"Product Specialist"

"Product Specialist"

Hi, I'm interested in working as a product specialist part-time at one of two Tesla stores in my area. I submitted my applications last week, but I wanted to know if anyone here currently works or has worked as a product specialist before. I'm looking for information on how long it takes for Tesla to make contact and what the interview process is like. Also what I can expect as far as pay. I've read places that it's $13/hr + stock options. I doubt the latter is true, but that's why I'm asking. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

petochok | 01/04/2014

The latter is true, although it isn't what it used to be before the big run up. Good luck, just keep in mind that you won't be able to post here if you get hired.

CalebH92 | 01/04/2014

Thanks for the info!