Two Tesla's one garage?

Two Tesla's one garage?

P85 15,xxx window Feb/Mar and Model X reserved for my wife. Arranging install of High Power Wall Connector now and just considered implications of having two of these in our garage in 2014. Any opinions regarding amperage draw and ability of standard residential electricity service ability to support two of these simultaneously?

I am 3146 | 07/02/2013

I have my model Sat home and X on reserve for my wife as well. I added the dual charger to my S and will do the same for the X. My thought process was that we are on different schedules and usually wouldn't need to charge at the same time. I also thought we would have more flexibility if we traveled then we could charge faster on the road where a supercharger wasn't available.

SolarCity is installing our HPWC. One issue that arose is the feed to the house being adequate to supply our current load and the addition of ONE 100 amp circuit to feed the HPWC. We are in a newer house and the electric company said our underground service was more than adequate and will be adding a sub-panel.

The HPWC can also be current limited so you could have the convenience of two HPWC running at 50 amps still providing the 31 miles range per hour of charging. | 08/02/2013

Model S and Model X.

Woodinville and I am 3146 == you rock!

Thank you!

NOPetrol | 08/02/2013

I would seriously consider Solar install for that if you want to save $ on 2 vehicles plugged in.

Epley | 08/02/2013

There'll be a posse of us driving around Woodinville soon!

Brian H | 08/02/2013

The Tesla Terrorizers! Oh, nooeeesss!