Roof racks for my kayaks on model X

Roof racks for my kayaks on model X

Kayak carrying , towing ability and off road ability ?

jbronger | 21/05/2015

Can Model X tow a camper van and carry a kayak on the roof with the gull wing doors ..

Can it cope with medium off roading like beaches and sand tracks

proven | 21/05/2015

You're asking questions that nobody outside of Tesla knows. Best bet is to wait until they reveal the car in a few months.

vperl | 21/05/2015

Heard the MX can be used as a alternate tow truck.

Also, at the airport they can tow jumbo jets, and run the Baja 500 in record time.

Got more questions?

Got answers.

timf2001 | 21/05/2015

Model X is not a truck, thus I would not expect it to be designed for off-road use or towing full-sized campers. I'm sure something like a pop-up will be no problem, nor will driving on packed dirt.

The roof rack compatibility issue has been discussed heavily in the past, and while it seems unlikely there will be a conventional roof rack solution, who knows what Tesla or a third party vendor may come up with.

jordanrichard | 23/05/2015

If a roof rack can be fitted to the roof, it would be only on one side and you wouldn't be able to open that particular door.

There was some talk, which all of this is, that Tesla was developing a carrying rack system that plugged into the rear hitch.

rlwrw | 23/05/2015

Or shorty roof racks that do not encroach into the falcon wing door areas.

rlwrw | 23/05/2015

One might be able to put a bicycle with flip up pedals on a rail down the center.

rlwrw | 23/05/2015

Facetiously, one could put a tall "T" rack to clear the doors when open.
Watch out for low bridges. | 25/05/2015

novel kayak support by Model X:

Just open the FW doors part way as shown below in the two kayak configuration. Carefully slip the kayaks under the doors. Then, carefully close the doors enough to securely clamp the kayaks in place taking care not to damage either the cars or the kayaks.

Red Sage ca us | 25/05/2015

By George! I think you've got it!