The We The People Tesla petition 100,000 signatures CAN BE MET

The We The People Tesla petition 100,000 signatures CAN BE MET

I'm not sure if everyone knows about this (I didn't know about it until Tesla posted about it on the Facebook page) but there is a petition on We The People that is calling for Tesla to be able to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states.

I know there is a tracking thread under the Model S forum, but I have something different to add in mind.

As of this moment, over 30,000 people have signed the petition online, over the 22 days the petition has been open. That's a little unsettling, given that there are only about 7 days left to gain 70,000 more signatures if the petition is to be addressed by the Administration.

This being said, I was the 8,280th person to sign the petition, 3 days ago. The petition only had 8,000 signatures in 19 days, yet in the last three nearly triple that number added to the count. The rate at which the petition is gaining signatures is growing exponentially, and given the current trend, the petition can surely meet the required 100,000 signatures by July 5th.

This idea is probably already common or contemplated knowledge, so I'll also say this: If you haven't signed the petition on yet, SIGN IT, the link is above. Then, share it on your Facebook count multiple times over the next crucial week, or over any other social media like Twitter or emails. It is so crucial that we as Tesla followers continue to share this petition with as many people as possible, even ask them to continue to share the existence of the petition as well.

After that, I guess there's nothing else to do but watch.

CalDreamin | 27/06/2013

Once it gets 38,000+, it will be among the Top 20 petitions. That would put it on Page 1 of the popular petitions, and a lot more people will see it.

ENGINEER | 27/06/2013

On the "most popular" page, yes. And 38,000 will be by tomorrow afternoon. I'm so thrilled about the momentum that this petition has gained. just a week ago, it was under 2000. And in one week?

orthophonist | 27/06/2013

All Model S owners and all those waiting to own one should be contacted and asked to sign up 12 people this fourth of july weekend. We'll then zip past that 100K limit with time to spare.

crikescrikes | 28/06/2013

Look at what the Fools are saying:

For those of you who are not familiar with Fools, "Fools" with a capital "F" is a good thing. They are big supporters of Tesla and recommended the stock (TSLA) at the beginning of the year. Investors are up 180% since their recommendation. And Elon spoke at Fool HQ last year.

ENGINEER | 28/06/2013

I'm not surprised. I get all my Tesla news from Motley Fool under the Yahoo! news. I'll be surprised at this point if the petition minimum isn't met, especially since, now that the petition has over 38,072 signatures, it's on the front page of the most popular section.

tes-s | 28/06/2013

Just got an email from tesla about the petition, and signed. Making good progress now.

Don't forget to post on your facebook page.

Tamtam10 | 28/06/2013

@tes-s - can you elaborate on this email you received from Tesla?

ENGINEER | 28/06/2013

I got one of them as well. Are you signed up with emails from Tesla, Tamtam?

Brian H | 28/06/2013

Over 54K now.

Tamtam10 | 28/06/2013

#Engineer No I'm not.

ENGINEER | 29/06/2013

Tantam you can sign up for the newsletter here:

MCGRATH | 29/06/2013

64,000 +/- at this time. I just received the e-mail from Tesla today.

MCGRATH | 29/06/2013

64,000 +/- at this time. I just received the e-mail from Tesla today.

jlin005 | 29/06/2013

Is it just me or is it starting to lose momentum? 65,459 at time of writing

cloroxbb | 29/06/2013

6 more days, for 40,000+ signatures... I surely hope it can be met.

Brian H | 29/06/2013

People are distracted by the weekend. 67,130 8 pm PDT Sat.

risingsun | 29/06/2013

can someone get this posted on The majority of Americans hate car dealers, we just need to get the publicity.

Cattledog | 30/06/2013
Cattledog | 30/06/2013

Actually 12th highest number of signatures right now, at slightly greater than 69K. On front page of Popular petitions in Open Petitions section.

rmp123 | 30/06/2013

I appreciate the progress on this. Go Tesla.

Brian H | 30/06/2013

Did you mean to link to the forums homepage? What use is that?

KCYeoman | 01/07/2013

Reaching that 100K signatures could be a problem. This message was generated at the white house petition site by me just a moment ago while attempting to "create account" in order to sign the petition: "This page is currently undergoing site maintenance. We appreciate your patience while we are making some improvements to This page should be back online soon."

