Owning a Tesla past 40

Owning a Tesla past 40

this is probably the most naive topic, but i'm just curious, is a tesla fun to drive past 40 as it is for us younger folks in our 20s and 30s?

likely a very short sighted question given my lack of years on this earth, but i don't see myself caring about nice cars past 40 years old. i can understand us young folks who are materialistic and care about impressing others (anyone who buys a 100K+ car is not buying it for functionality - let's be honest). but i would think past 40 (maybe 50?) years old, one has surpassed that phase of egoism and pride.

would other younger folks agree? older folks disagree? not meaning to start a flame, but this is truly more of a spiritual and psychology question. personally, i've always wondered when i'd get out of this phase of caring to impress others. but i've been this way since i was young. maybe it is the result of inauspicious origins?

nonetheless, i despise people like the kardashians for their pretentiousness and self-importance, but when i look at the things i do, i can't pretend to be any better...


Brian H | 21/02/2015

Attaining social status is the dominant human and primate motivation, lifelong. People marry for it and kill for it.

Son of a Gunn | 21/02/2015

I'm under 40. This is most idiotic question. Are you 12 years old? Life is more nuanced than decade level characterization. I sure hope you have more wisdom than this question implies if you're past 25.

Don't entertain numbnuts.

edwpaul | 21/02/2015

jdub4051: You are a jerk!!! I will be 80 this year and will soon take delivery of my 2nd Tesla. Why? Because I can. I want to drive the best, and yes, I have fun doing it. Time for you to grow up. Give the Tesla back, you don't deserve it.

Son of a Gunn | 21/02/2015

When I'm past 40, I hope to have the financial status to own a Ferrari and a P100D. Not to impress other emo numbnuts, but to blow my mind when I drive an out of this world car, and to blow my mind when I look these machines in my garage.

Owning stallions is a man's destiny. You wouldn't understand if you have to ask.

Son of a Gunn | 21/02/2015

Don't feed this troll anymore. What a pisser.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 21/02/2015

Both my wife and I are in our 70's and have more fun driving out Teslas than any other car we ever owned! We did not buy expensive cars or homes until our late 40's. Our children's upbringing, university education and business development came fist, but after that we started to buy what we always wanted and can now easily afford. We always felt keeping up with the Joneses when we were young was a waste of resources that were better invested in our long term goals. Our parents showed the way but times have changed. Although our children have followed the plan so far, it is a bit early to judge how the grandchildren (two in University) will do.

Youth is truly wasted on the young! /;-). My only regret.

Haggy | 21/02/2015

I can't see why I would have wanted an MS when I was in my 20s or 30s. That might be because they didn't exist, but my kids are never begging me to let them drive it.

jdub4051 | 21/02/2015

i think edwardg and haggy are the only ones who were sensible enough to understand the intent of this topic. great insight edwardg. and i admire your priorities over what many of us young folks today take for granted. but like brian said, we live in a societ driven of social status. you have a good head on your shoulders.

rdalcanto | 21/02/2015

It isn't about showing off. It's about driving a smooth automobile that responds instantly to your every thought, and never needs to stop at the gas station. People after 40 still want that, and are more likely to be able to afford it. FYI, people over 40 still have lots of sex too....

ToyVan | 21/02/2015

Not sure why some are being so harsh on jdub. I don't think what he said was offensive -- Maybe a bit naive and ignorant, but he doesn't deserve to be bashed on or called an idiot.

I'm 41 and will be taking delivery of my P85D in about 2 weeks. I've always loved forward thinking and cutting edge technology. And as i've gotten older my appreciation and thirst for technology and outside-of-the-box thinking has become even greater. In my opinion, if anyone needs a flashy car, house, boat or anything materialistic to validate self-worth than I feel sorry for matter what age you are.

My life didn't really begin until I got married and now have three awesome kids! So it really depends on what stage you are in life and your perspective. For me, I work hard and play hard.

SCCRENDO | 21/02/2015

61 years old. Have the money now to afford a Tesla that I didn't have. Have maturity. Have time on my hands.Still run marathons. Can use the Tesla to shuttle my bike. Actually enjoy life better than 25 years ago. Sucks to be young. You have lots to look forward young man. Hope you enjoy life and your Tesla as much ad I do. Doing a 1000 mile Tesla road trip trip this weekend.

JinkieGirl | 21/02/2015

Okay, I'm 39 so not quite 40 yet. Not sure if I'm going to answer this question coming from standpoint of a person over 40 or under. ;)

I didn't take jdub's post as offensive at all. It is a quite interesting topic. I love Louis bags a lot and sometimes I do wonder if I buy them because I care what other's think. Our society is so materially driven that it can be very easy to forget if us folks here in America still have a sense of humility. But that is a much more involved discussion.

