Start code

Start code

We all know that the Model S key will a fairly unique/distinguishable item. Add to that that should you ever loose your key ( or heaven forbid, have it stolen )there probably won't be al lot of Model S on the parking lot. Therefore I would like it a lot if a start code would be requested on the big 17" screen before being able to drive away. Anybody having the same feeling ?

Mycroft | 13/01/2012

That's a good idea. Tesla could start up their own Onstar service. They could not only let us into our car, but also let us drive it home.

Of course there would be yet another monthly fee to pay.

Volker.Berlin | 13/01/2012

That's sooo last century. If anything, they should be using a finger print scanner or face unlock (as in latest Android). But if they do, it'd better work...!

Robert.Boston | 13/01/2012

As an option, perhaps, just as most smartphones can be set up to require some code. But not mandatory.

Even as an option, I wouldn't want it to be based on fingerprints, retina scans, or other personal info, as then I wouldn't be able to lend the car to a friend (that would be a VERY close, VERY trusted friend!!). I'm sure something clever can be done with the touchscreen, i.e. choose the correct sequence of images.

stephen.kamichik | 13/01/2012

I mentioned this in another thread. The model S should require a PASSWORD before it can be driven. A second PASSWORD can be used to put the car into VALET mode. In VALET mode the model S could only be driven 0.1 mile at 30 mph.

Sudre_ | 13/01/2012

I would think you could track the car with a smart phone and I don't see why you couldn't disable the car remotely with a smart phone either.
Then again that means a hacker could disable your car.

rdgreene | 13/01/2012

"My voice is my passport. Verify me."?

haansberger | 13/01/2012

I didn't know about your previous posting, but I'm with you a 100%. One code for full up control, another for limited use - excellent idea.

cmlaff | 13/01/2012

Please, oh please, provide me with a waterproof key that I can keep in my bathing suit at the beach. Just something that lets me get in the car after surfing.