster HPC just to show it cares about older customers and make it as one of the marketing points.

Divesh | 06/02/2013

I agree, Tesla should not forget Roadster owners. I travel between San Diego and Yuma, Arizona (185miles). I ususally make it with about 25miles left. Today I just entered Yuma and got stalled on the road, ran out of power which was 1.5miles from my workplace which has a 220v charger. I had to use AAA to tow. There are charging stations along this route.