Vans for service companies

Vans for service companies

I own an appliance repair business in Ohio. And we are growing. We have 3 company vehicles and 2 subcontractors on the road now. We plan on having 5-7 vehicles with in the next 3-5 years and 10-15 within the next 10 years. I would love to have a fleet of Tesla vehicles. But we are not going buy 10 model s to do service in. Basic service vehicles are a major market. When is Tesla going to make one!!?

Car t man | 21/01/2014

Only when the economics work out for both Tesla and you. Right now, they work for the high end vehicle buyer. Some 3-5 years down the road,...

Based on model E. No sooner. Rest assured they are thinking about it.

negarholger | 21/01/2014

In about 10 years. Gen3 needs 30-50% better energy density, after that a truck/van needs another 30-50% and that should be in about 10 years.
Today it would simply cost too much. There are hybrid versions on the market with fairly large batteries - that is an option I would look into.

Timo | 21/01/2014

Li-ion solution costs too much, but perhaps lower energy density, but very rapid refueling solution could be used for these larger vehicles, like flow batteries. Size of the battery is not that much an restriction there, just cost and rechargeability: very high kWh requirement for decent range requires long recharging times even with superchargers, unless you allow also very high voltages in charging. Some sort of swap is pretty much necessity and flow battery allows that without highly advanced robotics and shape standardization of battery packs.

grega | 21/01/2014

Nissan has several prototypes in the field to get feedback and guide their design. It is going to start real production mid 2014, based on the Leaf drive train, with a range a little less than the leaf I believe.

ArieK | 21/01/2014

In europe the Renault Kangoo Electric is the best selling small electric delivery van. It's sold more than 11000 units since 2011.
It's no Tesla but it gets the job done for now...

Car t man | 21/01/2014

5 years tops. In that time, Tesla will be able to afford even making no money off a model, initially, if getting the numbers up, means they will start making money a year or two down the road from that time..

Brian H | 22/01/2014

Car t;
That's exactly what happened with MS. It took till 2013 Q4 to begin making margin. That was pretty quick, really.