Third Quarter 2012 Financial Results Q&A Conference Call on Monday, November 5, 2012 UPDATE: 5:00 a.m. PST / 8:00 a.m. EST

Third Quarter 2012 Financial Results Q&A Conference Call on Monday, November 5, 2012 UPDATE: 5:00 a.m. PST / 8:00 a.m. EST

Tesla Motors Announces Date for Third Quarter 2012 Financial Results

Tesla Motors Revises Time for Third Quarter 2012 Financial Results

What are your most burning questions that you hope will be answered in this call?

Any speculation as to new/surprising/spectacular revelations coming forward?

sbern18 | 18/10/2012

I suspect focus will be on the ramp up, as it should be...

mrspaghetti | 18/10/2012

I'm curious to hear more specifics on supplier delays. So far they haven't shared much detail on that.

Volker.Berlin | 18/10/2012

If they intend to continue working with the supplier in question, they will certainly not share any details publicly. Maybe at some point there will be a leak and we will read about it on GreenCarReports or similar news. In the meantime, I think Tesla isn't keen on spoiling their relationship with the suppliers they depend on -- even though they "don't have their shit together" (Elon).

mrspaghetti | 18/10/2012

Good point, Volker.

Vawlkus | 18/10/2012

Wonder if they'll have a list of items/options affected by supplier problems. Don't need to know who, but knowing what is holding things up would be nice to know.

Also curious to know what/how much feedback they've been getting from the initial deliveries.

stephen.kamichik | 18/10/2012

I would like to hear about progress on Canadian certification.

Volker.Berlin | 18/10/2012

Or pending issues for European delivery, for that matter...

sergiyz | 18/10/2012

It's gonna be brutal since they have extra delays on top of what they've announced before.
Hopefully they don't change the forecast too much.
On another note Cypress have just announced that they are the supplier for the 17" display with true touch technology in tesla S.
This kind of PR announcement usually means a buyer (Tesla) got a better price for the components by letting the supplier use their name.

weeandthewads | 18/10/2012

The only words I want to hear are "Cash Flow Positive". Once you hear that then all that needs to happen is for them to control their costs moving forward and quarter profitablity is within reach.

Brian H | 18/10/2012

Notwithstanding the delays, confirmations are proceeding faster than the last "worst case scenario" suggested. With almost-finished cars piling up awaiting the (flood-delayed?) parts, etc. If the logjam(s) can be cleared, the ramp may get a fast bump.

bsimoes | 18/10/2012

Volker, I always appreciate your posts, knowledge, and information shared. I will mark November 5th on the calendar.

Vawlkus | 19/10/2012

@rtesla they're not gonna be cash flow positive until next month, so that won't be in their Q3 report except as a forecast.

mbcaffe | 19/10/2012

would like to know status of 60kWh and 40kWh production.

mrspaghetti | 19/10/2012


Those would only be forecasts as well, if discussed at all.

Volker.Berlin | 28/10/2012

Given the latest developments, I expect that Europe will definitely be mentioned in the conference call, even if only with some general announcement of test drive availability or similar:

andrigtmiller | 29/10/2012

Production, production, production. I just reserved my Model S (I wire transferred the deposit today), and understanding how long I will wait based on the production ramp will be nice.

GLO | 29/10/2012

Love to know more about what the supplier delays are and how they are impacting the first round of production cars (non-sig) and how they intend to mitigate those delays (e.g. different suppliers, etc.)...

Brian H | 29/10/2012

The time has been changed, 'due to the proximity of the election.'

8 a.m. EST, 5 a.m. PST

Volker.Berlin | 30/10/2012

Brian H, thank for the heads-up. I updated the OP accordingly.

