Suggestions for things to look out for at delivery

Suggestions for things to look out for at delivery

So, my day has come! I'm scheduled to have my Model-s delivered tonight. Any tips on things I should look over during the delivery. I've read there were issues with rear speakers and I'll definitely check those out. Anything other known issues that I should be on the look out for?


stephen.kamichik | 18/10/2012

It might be a good idea to get in writing missing items, such as parcel shelf, etc. Check the car for any shipping damage, if there is any, have it acknowledged in writing. ENJOY your car and tell us about it.

joepruitt | 18/10/2012

Will do, and I WILL!

BYT | 18/10/2012

Kind of on the same note. I know when you purchase an ICE it typically say's to take it easy on the engine the first 10k miles. Any precautions like that on the Model S? Don't 0-60 the car in 3.9 seconds until you have broken it in with a minimum of 500 miles or something to that effect maybe? Is it because it's a pure electric motor that it's a none issue?

kelly | 18/10/2012

I read in another thread that someone had an issue with the J1772 plug adapter. Now you're not likely to be able to test that out at delivery, but you might want to find a local charging station using the J1772 plug and test it out before you make a road trip that will require it.

I get the impression the delivery process is very thorough, so that should help in catching any unique glitches in your car. I doubt Tesla is trying to slip anything past us and I'd like to think if their are any known issues at delivery that they would be addressed upfront.

Good luck & enjoy!

JoeFee | 18/10/2012

Here is my list:Delivery Questions

1. Low mileage & 'storage' mode recommendations
2. Use of the Outside Car Cover inside most of the time
3. Service and Maintenance tips for low mileage
4. I’ll take the license plate holder & parts for later installation (is there a charge later to put it on)
5. P85 and HOV badges (do not put on but save)
6. Is the ranger travel fee waived during warranty period.
7. Do you have to buy the prepaid service contact now …how long after delivery can you wait?
8. Can someone can unplug you and use the charger and/or walk away with the cable.
9. Towing instructions
10. Valet instructions
11. Will there be a backup grid & proximity sensors
12. Can you remove the Pano shade/bar (keep parts)
13. Opportunity Console look/function/cost
14. Practice orientation ride in/out of garage/parking spot
15. Steering column and seat adjustments
16. How to operate the stereo.
17. How to operate the cruise control.
18. How to operate the climate controls.
19. Where the air bags are located.
20. Location of levers or buttons not controlled by touch screen.
21. Emergency procedures
22. Operation and features of the security system
23. Location of the fuse box
24. Service on the road / Fix a flat?
25. Appearance care interior/exterior (recommended products list)
26. Owner's manuals
27. Test I-phone use
28. Body Shop recommendations
29. Mats available
30. Test locking fob in the car & door lock behavior
31. Demo Display reboot procedure
32. Fit & finish walk around
33. Go to a local charging station and test the J1772 adapter

cmlaff | 18/10/2012

Add to the list; test Homelink
Or whatever garage door opening system that you may have.
WIll it fit in your parking area?
How do you best download music into the system?

sergiyz | 18/10/2012

Compare your vin and configuration to your mvpa.
The take it easy for the first 500 miles is mostly for tires and brakes.
Modern engines don't really need it, neither do motors (even less so).

mrspaghetti | 19/10/2012

Remember only to use Premium electricity :)

BYT | 19/10/2012

Of course!! Only the best, hand picked electrons will do for my P85... ;)

joepruitt | 19/10/2012

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! My delivery specialist Ben did a 1+ hour walk through with me and my family last night. Covered most of the questions you all suggested. There were a few features that I thought were included but aren't or are awaiting a service update or included in a future release

Creep (said would be coming in next update)
Music Storage (not enabled yet. Now you can only "play" music from remote devices (bluetooth, USB, etc). Said they were looking at storage usage before enabling dumping music locally.
Wifi Hotspot in car (said hardware was there but not enabled yet)
Wifi connection to home (same as 3)
4G (hardware is on board, just working on contracts - 3G is pretty slow).
Voice Controls (again in a future release)
Manuals - user and towing (to be sent to me)
Parcel Shelf - on order
Winter Tires - on order
Rear floor mats - said they didn't offer them. Suggestions anyone?

For the Service Contract, I was just told to contact Service and set it up. I wasn't given a timeline.

If anyone has other questions, let me know and I'll see what I can answer.

stephen.kamichik | 19/10/2012

Rear floor mats......make a paper template and then take template to your favorite auto parts store and find best matching rear floor mats (to your template).

MB3 | 19/10/2012

floor mats were discussed on another thread.

sergiyz | 19/10/2012

I was told you have 30 days after the delivery takes place to get a pre-paid service plan.

ggr | 20/10/2012

We are 30 days after delivery, and they still don't have the exact details of the service plan worked out. They still don't have the after-warranty for the Roadster plan either! I will sign up for both as soon as they are available.