"Parking Reserved for Hybrid Vehicles"

"Parking Reserved for Hybrid Vehicles"

Silly question but the aquarium near us, and some other commercial places, have hybrid vehicle parking, which I've used gleefully when I drove my Prius. If I park my MS in one of those spaces do you think the aquarium employees won't recognize that it's an electric vehicle (i.e., more environmentally friendly than a hybrid)? Since it doesn't say "electric" on it the way my Prius has "hybrid" on it they may think it's an ICE taking up a hybrid space.

tes-s | 15/04/2014

Besides thinking it is an ICE, they may actually recognize it as a BEV taking up a hybrid space.

ir | 15/04/2014

Give them a call! Let us know what you learn.

mrspaghetti | 15/04/2014

Sounds like they need to change the wording on their sign. Surely they don't intend to exclude all-electrics.

Captain_Zap | 15/04/2014

Don't they know that many hybrids use more fuel than regular gas cars? What were they thinking? Is there a state, city or regional law or ordinance that supports it?

Joshua Burstyn | 15/04/2014

I'd be leery of parking an 'S there. There are plenty of folks who don't know (and don't care to know) that BEVs are the eventual evolution of hybrids. (This makes the spot even more applicable to the 'S given that it's even more forward-thinking and ergo potentially deserving of preferrential treatment.)

In short I'd do as others have suggested - call ahead and make sure it won't be an issue to park in the 'Hybrid' spot(s).

dleidy | 15/04/2014

Just park there. Everyone knows what it is for.

rmitchum | 15/04/2014

Some of the electricity in your S generated from coal, some from natural gas, solar, wind, hydro? . . . sounds like a good enough definition of hybrid to me ;-)

tes-s | 16/04/2014

I usually try to find a parking spot far away from other cars since the MS is relatively wide.

Cindy I II III | 16/04/2014

Same thing whith Westin in Princeton. They have parking spot reserved for hybrid cars but not for electric cars.

Car t man | 16/04/2014

Have a sticker made, which implies the car is electric. With a lightning or plug.. If you frequent such parking spaces. Better be on the safe side.
Some day a non knowing tow truck driver could tow it otherwise.

mb30 | 16/04/2014

signs near me tend to say something like "fuel efficient car parking only" I've seen a few Tesla's parked without issue.

hamer | 16/04/2014

A related anecdote: When Chapel Hill opened its newly renovated library a year or so ago, there were four parking spaces nearest the building with signs which said something like, "Parking for Hybrid and Electric Cars Only."

There was an nearly immediate hue and cry, with letters in the local newspapers, about how elitist it was to reserve choice parking spaces for elitist cars that only the elite could afford. It turns out that part of the reason for the signs was so that the building could qualify as a LEEDS building. So you had one politically-correct goal (a LEEDS building) conflicting with another politically-correct goal (not giving preferential treatment to the elite) colliding.

The signs came down.

KidDoc | 16/04/2014

When I went to Houston a few weeks ago for a convention there was some nice electric only parking spots in the garage that were very wide and up front. Of course the Blink units were not working but there was a normal plug there and a great spot!

Andercam | 16/04/2014

I had this issue last fall at the Pepsi Center (Denver sports arena). I parked in the Hybrid parking and came out to a ticket on my windshield. I took the opportunity to work with the parking enforcment at the Pepsi center to educate them on the Tesla, and I was also able to get to change their signs... they now read Hybrid and EV parking! They also voided the ticket for me.

hsadler | 16/04/2014

Parked at a Chik Fil A which had spaces marked "Clean Air Vehicles".

A MB pulled in next to me. I told the woman driving that this was for clean air vehicles. She said that she had just gotten a 'tune up' last week.

mb30 | 16/04/2014


That's funny. I always feel like a jerk when i say something, but it is what it is. I saw a old caddy (smoking and everything) pull into one of the spots next to me at Whole Foods and when i said something, they told me off and said why dont i just cry about it. Ha! That's NY for you :)

Mathew98 | 16/04/2014

@mb30 - Wow that was gentle. You didn't even get the single finga salute... What kind of NY'er was he?

mikeadams | 16/04/2014

I started to park in one of these spots, but it seemed a bit small (maybe just my imagination?) and was worried not only about posters concern but getting my doors dinged as well so I just parked somewhere else.

mb30 | 16/04/2014

@mat98 well i cleaned it up a bit. Told me off = a few four letter words lol

MezzaLuna | 16/04/2014

Given where PhillyMomof4 lives, the "aquarium near us" is in Camden New Jersey.

