Roof rack on model x

Roof rack on model x

Why would you put gull wings on an SUV? People like to put stuff in and on top of an SUV? Have you given any consideration to putting normal doors on the X. This is also important since I only have a foot of clearance between my car door and the wall of my garage. I wouldn't be able to pull the car in my garage and exit the car. I like the X but wouldn't want to have to sleep in it each night. Cool.....but very impractical. SUVs are supposed to be practical. Please help.

Iowa92x | 02/12/2014

Less side swing than traditional doors, and skis go between the wings or hitch. Do your research before you whine.

ian | 02/12/2014

@Tomkinsley2 - The front doors are normal and you'll have more trouble getting out of those in that tight garage space than you will the falcon wing doors which will open in less than 6 inches of side clearance.

Yeah, there are quite a few of us that are not happy with losing the roof space for carrying cargo. I wait to see what solutions they have have beyond a hitch mount which will work fine for my bicycles and maybe skis. Of course, any roof mounted cargo will REALLY hurt the aero dynamics and therefore the range per charge so there is that.


sosmerc | 02/12/2014

As an option to the falcon doors, why not offer a single sliding door on each side (like most vans). This would provide minimum side clearance for parking as well as open up the roof for rack/storage.
It could be powered for ease and convenience and could offer owner settings for just how far it opens. the Falcon doors are very cool, but for many (myself included) I value the roof rack/storage option much more than the benefit of Falcon doors.

sosmerc | 02/12/2014

I might add that I think producing an F150 OR Van such as the Sprinter Vans ahead of the SUV would have been a better move as the SUV market is pretty saturated while the market for pickups and vans is enormous. (commercial as well as for the general public). It will be very interesting to see how the model X does. I think it will be awesome, but I just wish that a truck or van would have been first.

Näky | 03/12/2014

For parking to your garage just step out of X and let it park it self. Then you only need to connect charging cord, that's if you didn't get the robotic snake version.

vandacca | 03/12/2014

@sosmerc, no mini-van sliding doors for Tesla, that is way to low-brow for them. Also, no F150 or Van for Tesla, as they have started with premium, expensive luxury cars and working down the line to the affordable Model 3. Up until now, they cannot do mass produced vehicles due to limitations in materials (e.g. batteries) and other resources like assembly line and staff. They are ramping up to doing a mass-produced vehicle, so there is no point in worrying about "enormous markets".

However, Elon did mention once in passing that they had some ideas for a killer pick-up truck, but don't expect it in this decade. Also, there is no point in copying whats already out there, since Tesla is trying to distinguish their vehicles from everything else. They cannot compete (yet) on price or volume, so they need to distinguish themselves in other manners.

sosmerc | 03/12/2014

I agree that mini-vans are not sexy, but a really well engineered powered sliding door for the model X could work well in my book. I think it would be the "door of choice" if it then allowed space for roof rack systems, or moon roofs, etc. Hey, maybe one side could have falcon doors and the other a slider ? Room for a rack on 1/2 of the roof??

vandacca | 03/12/2014

@sosmerc, Tesla is far too along the production cycle to be making any changes. Falcon Wing Doors are a reality, whether you like it or not. Since 99% of the population hasn't seen one and most people are focused with the 1 limitation (no roof racks), you should wait and see what the production model looks like.

It's possible that you'll fall in love with all the new advantages and conveniences of the Falcon doors. And you may be satisfied with Tesla's solutions for racks, when they finally release that information. They have many different hitch-mounted racks that will be available at purchase time and there may be additional solutions available like under-seat storage of skis/snowboards (although I can't imagine that happening because of all the required hinges/equipment to allow the seats to fold and lie flat). | 03/12/2014

+1 Dan. It will all be academic as I am working on an elegant rack system that involves the Falcon Wing doors and some bungee cords and pulleys. I can't say any more because the patent application hasn't been filed yet. :-)

jjs | 03/12/2014

I think Rube Goldberg already has done that.

vandacca | 03/12/2014

+1 @georgehawley. I look forward to hearing all about it! I think I may start calling you MacGyver. ;)

sosmerc | 03/12/2014

I'm sure the X will be an awesome vehicle that meets the needs of a few suv drivers. But I guess I'd be better off shopping for the new AWD Mercedes Sprinter that will allow me to transport my Standup Paddleboards as well as my kayaks as well as the rest of my gear...all safe and sound on the inside of the vehicle. 5 or 6 years from now there will most likely be a Tesla that will meet my needs.
There will probably be other manufacturers seriously in the game as well by that time. I don't think there is any going back on electric vehicles and that's a great thing. Maybe there will even be a Roadster that I can carry along inside my van as my "dinghy". :).... | 03/12/2014

@sosmerc: that's a heck of a vehicle for $35K. I think the diesel does 0 to 60 in a couple of minutes.
I optioned one up for you. It was impressive how many there were. I quit when I got to $30K and that was without the extra high interior. What's more there are 28 color choices. I kinda like calcite yellow.
I think you could fit a Model X in there along with all your other gear.

Red Sage ca us | 04/12/2014

Bow ties are cool.

Falcon Wing Doors are cool.

sosmerc | 04/12/2014

So, my wife and I visited to nearest Mercedes transporter dealer today to see when an AWD Sprinter would be available. Was a bit surprised to find that their "allocation" is for only 3 AWD configured vans and they already had deposits for 15 ! Guess we might have an opportunity for a Tesla van by the time we can actually obtain an AWD Mercedes Sprinter! Apparently these vans are in more demand than I would ever have imagined. The salesman gave us the names of several specialty "outfitters" that are super busy doing custom rigging and modifications on these Mercedes Vans. The vast majority of the Sprinters he has already sold go directly to these outfitters for custom mods to meet the buyers special requirements. I do see alot of Sprinters on the road, but I never imagined that they were that popular.

ian | 04/12/2014

Oh yes they are!

I have some friends with one they travel in quite often. It's pretty damn sweet!

Cheers! | 05/12/2014

@somerc: MB of Chicago has 59 Sprinters in a lot across the street from the showroom on North Ave. Zero AWD versions... None have Falcon Wing doors. They are really cool, though, when you lumber up the on ramp onto the interstate belching black smoke. Don't forget to add kerosene in the winter.

sosmerc | 07/12/2014

We were paddling in Hood River, Wa this past summer and I think we actually met the guy that runs Outsidevan Company. He was driving around in a VERY Customized all black Sprinter. He was the one that told me Mercedes was going to be offering AWD soon and that really got me interested. Looks like there is quite a business for van conversions. The skies the limit !

AlMc | 07/12/2014

This topic has been discussed a couple times and my 'fix' for this solution (which TM probably will not do) would be to have a roof rack sensor that allows the doors to open like a van when the rack is on and 'falcon wing' when it has no rack.

These are 'rocket science' engineers after all! :)

jamestaylor11588 | 26/12/2014

love it recently refurbished and looked brand new.
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vperl | 26/12/2014

This thread proves a point I have noticed in these forums.

Wannabes, complain, and reservation holders purchase. If you dislike the doors, roof rack and towing capabilities, get a KIA, and go away.

Wannabes get a life.