Patient but new things on horizon

Patient but new things on horizon

I have been very patient, but there are several new options on the horizon, most interesting to me is the coming on the Audi Q7 hybrid which has a turbo diesel + electric motor which is said to deliver in the area of 100mpg, i now have a Q7 TDI and love it, i wish i could compare the 2 side by side, i know it is a compromise with all electric, but you do get rid of range anxiety.
I wonder if Tesla offered a small ICE with their present line up how would the sales would be affected, i know this is a touchy subject, but it would bring those who are wavering about electric cars into the fold, as for now i can't wait for my X!

Tâm | 01/02/2015


What rocket are you talking about?

Don't you listen that Tesla does not need more sales until it can catch up with production?

Don't you realize there's absolutely no advertising?

Don't you read in this forum that people are agonizing at waiting for their cars to be produced?

ICE does need advertisement. That's why Tesla does not make ICE.

Is that too much to understand?

vandacca | 02/02/2015

The upcoming Q7 is boxy and ugly. Not sure why Audi is changing it so drastically, when they have a great looking model. Maybe to generate more internal space?

It would not seem likely that Tesla would ever touch an ICE engine. They would have to change their company name from Tesla to something like Tesla-Ford, which would only seem likely if they were taken over by an ICE car company (again very unlikely at this point).

There is no going back to ICE now, all progress will be made towards electric drive (possibly hydrogen-electric). ICE companies will go electric and using a hybrid as a temporary, intermediate solution. Tesla is blazing the path and any thought of hybrid technology would be a unnecessary distraction.

Range anxiety is a temporary, fantom fear. People need to be educated to eliminate range anxiety. That and more super-charging stations.

NumberOne | 02/02/2015

I am very patient, but am thinking about getting an AED. (Suddenly getting the car after waiting more than three years might just be too much for me!)

cvalhalla | 02/02/2015

I have never experienced range anxiety in my MS. Did I experience my Leaf? Yes. But this is not a Leaf. Unless you like to drive very long distances on a regular basis, range won't be an issue.

aljjr2 | 02/02/2015

I too have a Q7. I found the pictures of he new Q7 less appealing, but have not seen it in person. The TDI will not be available until the fall 2015 at the earliest. The Hybrid will not be available until sometime later in 2016 at the earliest.

It is my backup plan. But, for now, sticking with the Model X.

speyerj | 02/02/2015

Not a chance. Musk has been very vocal about moving to electric. He started this company for the purpose of producing an electric car. Why would he possibly start building an ICE?!?

Iowa92x | 02/02/2015

Audi will be out of business within 10 yrs.

aljjr2 | 02/02/2015

I sorta doubt that.. between all their brands, they will be around for many years. They will innovate as other manufactures will. It is good the Tesla is forcing the market.

Lubdub | 02/02/2015

LeonardD | February 2, 2015 new

I am very patient, but am thinking about getting an AED.

Leonard are you referring to an Automatic External Defibrillator?
Hope you are not so shocked that you are planning on a cardiac arrest.
Take good care of yourself, we need Tesla advocates around us.

aljjr2 | 02/02/2015

Wow...thanks... I was struggling on what kind of car an AED was... couldn't figure out the auto abbreviation. | 03/02/2015

Years from now, when we get our Model X, we will look back on these musings, if still alive, and wonder how we could even think about another trip to a gas station.:>}

grant10k | 03/02/2015

I'll still go to the gas station a few times a week. The difference will be the ratio of soda:fuel I purchase.

jjs | 03/02/2015

OK. I have heard nothing. I have seen nothing. I know nothing. (A statement my wife enthusiastically agrees with.) However, I sense something is afoot. Call it a trick knee, a sixth sense. It is the calm before the storm. Things have been too quiet for too long. It is time for Tesla to make some waves.

I predict that before the month is out, real, substantive information on the X will be either leaked or released by Tesla.

You heard(saw it here first.

Red Sage ca us | 03/02/2015

jjs: I concur.

cdave | 03/02/2015

February 11th conference call @5:30 eastern following Q4 earnings release. My view is important Model X info will be shared....

babstude | 03/02/2015

the model X doesn't have any competition in my opinion. It's the only BEV CUV that will be on the market this year. Nothing else is worth considering despite how good the mileage would be.