So was my motivation to purchase a Tesla at 39 years old driven by pride and egoism? Pride I could possibly argue yes. There is a sense of achievement in being able to drive something that others can't attain. This goes for everything in life. Jobs, success of your kids, neighborhoods you live in, etc.

Is it egoism and material things? I want to say no. But like I said, I like LV bags. Many people in other parts of the world would ask, "what's the point of buying an expensive LV bag that takes $50 to make? And if that particular scenario, I may have to acknowledge my desire for worldly possessions.

Son of a Gunn | 21/02/2015

It was a rude loaded question that showed lack of empathy. Narcissist disguised as a humble-ask. Please, don't speak for me using the 'us in our 20s and 30s' collective.

sbeggs | 21/02/2015

Actually, we bought the T for functionality, for "go" not for "show".

We live in a modest townhouse and fly low, under the radar, in how we dress and spend our funds.

However, the rush of adrenaline when we pushed the go pedal, the fine control of regenerative braking, and the Model S's other functional features all brought us to such a state of excitement that we were unable to resist the car's siren call.

For us, it was about how the car feels, rather than about how it looks.

JinkieGirl | 21/02/2015

Same here sbeggs. I think we have similar lives. My hubby and I are pretty low profile folks but I think our Tesla balances us out. Tesla is a great balance between looks and feel. Our other choice was a Jaguar XF. But the hubby wanted the sport version. To manly for my taste.

Captain_Zap | 21/02/2015

I know people who love to race and still do it in their 70's.
They win too.

That is all their is to it, if you are into motorsport.

jdub4051 | 21/02/2015

sorry son of gunn. wasn't trying to offend you or misrepresent you.

JinkieGirl | 21/02/2015

Completely off the topic, but it seems sonofagunn has more to learn about respect and maturity than jdub. Just a casual observation. Let's play nice boys.

Captain_Zap | 21/02/2015

If I am going to buy a super expensive handbag or piece of clothing, it had better have MY initials on it and not those of someone else, for gawd's sake. ;-)

One person's "status" is another person's victim of advertising.

Son of a Gunn | 21/02/2015

Give me a break. My parents didn't raise an entitled millenial. Who in their right mind thinks you can't have fun after you turn 40. If you really own a Tesla just drive and stop making stereotypes.

bcld | 21/02/2015

Having been 25 once, now at 50 I can honestly say it is twice as fun to drive. Only difference, I now need glasses to see the screen clearly, and Depends for take off.

heartbeat | 21/02/2015

I am 74 but still young in my mind. I changed my order from S85 to P85D because of the power. Tesla has the looks, practicality and acceleration that I appreciate.

randallcurry | 21/02/2015

There is no flick switch when you turn 40 so don't stress, you will probably still be an ego maniac well beyond that age :). Ego is mainly just pride in yourself so nothing to be ashamed of really unless it hurts others. For the most I believe a nice car is a simple choice of having the funds and liking nice things. I must say that I do take a lot more time appreciating the little things now though. But you will only get that when you earn the privilege of being over 40! I'm 44 so only just! My P85D hits Aussie in July so life in general is very very good :).

Son of a Gunn | 21/02/2015

Tesla cars are machines. A fine machine. Men admire fine machines at any age.

This one just got on my goat. How you ask a question is really a projection of yourself and your own fears. Perhaps it is you you should worry about.

Captain_Zap | 21/02/2015

It's time for Burt Court to chime in. He is a self proclaimed "old geezer" that likes to drag race.

avanti5010 | 21/02/2015

I'm not offended by the question. There are some people who REALLY love cars. Why? I don't know, but my whole family was that way. I'm 72 and I started loving cars at around age 5 and learned all I could about them.

I fell in love with Studebakers as a kid. In 1956 my father bought a new Golden Hawk. I was on cloud nine for years. It was a high performance car in its time and as a teen in the fifties, I was able to knock off most Fords, Chevies, Plymouths, etc. I will never forget that car!

I have purchased only 3 "expensive" cars in my lifetime, although I have bought many cars (because I loved them).

In 1964 I bought a Studebaker Avanti R2. Was it expensive? Yes, it listed for $5,250.00, and I bought it while I was earning $1.25 an hour. Yes, I paid for it with a loan cosigned by my father and still have it to this day.

My next "expensive" car was not purchased until 2009, when Nissan came out with the GT-R. It is a fantastic machine that goes from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds (just like the new Tesla). And yes, I still have it because it is such fun to drive and have a blast in, even though I am 72.

My third "expensive" car is a 2014 Tesla Model S (Red, to boot). Anyone on this forum knows why this is a car to love, too. To me, a 72 year old, it represents the future of the automobile. Yes, I wish I could live another 72 years to see if there were any more cars I could fall in love with.

I hope this answers your question about older people loving cars. It's because they were as born "car guys - and gals".

