Tricks for clearing errors

Tricks for clearing errors

Occasionally my 1.5 Roadster reports an error (perhaps a serious fault), and sometimes this error spontaneously clears itself or the error can be cleared by taking some simple action. Perhaps the simple action can eliminate the need to deal with phone calls and towing. Obviously if the error recurs one should call Tesla's wonderful service department.

I'll bet others have had the same experience, so I'm starting a thread on possible driver actions to clear error reports. BTW I'm running current firmware, and just had a full 12K service within the last 30 days.

Yesterday my car failed to start in a parking garage after sitting for about 30 minutes. The report was:
"Software Error - Service Required", ID: 887, Data: 0x0...080. (Don't you love hexadecimal error codes?)
The vehicle was completely frozen, and the red fault light was lit. Pulling out the key and re-starting the car yielded the same error message.

Time for an experiment. What could I try to see if I could get the car home?

My fix: Pull out the key, open the charging port door for a few seconds, then close the charging port door. After this the car started normally with no error reports. No residual problems or messages.

This fix has worked in other situations before, and should be tried for any glitch that occurs.

More ideas from other owners?

ggr | 24/01/2011

Opening and closing the charge port door is like a soft reset of a computer. Often that is all that is required. There is also a hidden maintenance menu, once they walked me through the process to get to that and do an almost complete power down. In my case it was a shorted wire, and none of that worked... but I have to compliment Tesla for the diligence they put into finding and fixing it.