★ Software Update 7.0 Initial Impressions

★ Software Update 7.0 Initial Impressions

Post your initial impressions below as well!
Here's my impression of the new update so far.

Everyone seems to be talking about Autosteer/Autopilot features, but I am surprised how little discussion there is on improved performance of Rear-Wheel Drive Model S. I don't know what Tesla Engineers did, but I get an adrenaline rush now whenever I press on the pedal, not even flooring it, but accelerating normally. Acceleration improvement is definitely noticeable (faster, tighter, smoother) and I am really happy that they are still able to improve car's performance with just a simple software update.

I am guessing it has something to do with this update from the release notes:
Improved driveline feel near zero speed. You will experience smoother, tighter vehicle response when pressing the accelerator pedal at speeds below 3mph.

I haven't got a chance to test the Autosteer feature yet, but when I do, I will probably scream with joy at a whole new experience of driving! :D

damonmath | 15/10/2015

I used auto steer this morning on the 5 South and the 56 East in San Diego without a problem. I was cut off a number of times and the car smoothly adjusted without the jerkiness of the previous TACC. The UI is cool looking, but I do miss the orange and green meters on the dash. I like how I can see the brake lights of the car in the dash. I did notice the smooth ride. It felt like a different but far superior car than yesterday. Haven't kicked it yet, but plan on it after work today.

I did have a question about the 2 new apps; clock and energy app. How do you get the clock to show up in the dash? Same for the energy app?

techdoc | 15/10/2015

@damonmath - you can get the green and orange power indicators back of you enable the refreshed power app on your dash. Not the same, but at least they are there.

@sakhat - Haven't driven it yet but will be headed to work in 30 minutes. I have a RWD 70 and I'm most excited for what you said and AP. Fingers crossed.

brec | 15/10/2015

I don't have the Autopilot Convenience Features option on my 85D delivered Sep. 11, 2015.

On first turn-on after the update completed, I had a "Driver Assistance Features Unavailable / Contact Tesla Service" message. Left the garage to research this here (I had this message once before; cured by rebooting), returned to garage, on turn-on no such message.

Before any driving other than 200 yards or so, I'm fine with the new UI. I'm glad to have the outside temperature still available, albeit relocated.

The only anomaly I've seen thus far: the Car Status instrument panel app shows "-- PSI" for the tire pressures, i.e., double-hyphens instead of digits.

Do any of you who've survived previous major updates have any guesses as to when the new User Manual will be available on my /mytesla page? It's easier for me to read documents on my computer than on the car's screen.

-Gman- | 15/10/2015

@damonmath: choose the app on the right side of the display by holding the right steering wheel scrollwheel for 2 sec. then scroll through the list of apps (same for left side: use left scrollwheel). If you select the same app as on other side, they switch sides).

Rowlie | 15/10/2015

I really like the new look, especially being able to see when my brake lights are coming on.

Bighorn | 15/10/2015

Dash feature options show up on either side by holding down the scroll wheel.

UBQP | 15/10/2015

I tried auto-steer on a country highway this morning and had some shocking experiences. It doesn't seem to like shadows, e.g. from trees, and may (or may not) swerve to avoid them, even quickly swerving into the other lane!

On "normal" highways with no shadows, the auto-steer was flawless, at least at 55 mph.

damonmath | 15/10/2015

@Gman & @Bighorn - Thanks! I got it to work. Was omitting the holding part.

@brec - I also got -- for the tire pressure. Hoping maybe it will work will driving? I was parked at the time I tested it out.

Son of a Gunn | 15/10/2015

@brec, on one video I saw it was initially just two dashed lines until he put a few miles on it, then psi values appeared.

srumpf | 15/10/2015

Tesla grinning all day. I can't help it

baileyjo | 15/10/2015

I absolutely love everything about it. My family has three cars with lane keeping / interactive cruise and the Tesla works by far the comparison.

They really did a good job with it. Obviously you still have to pay attention and use it on appropriate, well marked roads and understand the limitations... but that is common sense.

The new interface and the extras are great.

Overall, it far exceeded my high expectations

UBQP | 15/10/2015

The early days of terrain following auto-pilot testing in military aircraft involved pilot deaths. Really cool tech, but, especially in the beta version, please use common sense while on public roads.

trixiew | 15/10/2015

How frickin' cool is this!

Love everything......BUT

When I'm whizzing past traffic in the HOV lane, I like to cheat on the left side of the lane to avoid those anoying cars that pull in the lane suddenly. Had to turn off the auto steering.