Son of a Gunn | 21/02/2015

Thank you avanti5010. To ride many more miles, hail to you and your cars.

Horses, cars, airplanes are sacrosanct. I yearn for long lonely stretches of road...

Pleasanton_Ca | 21/02/2015

@jdub4051, just curious do you still live at home with your parents ? Did you buy the car from money that you earned ? What other "toys" do you have ? .............

Not trying to be offensive but like you "just curious".

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Grinnin'.VA | 21/02/2015

@ jdub4051 | February 21, 2015

... i'm just curious, is a tesla fun to drive past 40 as it is for us younger folks ...?

I know little about your Tesla fun experiences. I'm a 75-yar-old who bought an S85 and traded it in for an S85D.

1. The Tesla MS is a marvelous 'car-of-the-future'. I had never expected to live long enough to be able to buy and drive such a car. I'm delighted and grateful to have the privilege to drive one. I'd guess that element of my 'Tesla fun' is foreign to you.

2. From your post, I'd guess that you have yet to understand time and human life spans. To most folks of my age, it's amazing that you struggle with the idea of enjoying life beyond a decade or two from now. Here's the simple truth: As long as they remain healthy, most folks focus on trying to enjoy life. That's true at 50, 60, 70, 80 and beyond. Healthy seniors just adapt to our changing abilities. For example, I've fallen quite a few times, and I know that injuries from falling are a major threat to seniors'. So I don't run unless I encounter an emergency. And instead of skipping steps going up and down stairs, I hold on to the hand rails and take one step at a time. My reflexes aren't as quick as they once were, so I drive a bit more carefully than I once did. Instead of getting a P85D and trying to beat the car next to me away from each stop light when it turns green, I get an S85D and enjoy achieving the same result without even trying. And I chuckle when I think of others who get P85Ds and end up with mainly higher expenses and less range for the extra money they spend.

How does your 'Tesla fun' compare with mine?

Red Sage ca us | 21/02/2015

I turn 48 in July. I fell out of love with my favorite car brands quite some time ago. Acura NSX, Honda CRX, and S2000 were all gone. Chevrolet El Camino and Monte Carlo were canned ages ago. Basically, there was the Corvette, and nothing else.

The new Stingray is awesome. As someone who has always despised BMW as a matter of course, even I must admit the M235i is impressive. The Acura NSX is returning, finally, but seems to be meant for an entirely new audience.

None of these move me to sincere heartfelt childlike giddiness like Tesla Motors. None of them ever will. This is what I've felt intuitively was possible since I was a little kid playing with slot cars under the Christmas tree. This is eternal youth revitalized.

sule | 21/02/2015

Life begins at 40. I know. I remember. :)

paragb | 21/02/2015

I just turned 40, and all the joy of owning a Tesla was suddenly sucked away. I'm just looking forward to baldness, impotence, and the cold dark grip of the grave.

Anyone want a free Tesla?

carlk | 21/02/2015

Look, us older folks do not intent to only impress other older folks. We want to do our best to impress young people too. Yes it feels good to see those young BMW lads drooling over my S at work.

rays427 | 21/02/2015

I purchased my first car in 1962. It was a 52 Chevy with a Corvette Engine. I hopped it up with my dad, used it as my everyday car and drag raced it. Purchased a 427 Cobra in 1968, used it as my everyday car for the next 4 years. Still have the Chevy and Cobra. Purchased a ZR-1 Cobra in 1990. Replace it with a 07 Z06 in 2007. Purchase the P85D in 2014. Still enjoy all the cars even though I'm now 70. I do have to admit driving the Cobra is not quite as much fun as when I was in my 20's.

p1SL | 21/02/2015

Aah to be young and stupid.

DavetheSmelter | 21/02/2015

ahh the ignorance of age and people...back when I was in my 20s and younger I didnt know jack about adults and all just they were in charge.

you heard crap like dont trust anyone over 30 you heard life is over after 25 if you happen to be gay and that as soon as you peak some crest its all over.....well yeah they were right, I am 37 and its all over.
I make more money than I did, I get more tail than I did, and have a lot more fun than I did when I was younger as i have a better understanding of life...and see people well into sixties and seventies and more that are just having as much fun and enjoying life and just dont care about age...even some into the 90s

Fact is. if you think its over, yeah it is. If you are living are living life.

Other fact is, when your a teenager you know you age and learn more you realize you dont know $hit but do learn more every day.

On the other hand some give up and think it is over, commit suicide in the teens or twenties over stupid reasons and or some get to a point in life where they give up and let go...F That noise!!!

Well to each his own right.

p1SL | 21/02/2015

Jdub screenshot your post and email it to a friend. Have them
send it back to you on your 45th birthday.
Maybe you won't be so shallow by then and will understand the folly of your question.
Most of us drive Teslas because they are fine machines and we (not just "Men"), are fortunate to be able to afford it, want to support the technology etc. It is not about impressing others, status, insecurities, compensation, etc. If that was the priority I would buy a Lambo personally. You may want to consider that.