Seems like NJ is still trying to figure out how to handle BEVs.

PhillyMomof4 | 16/04/2014

@MezzaLuna, yup, it's the NJ State Aquarium (or Adventure Aquarium, or whatever name it now has). It's great that it has those hybrid spaces closest to the entrance, and I have been grateful when they have been the only spots available during crazy busy times and I've been able to park there with my Prius. When I asked aquarium staff about parking an electric car in a hybrid spot they shrugged their shoulders and said they aren't in charge of the parking; it's a city thing.

@hsadler, that is really funny.

@car t man, good idea! Maybe I'll have a magnet made, I don't want to put a sticker on the car...

@write.mikeadams, It's true, I now usually park farther away in parking lots so as to minimize risk of dings. Better for me to walk anyway.

ye | 16/04/2014

The Model S is aluminum. A magnet won't stick to it.

PhillyMomof4 | 16/04/2014

@ye, oh...

LEvans | 16/04/2014

You can always stick a small generator in your frunk and truly call the Model S a hybrid :)

PV_Dave @US-PA | 16/04/2014

How about a laminated sheet to put in the window when parked that says "Solar/Wind Hybrid Powered Vehicle"?

But talking to the management does seem prudent.

Brian H | 16/04/2014

A window sign that says "Hybrid Purebrid EV"? ;)

Captain_Zap | 16/04/2014

Hybrid spots close to the building??? Are the spots for Plug-In hybrids and the have the parking spots close to the power source to shorten the power run?

If so, it seems as if you could just plug in and all would be fine. They could see that you are using the power.

You can't use EV parking here unless you are plugged in or you get a ticket. Hybrids are just another car or truck with a special badge.

PhillyMomof4 | 16/04/2014

@david how far outside of Philly are you?

@captain, no they're not plug-in hybrid spots. Just regular spots with designated signs. Wish they were charging stations...

ssarker | 17/04/2014

@Car t man,
I took off the 60 badge and put on an Eevee sticker. Most people don't get it.

Car t man | 17/04/2014

Put a Tesla (the inventor) coil on the car... Then everyone will get it..

dglauz | 17/04/2014

There is a grocery store in San Francisco with some "hybrid only" parking spaces. I park in them. Worst they can do is put a note on my window, it is on private, not public, land. It is not a very good store so we don't go there often.

michael1800 | 17/04/2014

Generally speaking, if there's a place to charge there, I park there. The wording sounds like an oversight, and hybrid or not, if you're sucking juice, authorities would be hard-pressed to tow.

SarahsDad | 09/05/2014

A parking garage near me has a large 'hybrid only' section in a premiere spot. Even though there are no chargers it's well attended given it's location. Maybe it was an unintended consequence, but this particular lot was DEFINITELY not meant for Teslas. Turns out the narrow entrance path curves sharply to the right beyond the ticket station, lined by concrete curb the whole way. I got the Tesla stuck in the turn and ended up w major wheel rim rash getting unstuck.

Maybe the sign should read 'Narrow Hybrid and EVs Only’.

LEvans | 09/05/2014

@SarahsDad: I'd say the garage was negligent in design of the access way to the parking area if there was no room to turn without damage to your car. The Mercedes S class has a hybrid model so ostensibly someone could try to park one of those and be faced with the same situation. It seems an idiot designed the access to the parking area. They always need to design a parking entrance to accommodate a large vehicle like an S class and then add an addition 20-30% margin on top of that.

I hope they add 360 degree camera view to the Model S at some point. That would be immensely useful for those of us who drive in congested cities and tight parking areas with concrete curbs. A 360 view camera would have helped you avoid the damage.

