Things I'd like as a holder of a low number at the deli counter for a Model X.Where's that "here's what we know" thread?

Things I'd like as a holder of a low number at the deli counter for a Model X.Where's that "here's what we know" thread?

So we're finally at T-7 and counting.
Things I hope to be surprises in the Model X features:

1) detachable "dock" touchscreen (obvious security and utility advantages like remote control driving the car into a parking spot)
2) 360 surround cameras with "dashcam" full time recording, bump and glass break sensor for "who hit my car while it was parked?" etc.
3) height adjustable suspension (kneeling entry mode, lifted off-road rock crawler mode, boat ramp mode)
4) off-road traction modes (snow especially, but also sand and rock-crawler, like Range Rover, Mercedes, etc.)
5) removable second row for "camper van" mode and "utility vehicle" mode.
6) all wheel steering maybe even with "crab to park" modes and extreme short radius turning circle (even on axis?)
7) spare wheel ... air suspension capable of lifting a corner to facilitate spare wheel swap without a jack ...?
8) of course Android Auto and Apple Car Play compatibility

Interesting ideas:
1) briefcase battery packs (drop two or four brief case battery packs in the back, now you've got a 110D, compatible as modular powerwall packs, too)
2) delayed availability upgrade to mirrorless camera door mirrors
3) augmented reality heads up display projection on all windows with "transparent" mode to see through the quarter panels for parking, turning
4) solar photovoltaic paint and window filaments
5) energy regenerative suspension and heat scavenging
6) induction charging (on city commute lanes and to expand existing supercharger location vehicle capacity)
7) falcon wing door upgrade to lift occupied wheel chair into second row with option to roll forward or transfer to rotating driver or front passenger position

Red Sage ca us | 22/09/2015

adamgreen: +42! The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything about 'Just How Far into the Future Must Model X Take Us to Truly Satisfy Tesla Motors Customers?'

I would add: Blatantly steal every useful idea that can be gleaned from the designs of such vehicles as the Buick Roadmaster Estate, Volkswagen Vanagon, and Pontiac Aztek for storage, access, and convenience.

DTsea | 22/09/2015


I have to tell you that you will be disappointed on all counts.

dfiorelli | 25/09/2015

My wife is on the list. I previously owned a Roadster S for over three years and am close to three years in my Model S P85. What I want in the X but more importantly in my Model S is the tire pressure warning system to more intrusive. When a tire gets low on pressure there is a faint "ding" and a tiny warning shows up at the bottom of the dash. If the radio is blasting there is no hope of hearing the audible alert and if you are looking where you are going, the visible alert is similarly worthless. I have had several flat tires (22") and only after noticing the flat myself did I look down and see the tiny warning. I never heard the audible alert when driving with the radio on. Automatically turning the radio to mute and then activating the audible alert would fix this.

dfiorelli | 29/09/2015

Update: There is a yellow warning light that apparently flashes in the upper right corner of the dash as well. I say apparently because it is 100% obscured by the combination of my hand and the steering wheel in normal driving position. So, for completeness, I mention it though it is worthless to me.