Sin_Gas | 03/02/2015

All Right

I guess I have been under the proverbial mushroom. What is an AED?

Sin Gas

Brian H | 03/02/2015

1.Anti Epileptic Drugs.
2.Automated External Defibrillator
3.ALGOL Extended for Design

NumberOne | 03/02/2015

I was referring to no.2 Oh well. | 03/02/2015

@jjs: I believe your knee. I asked my right knee but it is now made of Titanium and refuses to speak me. I asked my left knee, bitter about being left behind, which told me to ask the new knee. I have no better information than you.

jjs | 03/02/2015

@george - That made me laugh! Too funny.

My knees are still original equipment. Clearly from GM. i.e. They have not been recalled. :)

jjs | 03/02/2015

.....clearly NOT from GM....ugh

phil | 03/02/2015

Range anxiety disappears after day 1. Electricity is everywhere. It's all about zero emissions and real world performance.

Model S has everything you might wish, including economy. Have not wasted a moment or a dollar at a gas station since picking up model s 11/22/13.

27,000 miles later, zero cost of maintenance, zero breakdowns, zero running out of fuel.

GM's EV! in 1999 and now Tesla Model S prove ICE's are as obsolete as vhs tapes.

The real question is why, in 2015, is any automaker making ice's?

Wouldn't the Mercedes in the super bowl ad's be a great, fast, pollution free car with an electric power train ala Tesla?

Ditto Audi, Lamborghini, GM, Ford, Toyota et al?

We are talking about the air we breathe. How big a danger do ice's pose to your health and mine? Wrap your lips and head around that tailpipe out in the garage and see how long you last. Ok, open the garage door. We have been doing that since 1935. The air is saturated. Scientists agree the ICE is the number one cause of Climate Change. What do you think is causing all the inexplicable cancers in the young and healthiest among us?

We have to make the change to infinitely better electric vehicles for our own good. What is the holdup?

Test drive a Tesla before buying any car. If you still want an audi or benz, tell them you are not buying until theirs is an all electric vehicle that performs like Tesla.

We bought our Model S instead of waiting for the X. We have had the time of our lives enjoying the freedom to travel and the smiles the car brings to our faces.

Wondering about the economy part? How many cars will you buy in the next 8 years? How many tranny's? Radiators, tuneups, oil changes? Your model s will still be going strong (you may replace a battery..likely not). The car is so well built with so little vibration it is hard to imagine it not being a fabulous vehicle for us 20 years from now. If you use your car for your business your tax deduction for mileage will make your payment. You will find yourself driving the best car in the world for the $5000 down and the monthly payment you get back at the end of the year. Economy..doesn't get any better than that. Order your S now (it replaced our acura MDX with nearly as much space) and your model x when it becomes available. As to the wait..Tesla will not release the wine before its time. Unlike the others, Tesla does not rely on expensive mandated and out of warranty service charges to prop up an unnecessary 3rd party middleman dealer sales scheme. Tesla builds the car right the first time.

We bought Tesla because we need the range and want clean air. The deciding issue was safety. Zero injuries and zero deaths in accidents occurring in a normal statistical ratio with all the other cars. No injuries, no deaths. To my mind, Tesla is the only car worth owning. Zero negatives, zero emissions, zero serious injuries, zero deaths to any Tesla owners or their unheard of, unmatched record.

If you have good credit you will be able to afford your Tesla. There is no need to wait. Get on the "I Can't Wait for My Car to Arrive" list. You will never regret it. We do not work for Tesla, nor are we stockholders. We love the car and everything Tesla is doing. A common trait we all share is the desire to have our lives count by making this a better world. Thank you Mr. Tesla, Thank you Mr. Eberhardt, Mr. Musk and all at Tesla making the transition to emissions free electric vehicles safe, fast and affordable.*

*we do not need coal fired, Nuclear or Natural gas to power our homes and factories. Quoting Nikola Tesla himself, "The sun gives us more energy than we can ever use..everyday." Tesla Motors stated goal? To enable everyone to drive coast to coast on sunlight..for free.

