Palo Alto grand opening and Model X on display

Palo Alto grand opening and Model X on display

Surprise showing of the Model X at the grand opening of thew new store in Palo Alto

Benz | 11/10/2013

Will the production version of the Tesla Model X be on display there?

Roamer@AZ USA | 12/10/2013

Post pictures

sergiyz | 12/10/2013

Not even a beta at this point.
I think it's the same prototype they were showing before, but we'll see tomorrow.

vogel.peter | 13/10/2013

Since I've had an X on reserve for a while, I was glad for a chance to check it out, roped off unfortunately, but I'm even more excited in my anticipation of the X now. It's perfect for my precision aerobatics hobby -- I'll definitely want the middle row of seats to be foldable/stowable (without removing entirely) which it looks like they'll be able to do, but with the clever arrangement they are using I wasn't 100% sure. The falcon wing doors will really help as well, not to mention the huge volume of storage in the rear deck area as well as in the frunk. I might actually be able to fit everything for a contest and then some as well as take my wife along on trips to the nicer contest locations without compromising on the equipment that comes with me!


Brian H | 14/10/2013

Look at the size of this display!

mbauer8 | 15/10/2013

Found this site that has 23 shots of the Model X that was on display.