Please post Live Stream Link for Model X Launch Event tomorrow!

Please post Live Stream Link for Model X Launch Event tomorrow!

Would any one know a Live Stream Link for tomorrow's Model X Launch Event please?


eric.zucker | 28/09/2015

In the same vein, any Tweeters out there we might be interested in following?

Tâm | 28/09/2015


I did at last "D" event.

I plan to do it again this time.

It will be my second tweeting session in training:

ian | 28/09/2015

the bonnie will be tweeting as well.

sbeggs | 28/09/2015


Yes, and @the bonnie will likely be twitching with excitement whilst tweeting!!!

NumberOne | 28/09/2015

There will most likely be a link on the main Model X page, if not the Tesla Home (splash) page. That said, I added thebonnie as one of the few people I follow.

gordonbremer | 28/09/2015

This has worked for me:

jordanrichard | 28/09/2015

Tesla will be live streaming it as well. It was mentioned in another thread by someone that he was informed by Tesla that the love stream will be on Tesla's site and start at 10 pm EST. | 28/09/2015

love stream? That is true fandom ar work. :-)) | 28/09/2015

at work. Anyone can fail the spell check...

aaquino22 | 28/09/2015

I will tweet.. @tiacuno

Tâm | 28/09/2015


Excellent! Thanks!

ernie | 28/09/2015

Well I assume that the news will still be good even if I am seeing it 3 hours afterward. Doubt if my out of town Detroit-Diesel-is-Best guests will want it streaming at the restaurant table.

Hey, I am making some equipment to help them convert coal fired plants to natural gas...a step above the black stuff. Now if I can just get them to help with solar.............

Ross1 | 29/09/2015

When the Model 3 release comes I think 8i will be ready to film it as a holograph. Wear the 3D glasses and be presented with M3 in your living room, interactive. Walk around it, get in it all in virtual 3D hologram.

NumberOne | 29/09/2015

Was I right or was I Right. The splash page links to the Model X page which is listing the event. If the link does not appear there, then @gordonbremer's link will work.

Pbfoot | 29/09/2015

The livestream page now says 8pm Pacific time.

ernie | 29/09/2015

If you remember the Powerwall intro...8 P.M. Pacific could be 8 P.M. Elon Time.

Tâm | 29/09/2015


Thanks for the link ahead of the schedule.

Now redirects to:

Tâm | 29/09/2015


You are also right!!! X page does work this morning!

Tâm | 29/09/2015

If you are unable to access by 8PM pacific time due to high demand, here are your alternatives:

Live blog from Reno Gazette Journal:

Live blog in Norwegian:

vperl | 29/09/2015