"Please refresh wall outlet"....??

"Please refresh wall outlet"....??

Anyone have a similar experience? Plugged in car to newly installed 14-50 outlet and there was a steady 'red' on the car input as well as a red dot (vs. green) on the hub near the outlet. Car had error message to 'refresh wall outlet'. I tripped breaker, but that didn't change anything. Anyone else have a similar experience?

DTsea | 07/03/2013

Call electrician who installed it. Mine works fine...

jat | 07/03/2013

That sounds like a bad translation :)

If the mobile connector is showing red when in it is plugged into the wall and not the car, then that means either your wiring is bad or the mobile connector is bad. If you have access to some other 14-50 outlet you can rule out the mobile connector (if it works in a 120V outlet, I would think that almost certainly means an issue with your 14-50 outlet, though it is possible there is an issue with the mobile connector only at 240V).

The manual for the mobile connector doesn't say anything about the red light being steady -- is it flashing? If so, 1 flash is a ground fault, 2 is failing a self-check, 3 is failed contactor inside the car, 4 is no ground, 5 is sense circuit fault, 6 is thermal fault. #4 indicates a problem with outlet, the rest are either the car or the mobile connector.