Surge protection?

Surge protection?

I'm getting ready to wire up the garage and am wondering if I should be installing a surge protector to protect the car electronics. Concerned about an electrical storm impacting the grid. Does anyone know if the car has internal surge protection or do I need to account for this in my wiring plan? Thanks.

Volker.Berlin | 20/10/2012

I don't know a definitive answer, but you can find some ideas in this thread:

jerry3 | 20/10/2012

No surge protector will help a nearby lightning strike, you need a lightning rod (or a bunch of tall trees around your house) for that. Surge protectors will help when someone nails the power pole down the street.

Your best shot is to unplug the car during an electrical storm--they usually don't last very long.

Epley | 20/10/2012

We had a "whole house" surge protector installed for a few hundred dollars when they installed our 14-50 outlet. I don't know how much good it will really do, but we have a ton of electronics around our house, so I feel a little better...

jerry3 | 20/10/2012


I have one of those as well, but I realize they have limitations. Also some of them limit voltages by turning the sine waves into square waves. Electronics don't like square waves (aka modified sine waves). I solved this problem by having a 6 KVA UPS installed that all the electronics in the house are connected to. This system has worked great for the past ten years.