Question for SigX owners who have already approved their orders

Question for SigX owners who have already approved their orders

For those of you who have already configured your Signature X and completed final approval of your order: What is Tesla's policy regarding refunding your deposit if you are not satisfied with the car when it arrives?

I imagine that some of you have ordered your car without having seen, let alone test driven, a shipped version of the Model X, and as such are taking it on faith that you'll enjoy the experience, that it will fit in your garage, etc. What is your recourse if your car arrives and this is not the case?

Not that I think a brand new Model X Signature Edition would be difficult to resell if you decided to part with it right away, but I've never been a fan of making a non-refundable deposit on a car before I have a chance to test-drive it. (For reference, I've been on Production waiting list for the Model X for over 2.5 years and want to see the car in person and drive it before making the final commitment.)

Tâm | 17/10/2015


"Every lease comes with Tesla's Happiness Guarantee. If you don't like your car for any reason within the first 90 days, you can return it and your remaining lease obligation is waived."

madodel | 17/10/2015

Good question. Have you called Tesla to ask? The Order Agreement doesn't say. It does talk about cancellation once an order is confirmed. "Cancellation; Default: Because your Vehicle is custom ordered, we incur significant costs in starting production of your Vehicle. We also incur significant costs for remarketing and reselling the Vehicle if you cancel or default in this Agreement. As a result, your Order Payment is non-refundable once your order is sent to the Tesla Factory. You acknowledge that the Order Payment amount is a fair and reasonable estimate of the actual damages that we have incurred or may incur, costs that are otherwise impracticable or extremely difficult to determine. We will credit your Order Payment toward the final purchase price of the Vehicle. You acknowledge that this Order Payment and this Agreement are not made or entered into in anticipation of or pending any conditional sale contract."

If you lease through Tesla there is a 90 day satisfaction period.
"Every lease comes with Tesla's Happiness Guarantee. If you don't like your car for any reason within the first 90 days, you can return it and your remaining lease obligation is waived. While you cannot immediately lease another Model S, you can upgrade to a higher optioned Model S for a fee to cover the new vs used value difference. Contact Us for more information."

aesculus | 17/10/2015

I have never leased a car before but I will with the Model X. I think the Happiness Guarantee is a great offer and I hope they continue it with the Model X when my time comes up.

I also think the car will adapt considerably in the first 24 months and then stabilize so my plan is to lease the first one and then if I really like it, do an outright purchase at the end of the lease on a new one.

sosmerc | 17/10/2015

I have never leased a car either, but it may be the only option due to the high price. I have never been comfortable with the apparent complexity of the lease process. I often hear that leasing is not a smart way to go unless you have a business and can expense it through the business.
Can someone explain the process in plain english and give a brief pro and con argument?
Thanks so much for any clarity you can provide.

Red Sage ca us | 17/10/2015

Keep in mind that if you take advantage of the 'Happiness Guarantee' by returning a vehicle to Tesla Motors, there is also an embargo period during which you are not allowed to buy from them again.

Tâm | 17/10/2015



1) Not yours. It's a long term rental so you only have to be stuck with it until the end of the lease unless you want buy it out at that time.

2) Tesla's Happiness Guarantee for 90 days.

3) Business deductions.


1) Not yours. It's a long term rental so you have to return it at the end of the lease or buy it out.

2) You don't get $7,500 Federal Income Tax Credit.

madodel | 17/10/2015

Can you pay off the lease early and without penalty?

paradis | 17/10/2015

@red - you can buy an upgraded car but there may be a fee

@Tam - While you don't get the $7,500 up front, it appears that the leasing company adds the $7,500 to the Residual which reduces your monthly payments by roughly the same amount over the term of the lease.

@madodel - You can always pre-pay a lease, but why would you want to? There is no saving.

Red Sage ca us | 17/10/2015

I've not heard of one available for a Tesla Motors product, but assuming you could pay a flat amount up front and drive a Model S or Model X for three years without worrying about mileage that would be really cool as a Prepaid Lease.

ken | 18/10/2015

I am one that has configured and confirmed a Model X Signature, but have not driven one. I have driven a Model S and I attended the X reveal in Fremont. So am I buying a "pig in a polk"? I don't think so. I have payed a lot of attention to various post on threads over the last couple of years and have concluded that the X will be comparable in excellence to the S. Additionally, I have purchased a lot of vehicles over the years and I can't say that test drives have been very useful. It might satisfy your ego, but it doesn't tell you very much about how it will perform over the long run. I would rather rely on Tesla's reputation with their customer service, their innovations, their updates over the air, and assume that they will do the same for the Model X owners as they have done for both the Roadster and the Model S owners. However, I think that those who have decided to wait until they can see, and test drive, before they configure should feel perfectly comfortable with that decision. I may be buying a pig in a polk, but at least that pig has lipstick. I will let you know if my decision to proceed without driving the MX was a good decision by way of future posts. Good luck to all future MX owners!

AlMc | 18/10/2015

If memory serves me correctly, Ken, has Sig#1, so he might very well be the first owner to give real life experience with the X.

Congrats Ken. It will NOT be a 'pig in a poke'. I am sure it will be every bit as fun and reliable as an S!

ken | 18/10/2015

@AIMc, There is a Ken with Sig#1, but it is not me, I am Sig#1436 so quite a difference, but I will share my experiences when I get delivery, expected to be in December. Hope we hear from the other Ken, Sig#1, or The Bonnie who is Signature#2. Soon on these two I expect.

Tâm | 18/10/2015


Sig#1 is Kenneth Adelman whom I am not sure whether he's around here or not.

AlMc | 18/10/2015

oops...wrong Ken. Congratulations to all 'Kens' >)

AlMc | 18/10/2015

>) was suppose to be :)

hidbigo | 19/10/2015

@ken, thanks for your thoughtful response. While I don't doubt that the quality of the Model X driving experience will be comparable to that of the Model S, not having even basic information like size specs means that it's hard to understand what the car will be like in day-to-day driving. As just one example, we know that the Model X is longer, wider, and taller than the Model S, so how well will it fit in my garage and will the falcon-wing doors work there? The Model X is so new and different that there's nothing else to use as a basis for comparison.

This could be remedied easily if I could spend even 30 minutes with a demo model, but it's not clear that one will be available before I have to place my order.

Leasing with the Happiness Guarantee doesn't address this, because I'd still be out thousands of dollars before I determined whether the car is suitable.

In practice I don't expect this to be an issue, but I don't like having to give a non-refundable deposit for a product I can't even try. I've custom-ordered new models from other luxury auto manufacturers before, and in those cases the selling dealer acknowledged the circumstances and was willing to make the deposit refundable.

Roamer@AZ USA | 20/10/2015

This one is easy. I bought my first model S without ever actually seeing one. The first time I touched or drove a Tesla was when it delivered to my driveway. I have never been inside a Tesla store. All cars were bought 100% online sitting in my lazy boy chair using an iPad. 2 and 1/2 years and three model S buys later I am not the least bit concerned to buy a Sig X. I have two Sig cars confirmed and just waiting for delivery scheduling.

You have two choices;
Buy now on faith.
Wait until you can test drive then buy.

That's a decision only you can make.