Pbfoot | 21/02/2015

Take a look at who drives nice cars and sports cars when you are on the road next time. They tend to be guys who are older than 49 for sure. I'm guessing you're not that observant, or maybe just live where people use lots of dark window tint. | 21/02/2015

Jdub4051: I think you folks are having exciting sex about now, if they are still around. Do you have your answer yet?

ImaJean | 21/02/2015

I have to chime in on this one. I'm almost 30. Okay, I'm 28 and a half but I'm getting there.

Did I buy the Tesla to show off? The successful, driven, and humble side of me says No. I did it because the car is full of cool gadgets and it is a beautiful machine. But my hormone, party after dark, pick up girls side of me says "hell yeah I did!"

Sorry. I don't know if that answers the question, but yes, I bought my car for 'show'. Same reason why I bought my Escalade. If i didn't care to impress people, there are over a dozen cars out there with equal to better performance. If you don't know that, you're not a man. You're just lying to yourself. HAhahaha.

Red Sage ca us | 21/02/2015

I've never been interested in impressing others. I don't have to show off. All I need do is show up -- and people take notice. I simply walk the Earth as if I own the joint. I go to venues and everyone thinks I'm in the band.

People fifteen years younger than I am think they are five years older than me. People five years older than I am think they are at least twenty years older than me. I've heard the observation, "You are wise beyond your years!" more times than I can count. Even Family members forget I am the eldest of three Sons, or fail to recognize that many who are younger than I am are already Grandparents many times over.

Even in my mid-thirties people thought I was in high school. Which is strange, because from the time I was fourteen people thought I was a young adult. Right up until I actually turned twenty-one, and I started getting carded everywhere.

"When I was twenty, I thought thirty was over the hill. When I was thirty, I thought forty was over the hill. Now that I'm forty, I realize that twenty was over the hill."


mclary | 21/02/2015

jdub4051 = Idiot

Captain_Zap | 21/02/2015

When I got my Model S, I was shocked when anyone recognized what the heck it was. I thought it was going to be a stealthmobile. Usually, if it was recognized, it was by someone they were between the ages of 10 and 15. Was it in a video game or something?

What is that? A Tesla. Who makes it? Tesla. Yeah, but...
Tesla is a company in the US that started making all electric cars that use no gas. NO GAS? Who makes it again?

NickDB | 21/02/2015

Jdub, I'll take you seriously and answer your question. I am 58, so I guess that's old enough for your question.
When you get older you generally don't care about impressing other people, but you do like to have nice things if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford them.
The Tesla Model S is a "nice thing" and better than that it presses some other buttons as well: simple engineering (fewer moving parts), technology that disrupts big auto and big oil - and it may even be better for the environment as well. Those were the drivers for my buying decision - nothing to do with impressing people, materialism, ego, the Kardashians, or really any of the motivations you mentioned.
You'll see. :-)

Ohmman | 21/02/2015

Some of the responses here are interesting to me. I bought the car in spite of the fact that it gets noticed - for me, that was one of the bigger drawbacks. Thankfully in Norcal, it barely gets noticed anymore - one year has made a world of difference in the number of them that I pass daily.

I love the drive of it. I love driving on net solar. I used to hate driving, and I like it now. But I still find the idea that it turns heads to be off-putting.

Roamer@AZ USA | 21/02/2015

I always feel sorry for people that have such low self esteem they think what they drive matters. I own and drive cars because I enjoy them. I could care less what anyone else thinks.

Some people want everyone to know who they are when they walk into a room. I am content to own the room.

kwen197 | 21/02/2015

Grinning: +10
Like Grinning I bought my first Tesla S when I was 80, I traded in Oct 2014 & will get my S85D in March 2015 after my 81st birthday.
Life is about having good reasons for living. Owning a Tesla is one of the best reasons, add that to having a wonderful wife & family, I have the potential to live another 20 years.

Roamer@AZ USA | 21/02/2015

The best part of age is when your GAS Factor kicks in. GAS = Give A Shl_ So nice to not spend time worring about things that don't matter anyway.

DGEN4 | 21/02/2015

This forum officially just jumped the shark.

TMCproud | 22/02/2015

Got my P85 when I was 48, and will get my trade-in P85D as I turn 50.

Could never have afforded a $100k car until in my late 30's, and even now am very careful about having a balance and showing a good example to my three daughters on value of money, want versus need and all that stuff.

Would never buy a Porsche, or Mercedes, etc - was more a Lexus kind of guy, but that is what I love about the Tesla. Understated in appearance, yet an exceptional and revolutionary vehicle that is an absolute joy to drive.

Would not change it for ANY ICE car on the market.