Archer | 15/10/2015

I just finished my 70 mile drive this morning to work. First impressions:

1) I love the new interface
2) Acceleration definitely feels smoother
3) Elon wasn't kidding when he strongly suggest you always pay attention when using AP, including keeping your hands on the wheel - especially when the car takes curves and/or the line markings aren't clear. On 2 occasions, the car turned too much into the curve and I had to take over. One of those times, the collision warning sounded because there was a concrete barrier to my left on the 101 Freeway and the car curved too close for comfort.
4) AP doesn't seem to interpret those raised pavement markers that are used for the median instead of double painted yellow lines. Several times this morning on a two lane country highway, AP crossed over when taking a curve. I don't know why AP doesn't prioritize the outside white lines for guidance since they are probably more consistently solid.
5) AP works great major highways. I would say it handled 90% of what is needed. It didn't handle very well the exit from the 101 South connector to the 23 North Freeway. I took over, made the exit but when I re-engaged AP, it didn't see the curving highway ahead quick enough and I had to take control again. Still, this is beta and will get better over time as mapping / driving data gets analyzed by the mother ship.

Overall, I think it is an amazing first step.

Made in CA | 15/10/2015

- Autosteer is absolutely awesome

- Real TPMS numbers are really awesome

- Love the "behind and above" view of the car portrayed in the dash

- REALLY miss the power usage and regen realtime gauge. I know you can use the Energy app to see this but really miss it in the center of the gauge.

- Where's the odometer?!!! Do I really need to open the "T" app or "Trips" app to see it?

- Can't I have a little clock on the dash? I don't want to have to look all the way over to the far upper corner of the touchscreen to check the time. And no I am not going to use one of my three precious dash screen areas for that huge analog clock face.

KWTESLA | 15/10/2015

7.0 is a very good update ! My experience has been mostly good .

Power , performance and range .... improved . My guess is 10-20% improvement on highway .
A/C really pumps it out now we have to set cabin temperature at least 3 degrees warmer or freeze now.
Got more than I thought was coming and it all happened while I was sleeping.

Not sure about the Nav yet ?

Great Job Tesla !

netgroover | 15/10/2015

Very preliminary first impressions:

I like new interface overall, but like others I miss analog gauges of speedometer and power usage.

Would prefer some of the icons were larger, such as the MPH sign (which is nice now that its always present), turn signals, cruise and autosteer indicators. Also, the car avatar could be larger with a more skewed perspective; seems like some wasted dead space.

Like the visual break light feedback.

Although I know its labeled as a beta version, I don't find it very useful in its present form. Car seemed confused when there was a striped exit lane exiting freeway; it wanted to take the exit and had to jerk back into driving lane rather scarily. Same for center turn lanes on two-way highway.

Going around curves and even staying in the lane are handled much smoother by human hands at this time. I'm sure that these issues can be fine tuned, but after my first experience I think I'll be hesitant to use with confidence unless I'm traveling down a divided highway with new striping in good weather.

Despite imperfection, you gotta love having a car that can improve with time, rather than become outdated. The only major downside to driving a Tesla is that it ruins you for wanting to drive anything else.

CaboJim | 15/10/2015

My 85 is now updating to the new release. Does anybody know just much the acceleration has improved on RWD's ?
Thanks in advance....

tezzla.SoCal | 15/10/2015

Has anybody noticed the slight hum when autosteer is on? I haven't tried on the fwy yet, but it's noticeable on the side streets.

AlMc | 15/10/2015


1. Best scenario I have found: Good lane lines and a car the radar picks up in front of you to 'follow'.
2. Be careful as a few others have said on country roads (shadows and sometimes lane lines that suddenly disappear.
3. I would expect, but have not confirmed that the opposite of shadows...Glare may give the camera issues. At night, with wet pavement, the glare from other car lights and overhead road lights *might* cause problems because of reflection/glare *blinding* the camera.

4. Works great on well marked highways and stop/go traffic

5. FYI...the TACC stays on if you grab the wheel. Reason for concern: As I grabbed the wheel to take an exit off the highway, AP disengaged properly but I mistakenly though TACC might also. It does not and, like me, you may find yourself going 60 on an exit ramp :)

duketantiprasut | 15/10/2015

Wish they did something about the media player though. Still can shuffle favorites or click on the album name or the artist from the now playing to go to the album or artist.

1BadNerd | 15/10/2015

Brec, and others, tire gauge shows "--" for a few minutes until the sensors are read. Updates are periodic, not real-time.

netgroover | 15/10/2015

Further to AIMc's #5, TACC (in my experience) also has difficulty in this scenario:

1. TACC is following a vehicle.
2. Said vehicle slows, causing TACC to slow, then said vehicle changes lanes (and is no longer in front of you).
3. TACC starts ramping up speed - even though traffic some 200 feet ahead is at a dead stop.
4. This happened today, and I waited until it seemed TACC breaking would have to be rather aggressive (and extreme) to slow without scaring the crap out of me and those observing - and I had to intervene and apply manual braking.

