Roadster 2.5 seats black (no logo) available

Roadster 2.5 seats black (no logo) available

I have a pair of black 2.5 seats for sale. These ones came stock with my car but did not have a Logo on them. I wanted the logo so purchased a new set. The seats were used for a few weeks while I waited for the new ones to arrive, otherwise they are new. The mounting frames and e-brake mechanism are included. I haven't set a price yet but would consider offers. Note the seats would be shipping from Canada so shipping may be a factor for US buyers.

g9667034 | 29/08/2015

Are these the black leather or black microfiber seats?

holidayday | 31/08/2015

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jimglas | 21/01/2019


jimglas | 07/02/2019

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jimglas | 14/02/2019

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Xerogas | 25/03/2019

@jimglas: "Is this the designated troll thread?"
It’s certainly the spam thread! Flagged along with you

jimglas | 25/03/2019

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jimglas | 08/04/2019

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patrickincanada | 24/04/2019

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singhniraml1 | 26/04/2019

Is this offer still up ?

jimglas | 22/05/2019

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websolutionwinner | 22/05/2019

Are these the black leather or black microfiber seats?

Tesla-David | 23/07/2019

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digidata10 | 09/09/2019
Xerogas | 10/09/2019

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jimglas | 10/09/2019

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