Captain_Zap | 09/05/2014


Toyota/Lexus looks so two-faced. I wanted a Toyota/Tesla RAV4. Then I found out that I couldn't get one unless I lived in California. Later I learned that the dealers wouldn't support the original RAV4 EVs that they sold.

There goes the Dealer's song and dance about how you need a dealer to support you and the vehicle if the manufacturer fails to do so. History shows that the dealer only supports what they want to support.

AmpedRealtor | 10/05/2014

I am inundated by a slightly different version of this commercial when I watch Hulu Plus. The first time I saw it, I thought why is Lexus airing a commercial promoting its hybrid drive? Now, after watching this longer version, it's clear that it's because they are feeling threatened by pressure from Tesla and the resulting conversation about EVs. It's amazing that a company which sells millions of vehicles annually can feel so threatened by another company that sells fewer than 30,000 and which does not engage in traditional advertising.

Lexus claims to be the leading "hybrid drive" for luxury vehicles, but then shows you a shot of a Leaf - not a luxury vehicle - taking 4 hours to charge. They don't dare show you a Model S supercharging in 20 minutes because that would undermine their entire message. They brag about having a car that gets 42 MPG, which is laughable. I can't believe they even put that in there, but clearly they think that's a good thing. This fact alone tells me they don't get it. Here we sit in the year 2014 and we are supposed to be impressed with 42 MPG? My 1997 Acura Integra achieved 32 MPG, and it was a regular gasoline car.

This advertisement highlights all of the Lexus hybrids over the years, which left me with the unintended message that they are basing their future on old technology. I'm sure that's not the message they intended to put out there, but what do you expect when you tell us that you've been using the same technology for 10 years?

petero | 10/05/2014

PhillyMom. How ironic! It figures an aquarium would grant preferential parking to “amphibians.” I say go ahead and park in the hybrid spaces. You may violate the letter of the rules but you have more than embraced the spirit.

Velo1 | 10/05/2014

@Andercam - way to go. I never would have expected parking enforcement to apply good sense, as I would have expected to hear "the sign says Hybrid".

I once carried a 24-inch by 24-inch framed picture with a glass facing up to TSA at DIA. I asked if it is okay to bring it on the plane. Three TSA agents said almost simultaneously "if it's not on the banned substance list, then it is okay". A glass picture is not on TSA list. I asked "well couldn't somebody break the glass on the plane and use it as a weapon?" I got pulled aside for further questioning and body search, then they let me go. I learned you can't reason with people in these enforcement jobs, as they go by the book.

Red Sage ca us | 10/05/2014

You could say, "My Tesla is a hybrid! It runs on electricity and magic pixie dust!". Then open the frunk and explain the invisible pixies use the hampster wheel you keep there. Yeah. I'd do it. In a heartbeat.

PhillyMomof4 | 10/05/2014

@sarahsdad, ugh. Sorry about the rim rash. I seem to have quite a bit from parking too close to curbs.

@petero, haven't been to aquarium since I've has my MS but definitely will park in a hybrid space.

@red sage, lol. Yes, I will try that.

shop | 10/05/2014

@velo1, which is exactly why TSA is a joke. If they always follow the book, it isn't too hard for someone to find loopholes.

jcaspar1 | 10/05/2014

From our local Sac EV club. This really shows the "marvels" of the Lexus hybrid drivetrain....

"The Lexus LSh AWD for $120,060 (a $44,175 premium over the base LS AWD). It achieves 19/23/20mpg, only 2mpg combined improvement over the base AWD model. Sorry, but paying an extra $44k for 2mpg improvement does not represent a promise for tomorrow or a solution for today!"

Red Sage ca us | 10/05/2014

jcaspar1: Gawd. That's horrible. They could have achieved the same increase in mileage by just changing the gearing in the transmission. I guess that's why they used those teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy qualifier words that most people don't quite notice in their copy, "...up to...", when speaking of that so-called 42 MPG. That probably applies to all of one vehicle of the several shown flashing by in the Lexus commercial. When they can say their hybrid system provides "at least" 40+ MPG and "up to" 60+ MPG, then they can brag about how many years they have ruled the hybrid luxury landscape. But I'll still be in a Tesla.