Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

hugo | 04/07/2013

@Benz. Great news - pls let me know if you have new info . By the way - Tesla should have such info on their official web pages

Car-El | 05/07/2013

I found my car. they "test-drive" it. (relax, no VIN yet.)

Chinook234 | 05/07/2013

It is now 3 years since i ordered the Model S. With delivery first Q 2013, the first 2 1/2 years waiting had Bern ok. But the last 6 months has been long. To not get it in July was hard. But my garage is ready. Trying to put the picture out.

GeirT | 05/07/2013

We wait and wait and wait and .....

Patience is a virtue!


Brian H | 05/07/2013

Waiting is good! Remember the moment, as a kid at Xmas when you'd opened the last present and pushed aside the wrappings? Nothing more to anticipate! What a letdown.

Jolinar | 05/07/2013

yea, but a lot of people got expected delivery date "june/july" and now it seems for another (at least 3rd) delay... but, well, I guess it's better to wait for finished product than got unfinished car with many bugs needed to be resolved in service center after delivery :-)

GeirT | 05/07/2013

But Brian H, at that very moment I could start to play the the toys!
I want my toy!!!

Oh well, a slight relapse there...

Moving on and I'll keep waiting. Got no choice anyway :-P

Jarleø | 06/07/2013

Placed my order in June.. I gues i still got to wait until december.

Weird thing is after reading these forums and having my test drive in Bergen. I have already sarted to look upon the New Bmw's, mercedes, and audis driving around me and thinking "what a waste".
Stupid people still driving around in old and outdated cars.. then it dawns on me... I still do myselfe!!!


Roger_NO | 07/07/2013

What is the highest sequence number that has changed status from "order confirmend..." to "Model S in production..."?

Winnie796 | 07/07/2013

Can anyone answer Roger's question?

hugo | 08/07/2013

Unfortunately, I don't think it will change. Last time I spoke to Tesla i asked - and there are no other updates until you take delivery. I would have like to see the actual status, in Production, being shipped etc but apparently there are no such plans..... this is also reported in other forums

But go ahead and request it - added pressure may force things to happen !

JAgincourt | 08/07/2013

With gas pushing $10 a US gallon in Norway plus the tax breaks on EVs there, I can see how a Model S makes economic since there!

lygren | 08/07/2013

My latest communication with Tesla indicated late august / september for my P220 / VIN143XX... It was originally indicated to be delivered in July / August, thus already a potential delay as it seems very likely it will be delivered September... Wellwell, spending all my money in Florida these days anyhow, guess a small delay is good for getting my wallet straightened out at least! :)

Brian H | 08/07/2013

I doubt pestering will work. It would be an admin mega-mess to keep up. Do you know any other car company that provides such info?

Car-El | 09/07/2013

@Brian H
YES, VOLVO! ---> Your car is still in the English Channel!

krissu | 09/07/2013

Correct Julius! If same happens to Tesla, all fish will be dead there, not so eco from Tesla...

Brian H | 09/07/2013

Waiting in Davey Jones' Garage.

j.gjerde | 09/07/2013

Mail from Tesla July 4th;
"There is no delay in Model S deliveries, all we did is that we will start a bit later instead of July in August, but this wont affect your Model S delivery.

As we are going to ramp up production and delivery very rapidly. So you can still expect your Model S in September – October."

I reserved and paied my deposit end of dec 2012. It's soon time to sell my Kia Sportage.. :-)

Benz | 09/07/2013

@ j.gjerde

"As we are going to ramp up production and delivery very rapidly."

If this is true than this is very significant BREAKING NEWS, I would say. Right?

Would it be possible for you to get this reconfirmed?
And could you try to find out who exactly gave you this information?

Winnie796 | 10/07/2013

I got my Vin# 16910 today! I was EU2144 before.

Norway P85+

Car-El | 10/07/2013

How to change name to VINnie 16XXX?

Brian H | 10/07/2013

You're still EU2144. Both numbers are relevant/interesting. Reservation order and manufacturing order are parallel, but far from identical.

Brian H | 10/07/2013

Edit your profile and the new name tag will be displayed on all posts, old and new.

j.gjerde | 10/07/2013

I got the information in a mail from Roxana Prange | European Ownership Experience Advocate (email:

Winnie796 | 10/07/2013


Benz | 10/07/2013

@ j.gjerde

Can you contact Roxana Prange by Phone as well?