Benz | 01/07/2013

Try this link (it works, you can see the signatures going up here):

David70 | 01/07/2013

It seems to be stuck around 76,600.
I thought it was close to that last night.

Benz | 01/07/2013

@ David70

At midnight PDT the total number of signatures was about 74,221.

So, it's not stuck at at all, as about 2,400 signatures have been added to the total number of signatures since midnight PDT.

KCYeoman | 01/07/2013

Will try the site again this evening. Just got the same site down for maintenance msg while trying to "create account" (req'd in order to sign) and have not rec'd the confirmation email from the whitehouse site yet either. # of signatures at moment shows 77,175. Hopefully whatever is going on there will be resolved later this afternoon.

KCYeoman | 01/07/2013

I was finally able to log into the site and sign the petition from my home computer. Perhaps NSA wasn't able to cross reference my personal credentials w/ the IP # from my employer's ISP earlier or something? Oh well it seems to have worked now in any event.

Benz | 01/07/2013

Ask other people to sign the petition as well.


jlin005 | 01/07/2013

82,044 signatures at time of writing. Making good progress. Hopefully it reaches 100,000 by Friday.

Brian H | 01/07/2013

your post would be more useful and interesting if you actually gave the time.
82,942 @ 5:16 pm PDT

David70 | 01/07/2013

83,649 @6:59 p.m. PDT

SethP | 02/07/2013

I just signed: 94,618!!! So close.

risingsun | 02/07/2013
cloroxbb | 02/07/2013

98,852 @ 1:21 EST July 2

tes-s | 02/07/2013

Just 400 to go...

JeffreyR | 02/07/2013

J. R.
Galveston, TX
July 02, 2013
Signature # 96,215

Only a 132 to go now...

JeffreyR | 02/07/2013

That's 50 more in less than 10 seconds. 71 needed at 12:56:20 PM Central

JeffreyR | 02/07/2013

Over 100K at 12:57 PM Central

W. L.
San Rafael, CA
July 02, 2013
Signature # 100,001

Let's not stop now!

JeffreyR | 02/07/2013

I wonder if there is an API so someone could graph the locations of the signatures...?

ENGINEER | 02/07/2013

And to think 8 days ago I was the 8280th. Now the nation can be educated on what's going on about Tesla.

Curt Renz | 02/07/2013

Thank you to T. P. in Houston, TX for signature #100,000. If Elon doesn’t present him/her with a Model S, perhaps we should take up a collection and send him/her a gift.

Curt Renz | 02/07/2013

I was #238 on June 21, sixteen days after the petition was initiated.

cloroxbb | 02/07/2013


We all helped, are we all going to get Model Ss?

risingsun | 02/07/2013

cloroxbb, it would cost tesla nine billion dollars to give everyone a tesla who supported the petition (100,000 tesla at 90k a piece is 9 billion dollars).

cloroxbb | 02/07/2013

It was a joke. I don't think just because someone was the 100,000th signer, that they deserve a prize. If anyone were it would at least be the petition creator I would think. It takes initiative.

MCGRATH | 02/07/2013

New Thread started by riceman on the "Tesla Model S" site. "100,000 signatures reached on White House Petition". Let's work together, now that we reached the 100,000 signature target.

Curt Renz | 02/07/2013

I suggest that you email your governor, state legislators and members of Congress. Let them know that the goal of 100,000 signatures on a White House petition favoring direct sales and service of cars has been achieved. Here is the petition link:

MCGRATH | 02/07/2013

Curt Renz: Excellent idea. The previous 28 page thread to the "100,000 signatures ..." was called "Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all States- Tracking Progress". It's on the "Tesla Model S" site. 28 pages of interesting reading, many good suggestions.

Bubba2000 | 02/07/2013

Can we continue adding signatures? May be reach 1,000,000 over time? Is there a way to form a PAC gather $$$ from shareholders, current and car owners? Then lobby to pressure the local governments? Tesla can run the PAC. Focus those resources in decisive states? May be lobby the DOJ at the Federal level? I would rather see the DOJ spend their money to uphold interstate commerce. That why they pay taxes to the Feds.

Anybody here will connections to PAC, lobby biz? Any lawyers in the house who can advise on how to make DOJ to move?

We got to cut the car dealers to size and not let them extort the country.