Most of the time TACC works rather well, but when a tracked forward vehicle moves out of the lane, the transition seems to cause TACC some confusion.

Anyone know the range of "vision" that TACC is capable of "seeing" in order to make adustments?

beady | 15/10/2015

So far like nearly all of the changes. Two exceptions:

1. I would like the time to show next to the gear indicator on main dash. If that is not possible, move it to the left side of the 17" screen and move the charge symbol to the right side. If you need to touch something to get status it can be anywhere on the screen. The clock is something that is just glanced at so should be close to forward eye position.

2. The Speed Limit sign slightly changes size when you exceed your setting for speed limit notification. It is very hard to recognize. The old interface turned white above the limit line which was easy to recognize.

I would put a colored border on the speed sign to indicate it is over the threshold. Could even get fancy and make it yellow border for 0 - 5 over and red board for 5+ over.

Love the larger buttons on the radio.

REALLY love the new brake hold from 2 seconds to all the time.

Great update!

1BadNerd | 15/10/2015

Vehicle hold is great.

Regen until almost to a stop.
Then put your foot on the go pedal and you are ready to go.

No switching pedals to take off.

priustech | 15/10/2015

@netgroover. Someone posted 200m. Not sure how specific it is to the radar unit. I would like TACC to make better transitions with slower or stopped traffic well ahead of the 1-7 range that TACC is active.

evaandmarty | 15/10/2015

I love it

On good country roads the car tracks middle of lane which is ok except when on coming cars are also running close to center I find that a bit scarry especially when on-coming is a dump truck,I normally drive on the right side of my lane during the on-coming meet and then move back to center.Tesla could bias the right side ,maybe?

kwoo4424 | 15/10/2015

@ CaboJim " Does anybody know just how much the acceleration has improved on RWD's?"

I got v7 update last night. On my P85 ( RWD w/AP) you can feel the difference.
The pedal is more sensitive now hence more zippy at both ends of
speedometer. And the AC gets COLD now! Maybe can provide RWD track
#'s before and after v7.

grant.willson | 15/10/2015

All of these other kids have opened their presents but Santa has not come to my house yet!!!! I am intensely jealous. I want to play too... I guess I will put out some cookies and milk and try to be patient.

Bighorn | 15/10/2015

This is what Hanukkah must feel like:)

eye.surgeon | 15/10/2015

-auto steer feature is exceptional on freeways,good to iffy on surface streets. Wonderful potential here, game-changer.

-Climate control improvements initially seem significant

-new interface mostly positive. Huge negatives, the clock is hideous and takes up way too much screen space (really? 1/3 of the screen for time and temp?) and the TPM info is wonderful but takes up way too much space, they could have combined those two into one app easily.

--hill hold will be wonderful on flat streets at lights

-loss of HVAC info (fan speed, recirc info, a/c status) on main screen is a big step backwards. How many cars do you know that you cannot tell if the A/C is on or not, or if recirc is on or off, without going into a software submenu? Ridiculous.

ldean | 15/10/2015

With the new 7.0 the color of my car on the display changed from Black to Red and the "new analog clock" is displaying...any suggestions???

ldean | 15/10/2015

meant to say: ...the new clock ISN'T displaying...any suggestions???

DTsea | 15/10/2015

How long can we get away with not installing the update? For early cars all it does is hold (which would be nice) and the new UI which to me seems hideous. I would want to play with it.... wish we could keep the old UI if we prefer it. Clock and AC changes seem stupid to me.

Dwatson102 | 15/10/2015

Just tried it out. On a two lane highway with hills and curves it was spot on most the time but a little jerky in the sharper curves. This was as promised. I like the display but wish I could get small time/ outside temp on the main display without running the clock app because I like to use the energy app for the power meter.

Other than those small things it is a hugely beneficial upgrade for a car I bought almost a year ago.

Thanks Elon and the Tesla team. I am certain this was not easy.

CaboJim | 15/10/2015

As with other updates, is the rebooting of the dash & screen necessary?

Bighorn | 15/10/2015

Early cars don't get hold. You don't have to update in the near term, though service might do it if you don't tell them not to.

scottdoc | 15/10/2015

I like the new digital readout of what mph cruise is set too. I would like a to have a very small indicator somewhere of how many "car lengths" you have your cruise set to.

I miss the small date and time readouts.

I am praying that my paused USB mp3s dont auto play in the middle of the night anymore with the new software. Ill know tomorrow.