GeirT | 10/07/2013

And I am EU2145 and have seen nothing!

GeirT | 10/07/2013

Ooops - to pay attention is rewarding. There it is 16851!

I am in!

NilsG | 10/07/2013

Looks like they will start deliveries soon...
Hopefully some of you will create a thread and tell us about your experiences here in Norway. Starting with deliveries, and follow up with how the cars works out. I am perticularely interrested in how the car actually function in the Norwegian winter!

Didn't Elon say that the first SC's would be up and running when deliveries started?

NilsG | 10/07/2013

Been checking Norwegian forums, and if they are correct it looks like the first SC outside of the US will be in Gol, Norway. Apparently it's under construction, so Elon was correct... ;-)

psirnes | 11/07/2013

My tesla Ipone app went live to day:

So it is moving closer now. Possibly loaded off the boat in Drammen Harbour??

Eu SIg #52

hugo | 11/07/2013

psirnes - how did you get Your iphone app ??
FYI - i have EU sig 51 and VIN 14910 so i am next to you. I have info that cars will arrive Drammen - but not sure if we can pick up cars there...

psirnes | 11/07/2013

you still have to have an US itunes account to download the app. but I suppose it will soon turn up in the verious EU countries "itunes home page).

To establish an US Itunes they require an US credit card. To go around this surf on the net and find a provider for an on-line Itunes gift gard which you can buy with your own credit card.

Check also

I bought one for $25 , The Tesla app is free though, use the rest to download movies , songs or any thing. The account has to be zero before wou can switch back to your own country, I had to call Itunes to get rid of 75 cents,

thomas.schlatter | 11/07/2013

Here is how you can get a US Itunes account without credit card or gift card:

Car-El | 11/07/2013

Still no VIN for me, so then I have a beer!

arnebjarne | 12/07/2013

Today I confirmed the order, had to punch in my birth-number and driving licence number, and voila, my NOK 230.000,- is unrefundable. Good riddance! Just the thrill of waiting makes this one of my best investments ever.. Its like waiting for one of my kids, only that was over in merely 9 months. I must admit the emotional investment is comparable...

arnebjarne | 12/07/2013

I'm only a man.

Brian H | 12/07/2013

Try wine. In VINo veritas.

hugo | 12/07/2013

more delays :-( When Tesla called on June 19 they said delivery would be late July/Aug 1 (week 31). When asking yesterday i was told it was likely to get my VIN 14910 in week 32 or 33....

Very unfortuneate - it must be the 5th or 6th delay info i get...

Car-El | 12/07/2013

My order is on hold!

Or I can confirm my order now.... I will do this later, with my wife.

jeroens | 12/07/2013

Wow week 32-33 that is only a few weeks from now, how exciting...

saab99ems | 12/07/2013

Got rervarion #67. No news, calls, e-mails ....nothing. Got the VIN number. .......

SD Supercharger | 12/07/2013

NOK 230,000 is $37,500 USD. Was this the amount they required you to put down for a deposit?
What is the TOTAL purchase price for a P85 in NOK?

GeirT | 12/07/2013

Order confirmed and "We have begun sourcing parts for your order".


lygren | 12/07/2013

I confirmed mine today as well... I have confirmed once or twice before too, thus I guess I'm REALLY confirmed this time!! Now it states "sourcing for parts"...

ppape | 12/07/2013

Reporter from Bloomberg stated on July 11 video report the European cars are "on the water" toward delivery!

Very exciting.

Can anyone confirm they got same info from Tesla?

arnebjarne | 13/07/2013

@SD Supercharger:

For a sig performance with absolutely everything included (nordic winter package + + + +) except the + -variant (I am not used to supercars, I don't think I would even notice the difference), I am set back NOK 702 000,-

I started saving for this car 4 years ago, having followed Tesla Motors since before the first roadster was on the assembly line. 700 000 in Norway is really not very much money for an awsome car, where an M5 goes for more than the double. A used M5 from 2012 apprx 1 500 000....

HaraldH | 13/07/2013

EU S- 76, win:14976- I also got the: Dashboard now says "We have begun sourcing parts for your order", message today, and also was asked to give details about social security number and license number. A few hours later the message was gone and the area is blank.

Adrian Thomson | 13/07/2013


Same here....

Fred O | 13/07/2013

@ppape: that would be the water test that may take up to 3 weeks... according to some post on this forum.

I guess this is my lucky day. I get the same status changes many of you get. And I did not even order a Sig.