rdalcanto | 03/02/2015

I think the new Q7 will be a big success. My brother is waiting for it. He will be able to drive to work on full electric, but still have a vehicle capable of pulling his big travel trailer when he goes camping. He drove his current Q7 from Salt Lake City to St. George on less than 1/2 tank of diesel. I had to stop at 2 superchargers on the way and charge again in St. George. Fun, but not very convenient if you are on a schedule. It will be a while until Tesla has an SUV with a 500 miles range and a 7,000lb towing capacity. The reality is that some people need such a vehicle.

phil | 04/02/2015

Is there a reason the Q7 cannot be designed and built with an electric powertrain?

Tesla cannot satisfy the worlds needs for the variety of vehicles made for the multitude of different applications. This is a large part of why they allow their patents to be used without royalty.

It is up to Vehicle manufacturers to convert their ice production lines to electric powertrains.

As for power, there is no question Tesla's 3 stage electric motors outperform gas engine cars. The same will be true for trucks and heavy equipment.

The next big industry will be converting our existing gas vehicles to electric powertrains.

Brian H | 04/02/2015

Conversions are one-off kluges.

vandacca | 04/02/2015

@Brian_H wrote:
> Conversions are one-off kluges

Clearly, @Brian_H has not seen the Mad Max series of movies. ;)

USCRXDR | 04/02/2015

Regarding Phil on Feb 3 comment, the only one who was killed in a Tesla was the one who stole it in So. Calif and he crashed it at over 100mph and the car was torn in half and he died the next day.

NumberOne | 04/02/2015

I think that is why he stated the comparison in "normal statistical ratio". I do not think a high speed police chase would be included in statistics for insurance purposes. It is an event that is unlikely to occur repeatedly. | 04/02/2015

@USCRXDR: what about the guy who tried to fly to Japan from northern CA in his Tesla? Neither he nor the car made it, as I recall.

I'm signing up for the electric church of Phil on Monday.

vandacca | 04/02/2015

Okay, George, I'll bite. Where is this story about "the guy who tried to fly to Japan"? | 04/02/2015

Some guy took a wrong turn off the Pacific Coast Highway near Jenner. Drove off a 300' high cliff.

Only Tesla owner known to die in a crash. Might have been suicide.

ian | 04/02/2015

Yikes. I hadn't heard about that! Guess he could have had a heart attack or stroke too.

phil | 04/02/2015

quoting from the original post, "zero deaths to any Tesla owners or their passengers."

We bought the car in September of 2013, took delivery 11/23/13. All 3 fires occurred during this period. Due diligence revealed none were the fault of the vehicle..2 being road hazard, The third was the clincher..where the Tesla went airborne at over 100 mph and hit the center divider of a roundabout, taking out 16' feet of concrete, flew off the roundabout hitting more concrete and a tree, after which the occupants walked away from the accident, a fire breaking out 10 minutes later.

All 3 owners whose Tesla's caught fire bought another Tesla.

Have there been any reported fires since?

Red Sage ca us | 05/02/2015

Only fire since was the stolen Model S, driven at speeds in excess of 100 MPH by a thief during a police chase, who somehow managed to hit a pole to cut the car in half, so that the rear end wedged its way into the entryway of a synagogue, while the front end continued down the street, landing on the rooftop of a Honda Civic, before coming to a rest after bouncing off of it, and ejecting the driver through the windshield because he didn't have his seatbelt on. EMTs revived him at the scene, but he still died some days later in the hospital. In this crash, since the battery cells were exposed to the air and were no longer in the battery pack they ignited due to being overheated during the high speed run. The result was similar to as fireworks display.

vandacca | 05/02/2015

The stolen Tesla crash may have been similar to a firework display, but not as spectacular as Elon's rocket failures. :)

Elon Musk is certainly blazing a trail or two on this planet. I can't wait till he gets to Mars! ;)

phil | 05/02/2015

Anyone hear how the car might have been stolen? When you walk away, the car locks and door handles recede. Was the car hijacked with the owner in it?

