Range - what is your long distance drive so far

Range - what is your long distance drive so far

I recently drove to Incline Village from San Jose. Drove up and back. I'll admit I had range anxiety but decided to take the test drive and have some fun.

Full max range charge from San Jose to Folsom (also had a stop in Sacramento). I had about 150 left at that point but wanted to charge up.

Connected, left for a bite to eat. Came back about 45 minutes later to a completely full max charge. Left up to Incline Village. Arrived with 100 miles to spare.

Now I didn't have a charger up there and therefore had to rely on 110. Little touch and go knowing I needed 100+ to get to Folsom or so I thought.

No problems during the few days and then had 240 by the time I needed to head down the hill. Needless to say, burned about 50 miles getting over Donner and then burned maybe another 20 all the way to Folsom via the downhill and regen.

Lots of lessons learned. Really excited to get a better feel for range over time.

What is your story?

Brian H | 24/01/2013

Yeah, sounds like you had safety margin to "play" with throughout. Excellent. Stomp on the goose pedal!

noel.smyth | 24/01/2013

second day with the car (85) and went from philly to NYC and back. 240 round trip same day. I found a plugshare location at my destination in the bronx (at botannical gardens right next to fordham univ which was my destination). I added 50 miles while grabbing dinner on arthur ave. I left with 240 miles range (did not max it but should have), I got to the chargepoint in the bronx with 101 miles. Left NYC with 153 miles so I knew I would be fine on the 120 mile trip but I did drive at 62 MPH until I was absolutly sure (at that speed it matched rated miles exactly). with about 50 miles left and 80 miles of rated range, I upped the speed to 67 and got home with 22 miles left. great trip, learned alot about the car and the range. It was in the upper 40s and i now know that temperature also has an impact. 40s is fine but when its teens out - that really takes a toll on your mileage - in the beginning to warm the battery and of course to warm the cabin.

Thinking a trip to DC is next - plenty of chargers there!

blc1017 | 28/01/2013

Hi all, apologies if this is covered in another thread. I have to make a business trip to Fresno, about 170 miles one way, and there is a 30 amp AVN charger on site that I can use when I get there. I plan on spending the day there and returning home that evening. I will have (not delivered yet) a standard 85 kW MS. Given the experience of you long distance drivers to date...can I make it there and back with charging using just the business's 30 amp charger, or should I plan on stopping somewhere along the way?

jat | 28/01/2013

@blc1017 - charging at 30A will get you about 170 rated miles in 8 hours. You will probably be driving over 65mph, so you should count on using about 200 rated miles on the trip. So, starting with a standard range of 240mi, using 200, charging back 170, then using 200 again leaves you with about 10 miles to spare. Driving slower, charging a bit longer, or starting off with a max-range charge (265mi) will add more margin, but running the heater a lot will take some off.

blc1017 | 29/01/2013

Thanks is usually a long day even in an ICE vehicle. Since I don't know how well that AVN charger functions just yet, I may drive in the day before and charge overnight.