The open letter to california DMV, can we all sign it?

The open letter to california DMV, can we all sign it?

I apologize if the lack of clarity to specific government agency whatever dealing with the VW emissions scandal.It is just mind numbly inefficient to even take them to task. My head just explodes after less than 5 minutes of thought, it is only 2nd place to the dread of inquiring to buy health insurance, just to have 10 assholes call you in the next 24 hours, seriously,, what business model anywhere does that?

Would it be possible to post the open letter to the public to sign it too?

Maybe get a 1/4 million signatures?

The math works, to move forward.

trx430ex | 18/12/2015

So much for edit

Just getting tired of the trend, "Criminal commits crime" Government investigates. Criminal pays fine, Lawyers get their cut, Government gets their cut, no wrongdoing admitted. And "we the people" sit and watch the justice system go right around us, and we get nothing.


JuJoo | 21/12/2015

I'm confused. What does that have to do with the DMV...?

Remnant | 21/12/2015

And what does your petition/open-letter state/request?

SUN 2 DRV | 23/12/2015

My guess is he's referring to this:

Let's just say that I disagree (strongly) with that approach.