Tesla may turn out to be, may already be, the least stolen car. Who would steal a car when the owner, Tesla and the police know where the car is in real time?

vandacca | 05/02/2015

From my very poor memory, the thief walked into a Tesla Service station and stole the key and jumped into the vehicle. There is no mentioned of how he stole it in this article, but it does mention him as being the first Tesla fatality.

Red Sage ca us | 05/02/2015

Apparently he was a disgruntled former employee at that particular Tesla Service Center. He broke in, went to the cabinet where he knew the keyfobs were kept, grabbed one, and took off. About fifteen miles later, he was dead... Or mighty close to it.

Remnant | 06/02/2015

@ Sin_Gas (February 3, 2015)

<< What is an AED? >>

Beside Brian's acronyms above, it could also mean:

Alien Energy Drive

Automated Euthanasia Device

Remnant | 06/02/2015

@ phil (February 4, 2015)

<< Is there a reason the Q7 cannot be designed and built with an electric powertrain? >>

No good reason why you could not get it done yourself.

You can have your Q7 converted to a quad motor EV by:

EVDrive or by:

Rimac Automobili

aljjr2 | 06/02/2015

@Renant.... there is no reason one could not convert any SUV to BEV. However, it usually is not economically feasible. If converting an older model, one doesn't get the updated electronics such as collision avoidance and auto pilot. If converting a new SUV, you actually would pay $75K-$90K to start and then "gut" a new vehicle to try to retrofit it. Even Tesla admits, in retrospect, that the Roadster would not have been a economical sustainable business model. It was more a proof-of-concept.

To limit CO2, we all need the other manufacturers to step up. Tesla should keep pushing them. If they loose sales of their respective premium SUVs and Sedans they will make a business decision. Their current hybrids with 15 miles of battery capacity are truly pathetic attempts at extending the brands over-all mileage to meet Federal standards.

I just watch "how-its-made" for the Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid. With a V8 ICE coupled to a 15KW motor is certainly far from a Hybrid.... I don't think someone paying $850-930K worries about the cost of gasoline.

johnabreen | 06/02/2015

I think the Q7 looks very appealing on many levels. However, go watch the YouTube video from CES that demos the Q7s infotainment system. Totally disappointing. Dashboard tricks, a scroll pad and pop up screen that can syncs to your phone. They tried to do too much and all I see are too many moving parts and outdated pieces. And that's coming from a car that isn't coming out for another year!

aljjr2 | 06/02/2015

I would agree with you @johnabreen. Audi is "stuck" in its own way when it come to its infortainment center. Don't get me wrong, Audi makes a fine car, but continue to upgrade what they had in the past. That said, it is difficult for established auto manufacturers to innovate and deliver something totally different. Not that they don't have the engineers -- more they don't want the risk of disenfranchising its base. Repeat buyers like the familiar or upgradeof the familiar. Tesla is at an advantage -- no history or baggage.

NumberOne | 06/02/2015

@Remnant. I especially like your second definition of AED. Live and let...

Brian H | 06/02/2015


loosey-goosey spelling.

USCRXDR | 07/02/2015

In reference to, i too have a titanium hip and knee and being a retired pharmacist i know what you have gone thru but i think of myself as an ecological wonder, what little hair i have is turning silver,my mouth is full of gold,as i as stated before , my hip and knee are titanium, and at times i find myself full of natural gas! | 07/02/2015

My hip is actually made of stainless steel and I think I have a sort of voltaic cell working in my right thigh between the hip and the titanium knee. I'm thinking I may be capable of charging the Tesla unaided if I can just get the wires in the right places. Try that with a Q7, he said, cleverly getting back on topic.

Remnant | 08/02/2015

@ aljjr2 (February 6, 2015)

<< To limit CO2, we all need the other manufacturers to step up. >>

Some are.

VW has just invested in QuantumScape that plans to launch an All Electric Battery later this year.

The new battery will endow the all electric fleet of VW/Audi/Porsche with extended range, enhanced battery longevity, fast recharge times, and reduced fire risk.

Brian H | 08/02/2015

All Electric Battery? Is there another kind?