# of Signature Model S actually signed by Elon Musk before delivery?

# of Signature Model S actually signed by Elon Musk before delivery?

How many Signature Model S’s where actually signed by Elon Musk before delivery and how much value does this add to the car?

How much “value” does this add to the car? One expert I talked with says “multiples of the car" as years go by if it is garaged in perfect condition. Well mine is in excellent condition, garaged and covered but…. it is impossible not to drive it ….. so I have put about 1400 mi on in the year I’ve had it. So I have to decide what to do and I’m looking for wisdom and knowledge of the T M & TMC forums to help me decide. I can’t afford to put it in mothballs and buy another one. So I have to assess if it is rare enough to get a “make me sell” offer. Depending on the results of this thread (and a LOT of hand ringing) I’ll put a "for sale post "up with pictures etc but 1st things first:

My Sig (S00791) was sign by Elon on the passenger side sun visor with a black sharpie pen. Short of a hand writing expert, company emails and several Tesla employees were involved in making this happen so it is easily verifiable. Elon is very gracious, so he has signed all kinds of stuff people bring up to him, but a collector would value the history/story of "how the car was signed" (eg as a token of appreciation for an early supporter of the limited production run of the historic Model S vs a random autograph). A key question is "how rare is this…e.g. if it were signed on delivery, a Founder’s car would have even more value vs a Sig.

I would greatly appreciate it if posters would keep their comments focused on the question:

How many Signature Model S’s where actually signed by Elon Musk for delivery?

My answer: I have seen only one other Sig signed for delivery ... so I think it adds 10K+ to the car.

Gizmotoy | 01/10/2013

The problem is the car is essentially brand new. As the expert said, down the road it may be worth something as one of a few examples signed like yours. Especially if Tesla goes on to be successful a decade or more from now.

For now, I'd say you essentially have a low mileage Model S with some writing on it. To the right collector it *might* be worth $10k, but I strongly suspect you won't be able to find such a person for a car less than a year old.

Gizmotoy | 01/10/2013

And just to be clear, it is pretty cool. I'm just saying most people looking at buying Model Ss at this point are looking for a car to drive. They'll look at the signature, go "Oh that's neat," and continue evaluating it as a normal car.

Best of luck in whatever you choose.

space09 | 01/10/2013

I'm unsure how much value this would add, if any. Elon has been very generous signing visors--I think he signed 15 or 20 at the Austin Store opening alone. Most weren't Sigs, but mine was (S00219). I think anyone bringing a visor to Elon to sign at an event would be likely to get it signed, and I think some people brought them to TESLIVE for signing and had them mailed back when he couldn't get to them.

If the question is "signed for delivery" vs. "signed after the fact" I'm not sure how one could really tell. As much as I would like to think my car would be worth a bit more being a Sig, the 100k miles I'm going to put on it in the next 10 years will negate most if not all of that value. As you say, most Model S owners aren't keeping their cars museum condition--these are daily drivers for most.

JoeFee | 01/10/2013

@stephen.pace "I'm not sure how one could really tell.”

The DS as well as several other Tesla employees and company emails prove it was signed for delivery at the factory as opposed to after the fact.

space09 | 01/10/2013

Sure, but what I'm saying is, how could you tell for any of the others? I have a photo of Elon signing my car, so I know where it is, but how could anyone else really be sure? Or how would people know that it was my car compared with another car just like it? Or does it matter--is there a different value for Elon signing it at the factory vs. an event soon after that? I'm not sure there is. I'm just saying, as cool as it is, I'm not sure it is worth the dollars you think it is. Doesn't mean you should enjoy it any less, though!

JoeFee | 15/06/2018

Update: Another one of the few SIGs signed at the factory for delivery was Andrew Wolfe's SIG 440 Oddly he did not ask or even know it was signed until he saw it on the visor. Mistake? Easter Egg by Elon?

The Sig's signed after the fact will not be worth near as much as "the real SIGS."

I have emails before and after delivery from the executive based at Fremont who was in charge of all deliveries in the Northwest region. The Tesla Service Center manager and my DS saw the car with Elon's signature before delivery to my home. This was part of the "Tesla Personal Delivery" program by George B "We will deliver your car wherever you like: your home, your office, your friend’s house, your hotel on vacation, or anywhere else that makes you smile."

When I saw this, I called my delivery specialist and said if you want to make me smile have Elon Musk autograph my car. What good is having a "Signature" Performance Model S that is not actually signed by Elon!!!! From one of my email documents:

"I'm writing to confirm that your Signature Model S did receive a signature from Elon Musk on the sunvisor. When we spoke about at that time (November 2012), I did have it arranged to be signed by Elon via working with his assistants at the time.

I worked at the Fremont factory while managing our entire delivery team there (and the entire Northwest region at the time). During my time, we only had a small handful of "signature requests" for Elon that we executed on, yours being one. We never advertised it and shortly after this started declining it on behalf of Elon due to time restraints."