Treadmill option only available on the Sig MX?

Treadmill option only available on the Sig MX?

My wife and I have decided to include the $1,200 treadmill option when we finally get to design our Sig MX. Since I do most of the driving, my wife will usually be seated in the front passenger seat. She bought a treadmill from Sears, years ago but rarely uses the machine. Since all she has to do is active the passenger seat option and the peddles present themselves from under the dash. Not only will they help to keep her legs in trim during regular driving, if she peddles aggressively enough, I should be able to drop a couple of tenths of a second off my ludicrous 0-60 mph time.

ian | 08/09/2015

Is she selling something?

I think you mean the stationary bike option but I'm not sure since you actually pedal (vs. peddle) one of those. ;-)

Sorry. Couldn't resist and as a cyclist, it's a bit of a pet peeve.


Red Sage ca us | 09/09/2015

This is rather pedestrian...



Brian Vicars | 09/09/2015

Excuse me, gentlemen. What I had intended to say was '$1,200 pedal option.' I can imagine it now. Driving along with my significant other in the passenger seat beside me while she continues talking away and peddling contently, regenerating the battery pack below us. If by chance I think that she is talking too much, I will have the option of slowly and carefully moving my right hand pinky finger over to the LED display and cranking up the force required to pedal from 20% to 60%. It will significantly increase my battery reserve and coincidently reduce my wife ability to continue talking. Kill two birds with one stone! Would you like another drink of water dear? May I complement you on the muscle tone in your legs?

vandacca | 09/09/2015

@brianvicars1, let me guess, your wife doesn't read this forum.

Brian Vicars | 09/09/2015

Excuse me again. I always run my comments by my wife before posting. She usually rolls her eyes. "May I complement you dear on the muscle tone in your eyes." | 09/09/2015

I am training a chipmunk to do that job.

Brian Vicars | 09/09/2015

I'm a Canadian, that would be cruelty to animals.

Brian Vicars | 09/09/2015

Oh, this is getting silly. All I really want is my sig X and I will drive off into the sunset.

ian | 10/09/2015

Once more, it's pedaling. Even in Canada. ;-)

Great idea. Although, I think I would be the one that ends up using it more.

Remnant | 13/09/2015

@ brianvicars1 (OP, September 5, 2015)

<< My wife and I have decided to include the $1,200 treadmill option ... if she [pedals] aggressively enough, I should be able to drop a couple of tenths of a second off my ludicrous 0-60 mph time. >>

Congrats. You have invented the ultimate MX range extender and power enhancer ever presented on these forums.

Pedal away guys. You might not even need a battery, after all.

Milly Amp | 18/09/2015

Did you mean "Pedalling" contently or "Peddling" contently ? Cuz those would be kinda different things

Earl and Nagin ... | 20/09/2015

Interesting idea. Assuming a professional-class bicyclist can sustain 0.5 kW by pedaling, you might get 7 more miles of range in 4 hours of driving (assuming 3.5 mi/Kwhr consumption). That might bring you from 280 miles to 287 miles.
Now if you equipped all 6 passenger seats in the Model X (or heck,with TACC, all 7 seats :-), you could get an additional 49 miles out of a full charge if you happened to be taking the college cycle team somewhere!
Sounds like we need to push Tesla to offer a 'charge while driving option', then some ambitious owner can create after-market seats with pedals!

grant10k | 20/09/2015

Turn the aftermarket pedal seats into pedal gel pods and harness the passenger's body heat and nervous system like they did in The Matrix. For the driver's pod you'd have to simulate driving the car, until full self-driving becomes available.

I don't know how many extra miles you'd get out of it.

ian | 22/09/2015

@Earl and Nagin - Even a professional cyclist could only sustain that kind of output for 30 min. to an hour at most, then they'd need a break. They could pretty easily go all day at about 300 Watts though. ;-)