Updates on Supercharging stations

Updates on Supercharging stations

Just wondering about progress in the Super Charging Stations to date! Can Tesla give up a real time update.


davidg11 | 17/06/2013

I see the Supercharging dots, I was just wondering if Tesla has been more specific as to where exactly some of these dots are.

For instance, I see one in the middle of WA state and I'd be curious as to what city they planned on placing that Supercharger station.

Brian H | 17/06/2013

No city. Between cities.

Pricee2 | 17/06/2013

By magnifying the map it looks to me like Ellensburg and Moses lake are the sites for the two superchargers along I-90. Those plus the one in Couer d'Alene will get me to Kalispell.

jp158 | 17/06/2013

Seems like there has been little or no progress and it's the start of Summer.
If you look at the Tesla Supercharging dots there should be alot more action thus far!

and If you look and the Fall the dots are across america I only hope that it happens!

ian | 17/06/2013

Quit looking at dots! ;-)

There are 2 installations that will be up in Washington state by the middle of July. One in Burlington (pop ~ 8500) is currently under construction and then the same company (maybe even the same crew?) will install the one in Centralia (pop ~16,500).

I would guess that there are many more currently under construction around the country. Expect an announcement when they are ready to be USED and not before (even though that has already happened).

Sorry Brian H, they are most certainly going in small cities/towns in Washington. In addition to Burlington and Centralia, the "dots on the map" show Ellensburg (pop ~ 18,500) and Moses Lake (pop ~ 21,000).


Brian H | 18/06/2013

They will be near food and entertainment facilities, where possible, which may be small towns in some cases. But spacing for making intercity and interstate travel possible will be the priority. That means probably ~>100 miles away from cities.

ian | 18/06/2013

By this winter the map shows there will be one in Seattle. How is that a small town? Pretty sure it's a city. ;-)

nwdiver93 | 18/06/2013


Little known forum rule; Brian H is always right... even when he's completely wrong...

alanwwebb | 18/06/2013

All the same, the general pattern is 2014 shows 5 in Oregon, no Portland; 4 in Colorado, no Denver; 8 in Arizona, no Phoenix or Tucson, 4 in Massachusetts, no Boston; 4 in Wyoming none in ... oh ... aren't any cities in Wyoming. And, just for amusement, 0 in North Dakota, Nebraska and Arkansas. Hmm.

Bighorn | 18/06/2013

Hey, I resemble that Wyoming crack!

Brian H | 18/06/2013

"In" Seattle is dubious. Those dots are rough programmer's guesses, and all this locating with overlays and blowups is pointless.

ian | 18/06/2013

Oh, I'm well aware nwdiver! ;-)

I disagree Brian. The first supercharger map was a rough programmers guess. This new one, I feel, is much more accurate as to where the superchargers will be placed.

Time will tell.


negarholger | 19/06/2013

@goneskiian - to every rule there is an exemption. In this case a SC at the intersection 405/90 makes sense... but I would not call it "in Seattle"... there is simply no other place to go supporting north/south and east/west travel.
In general SC are nonsense for inside city travel... I am living next to one and no way I would exchange the convenience to charge at home at night for saving a few bucks wasting an hour+ at the SC... life is too short to waste my time that way.

ian | 19/06/2013

I agree that a SC near that intersection would make sense. I live very close to that area of Bellevue.

While I agree that it's not exactly in "Seattle" it would be considered "Seattle" for anyone not living here in the "greater Seattle area".

I guess you could put it at the Bellevue Square Mall as that's within 2 miles of the 405/90 intersection. So is the Factoria Mall. There are many more places to eat/shop in downtown Bellevue though.

I think you should have addressed that comment of "to every rule there is an exemption" towards Brian H. ;-)


David70 | 19/06/2013


A lot of good restaurants in Bellevue Square Mall, or you could just hang out a few minutes at the Tesla Store there.

ian | 19/06/2013

In the mall or very close to the mall. Just don't go catch a movie across the street 'cause your charge won't take that long! ;-)

tes-s | 19/06/2013

I'm ready to buy one, if I could get some verification on timing of supercharging. If it were true that in the summer/fall of this year they would have them where the dots say, I'd buy one now. Actually, it is just two that I'm interested in.

ian | 19/06/2013

tes-s - Which ones in particular? There are already confirmations with photos of the Darian CT and Burlington WA Superchargers. They should be operational in the next 2 weeks at most.

Is it that you'll need them for a trip you already have planned? If not, then have no fear, these Superchargers will be installed pretty close to the time frame they say they will.


MBCMDR | 19/06/2013

I know we all waiting on the Burlington SC to be complete. It is very much ahead of schedule but if trip before that time and going past Bellingham. NOTE that the new Regal Barkley Village 16 Theaters 3005 Cinema Place, Bellingham, WA 98226 has two new Dual plug Level 2 ChargePoint charging station located in front of Subway. Charging: $1/hr., min. $1, max. $5. J-1772. be a time to view a movie and toss two hours recharge into the car.. I have only seen 1 car using it, 95% time its open nothing there.

tes-s | 20/06/2013

goneskiian - that is great news! I live right near Darien, so that does me no good, but it makes sense they are doing those now because those rest areas on I-95 are being completely rebuilt. Not sure it helps much since it is only about 25 miles from the Milford supercharger.

I travel to Philadelphia - about 320 miles round-trip. Something on the Jersey Turnpike between exits 6 and 11 would be great.

I also travel to Worcester MA and Maine. Something on the Mass Pike near I-84 would be perfect.

Based on the map both seem to be scheduled for Summer/Fall; it is good to hear that they are actually putting in stations. The lack of specificity on the map had me worried.

ian | 20/06/2013

Looks like you should have quite a few more online by the fall! I wouldn't worry about whether they actually build them but when they come online. Elon has said that they had a hard time at first getting property owners to even return their phone calls regarding placement but now it's much easier.

Over at some folks have created higher resolution maps that should give you a more clear idea of where the upcoming superchargers are going.

There are also threads with people scouting the ones actually being built since Tesla doesn't announce their location until they're ready to use.

I would say buy with confidence!


aaronw2 | 20/06/2013

I did the overlap thing with Tesla's dots to try and figure out where some of the Superchargers are going in in California. I like going camping in the Eastern Sierras near Bridgeport and saw a dot going in but determined it's going in at Bishop. I was hoping for one in or near Monterey for highway 1 but I see one going in Salinas. I think Salinas was chosen to help offset the huge demand in Gilroy.

I keep hoping that one will go in near Bridgeport and another in Jamestown since Jamestown would help cover trips to Yosemite and Bridgeport is a nice halfway point between Bishop and Reno making driving 395 from Southern California to Lake Tahoe or Reno doable.

WormtownKris | 20/06/2013

@tes-s, you are in luck! Boston Globe this past weekend had an article that specified that they are building one off I-90 in Sturbridge. (Check out Dortor's thread and Supercharger map.) As you know, Sturbridge is where I-84 and the Pike merge. Looks like it might be time to place your order!!!

tes-s | 22/06/2013

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the info on supercharging stations. I put in a call in to Tesla (got a return call but missed her), and just put in my request for a test drive.

As soon as I have the nerve to tell my wife "we" are buying one, I can get her to pick out the color and put in the order.