Here is a BizBlog article with some more comments:

Volker.Berlin | 30/10/2012

For us Central Europeans, that's 1 p.m. the same day. Finally a public Tesla conference call that does not take place while Europe is deep asleep... :-)

steven.maes | 30/10/2012

Volker, are you planning to make a call ? :-)

Volker.Berlin | 30/10/2012

steven.maes, I have adopted the habit to listen into these calls online. What else did you expect? ;-) These are the few and far in between occasions when you can get some actual data and some latest between-the-lines grapevine directly from Tesla management. Love it!

steven.maes | 30/10/2012

Volker, I listen to them as well, but not online due to "in a deep sleep" :-)
I have always wondered if you could have a chance to call as a reservation holder. Most of the calls I have heared so far where from companies like financial institutions, etc.
Now that the conference will take place in the after noon, I was wondering if any European would take his/her chance to make a call...

bsimoes | 30/10/2012

I wonder how the results of Hurricane Sandy and the flooding of NYC, and Wall Street, in particular, will affect the timing. As information is trickling in, it sounds pretty horrific.

Jackie425 | 30/10/2012

Correct me if I am wrong but won't it be 2pm for central europe as USA daylight saving ends on the 4th November ?

William9 | 30/10/2012

Am I missing something? Complete silence regarding this so-called Q&A session. While the east coast is certainly having issues, Northern California is just fine. Has it been cancelled, postponed, or what? The silence is killing me.

JoeFee | 30/10/2012

There should be no impact on the 11/5 conference call … the market will open 10/31 as per normal.

Alastair.Nantes | 30/10/2012

Yep, this is 2pm Central European time or 1pm UK time.

Volker.Berlin | 30/10/2012

Thank you for the update re: European time! Sorry for the false info.

Volker.Berlin | 04/11/2012


DouglasR | 04/11/2012

Just think: by Tuesday, we're going to know!

Oh, wait. You're talking about the conference call . . .

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

;-) DouglasR, I had the same thought but posted nevertheless. You know what they say: First things first!

pvenkate | 05/11/2012

Pretty sure Elon is going to make a big deal abut his plan on repaying the Govt. loan ahead of schedule AND re-confirm imminent cash-flow +ve milestone. Take that, Romney!

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

"Third Quarter 2012 Shareholder Letter" just went online:

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

"Absent short term cost inefficiencies, such as expediting parts delivery and the learning curve of new employees, we are now at a production rate capable of generating positive operating cash flow. Given Tesla’s rate of progress over the pastfew months, we are confident of being able to deliver 2,500 to 3,000 Model S vehicles in Q4 and over 20,000 in 2013."
(Third Quarter 2012 Shareholder Letter)

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

"Our Canadian and European homologation efforts are progressing according to plan, with EU regulatory approval expected early next year. We are preparing for deliveries of the 60 kWh car later this year and expect EPA certification shortly. Deliveries of the 40 kWh battery version should begin in Q1 next year."
(Third Quarter 2012 Shareholder Letter)

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

Elon Musk not yet fully awake... Get your coffee, Elon! ;-)

Norbert.Vienna | 05/11/2012

thats why there is only audio coverage

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

Good news, vouteb (and others): Right-hand drive Model S version has very little work left to do!

Hogfighter | 05/11/2012

This is all great news. Sounds like they have worked through the majority of the supply issues.

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

Nothing on Model X or Gen III so far. You guys are asking the wrong questions! ;-)

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

"The 'Daimler project' is proceeding as expected..." (But no details.)

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

Elon: "There's very little to do to get the European spec and homologation ready for production. [...] We want to stay focused on the Northern American market for just a few more months and only then start shipping cars to Europe and Asia."

Deepak: "Around 15%-20% of all reservations are from Europe."

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

"There's very little left to do..."

nickjhowe | 05/11/2012

"...released a beta version of the iPhone app..." Anyone seen it?

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

Explicit reference to the B-class Mercedes EV. It's spec'ed with relatively small range, thus super charging is not on the table. For vehicles with larger range, Tesla would offer access to the super charger network, provided they have enough range to make it from one super charger to the other.

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

nickjhowe, yeah, definitely the first time I heard it mentioned.

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

Sounds like Elon is in his car (Roadster?) and just did a quick overtaking maneuver while talking... High-pitched whizz in the background of the phone line.

Volker.Berlin | 05/11/2012

That's it. No surprises at all, as far as I'm concerned. How about you? Did I miss something? I'll post the transcript from Seeking Alpha as soon as it becomes available.

Tiebreaker | 05/11/2012

TSLA Pre-market: 30.05 +1.13 (3.91%)