tesla roadster for spare parts

tesla roadster for spare parts

i have a roadster for spare parts color is green

DHrivnak | 06/03/2013

How about the lower front trim piece just to the front of the driver's side sill plate? I could use a replacement one of those for my 2008.

ELM | 08/03/2013

Could you give us some more information on/about the car?

Also, any charging items available?

Thank you

dna4life | 11/03/2013

What type of wheels does it have? Thanks

VWTalbert | 13/03/2013

What is wrong with it that you are selling for spare parts? I am looking for a roaster to pull the drive train out of and test in a Cessna 172. If the motor, battery and computer are still operable I would be interested in buying it.

Carl Barlev | 18/03/2013


Now that sounds like my kind of project :)

How would the plane handle the weight of all those batteries and where would you put them?

I've been thinking of something similar, except for replacing out the old diesel in our yacht. I mostly only use the engine for getting in and out of marinas and maneuvering in other tight places. If the wind is totally dead, then she would probably last quite a ways at low speed too.

At present we've got a tonne of lead weights in the keel for ballast and I've always thought it would be nice to swap them out with some "useful" weight. Would have to secure them against sea-water of course and with a double redundant warning system should there be a leak...

And whenever the yacht isn't being used (most of the time) a couple of solar panels and micro wind-turbine could top the batteries up. Never have to worry about filling her up again.

LiLu | 19/03/2013

Hey viper12 - I need a bunch of body parts for a green roadster. Front bumper + a few more things. Can we talk? How do I get hold of you?

LiLu | 20/03/2013

Hi again viper12 - seriously interested in parts. Can you please let me know if you still have parts for sale?

Surface | 15/09/2013

I'll offer you $1000 for your old battery if we can find a way to ship it to me in Maryland! I'll pay shipping.

drewfranklin | 30/10/2013

Viper, I need a hood and left headlight.

Do you still have?

Brian H | 02/11/2013

I am looking for a roaster

Coffee? or chicken?

Wilson11 | 19/11/2013

Viper, if the PEM is still working, I am interested.

Bgrenell | 22/12/2013

Do you still have parts? I am Interested...

Bgrenell | 22/12/2013
Tech26 | 22/12/2013

The guy never replied to a single post in the 10 months since this thread was created. It was either a scam, or he already sold it.

pilipchuk.hris | 24/04/2018

Hi, who can help with tesla roadster parts?
My email

Rad454 | 17/12/2018

Im looking for a rim center cap

Wendall | 05/04/2019

FOR SALE - Used (good condition) HPC $700 and brand new (un-opened) oem soft top $1,200. BayArea

PM if interested and will send photos.