Kind of miss the Trip A and B data on the driving screen.

Really like the time since car started display in minutes and separate trip settings for that (is is called current trip?, i forget).

DTsea | 15/10/2015


I have hill hold.... why wouldnt i get flat hold?

One more reason not to install i guess.

Going in for new drive unit in 2 weeks. Guess i will put a big no V7 sign on dash.

trixiew | 15/10/2015

Love the display.

Had fun playing with everything. Lane change was a rush. I guess just like other autopilot features it will take some time to trust it.

The auto steering was fun as a novelty but was sort of silly given that I needed to have my hands on the wheel. It got freaky with off ramps, left lane turn outs, and a particular row of redwoods. As mentioned, does not allow for cheating left on the freeway or to pass cyclists, or cheating right on a two lane hwy.

Did enjoy having set my TACC to 50mph (5mph over the speed limit) and being anxiously tailgated by a guy in a new Audi. Put both my hands up during a gentle curve in the road and kept them up as long as it would allow me.

Take that new Audi owner.

ricmoe | 15/10/2015

Love the new UI in on the 17" main screen but the dashboard needs some major tweaks. I have good eye sight but it seems everything is too small. Get it dusty (which is always is) and its very hard to read.

Clock: needs bigger fonts all around, thicker border, thicker hands, thicker tick marks, make the inside of the clock a slight grey instead of transparent/black.

Speedometer: also needs to be bigger as well as the AP and ACC symbols also need to be bigger.

Speed sign: I liked the old way of showing how fast above the speed limit you were doing the blue changing to grey. Now the little speed sign gets slightly bigger. It should do something more noticeable like get really big, draw grey or red around it, blink, etc.

energy meter: same as clock, needs bigger borders, fonts.

As other people stated the AP is cool 90% of the time, but the other 10% scares the hell out of you (and your naggin wife telling you to not use the system). Exits to left and right on a 4 lane road w/ median confuse it. Tries to exit the highway at 70. ACC needs some more tweaking to make it smoother. Accelerates too fast if an obstacle gets in front of you and you move aroud it. Wife thinks you are hot roding...

7.0 overall is awesome. Keep up the great work Tesla!

Madatgascar | 15/10/2015

bloomberg says Tesla owners are underwhelmed, based on forums. not sure where they are looking. I am practically levitating. Thinking of buying a new Tesla for my wife...her 2012 was fine until now, but it's hopelessly 10/14 now.

Madatgascar | 15/10/2015

Maybe they are reacting to all these people kvetching about the clock.

CaboJim | 15/10/2015

I like the new dash interface. The clock is cool. For battery range, the battery icon showing the % is easy to read & overall, a lot cleaner confusing color lines increasing or decreasing.....

techdoc | 15/10/2015

I can't wait to see updated performance stats. It feels incredibly more responsive and quick. I have a 70 and feel like I just got updated to an 85D. I know it's not the pronounced, but it definitely feels much more peppy. I can also hear the motor whine at a much louder high pitch - which I previously thought was good that I didn't hear it but now I think hearing the motor makes me think I'm flying!

Autopilot is awesome. I literally laughed on my way to work. I have a 25 mile drive to work that is about 20 highway miles and I didn't need to engage the car once. Another car was beside me, and started to veer into my lane, and the car reacted awesome! - it moved to the far other edge of my lane and sped up to get out of the way!

Bamboo8 | 15/10/2015

Is the vehicle hold feature only noticeable or useful when creep is OFF? Must say I have never used it.

sakhat | 15/10/2015

@Bamboo8: Yes. I have been driving with Creep OFF since the first day. It always bothered me that it would roll even on a seemingly flat surface. So I was forced to press the brakes anyway just to be safe.

Tested it out on a flat surface today (maybe slightly inclined up), holds exactly as if you would apply the brakes, except now you don't have to do anything when you come to a complete stop. Very handy at stop lights.

sakhat | 15/10/2015

@Bamboo8: The only time I needed to use the Creep mode is when I had to slowly reverse towards an incline, as close as possible to the wall, in a very tight parking space in San Francisco. Because by the time you let go of acceleration, it rolls back way too far.

artmat | 15/10/2015

Overall a great update. Auto steer is amazing, some aesthetic issues like the clock not great. I continue to be amazed that this car just gets better over time. What car can make this claim? I applaud Elon Musk and the entire Tesla team. Now, thanks to auto steer, I can applaud them while driving!

Sorry for gushing.

Dr. Pete | 15/10/2015

According to today's NY Times: "Autopilot is not free (the download costs $2,500)."
I don't think that is correct. Does anyone have any comment?