TSLA: the looming short squeeze

TSLA: the looming short squeeze

I hope it is clear from the title that this is a thread for TSLA investors / traders / shorters. Please do not read further if the subject is not meaningful to you.

I have done a little detective work in public documents / websites and it seems we have all necessary ingredients for a short squeeze. So I wrote an SeekingAlpha article about that, explaining the reasoning:

As usual, thanks for your comments and critiques, here or there.

MTriantafelow | 01/09/2011

Read this earlier today. I think you are right about there being very little float and how that makes it vulnerable to short squeezes.

You should look at TSLA's history. I've caught several short squeezes as a TSLA investor. Somehow those shorts keep coming back for more. I don't understand it.