Well frunk me

Well frunk me

Just finished watching the last 5 minutes of the unveil (after Tesla's site crashed for 45 minutes), and got there just in time to see the frunk get stuck....woops.

Not exactly a smooth release with their website crashing and a big gaffe for the release. Unfortunate for Mr. Musk and TM.

Oh well, I'm sure in a few months when Model S'es (is that the plural of Model S?) are being sold as fast as they can make them, no one will remember the shaky start.

Wishing Tesla much success with the X and S. Here's hoping for smoother press releases in the future.

PXChanel | 20/07/2013

When I test drove a Model S in Century City this week, the frunk got stuck and the TESLA gentleman conducting our test drive had to fiddle with the frunk latch to get it open. I felt embarrassed.

Suggestion: Tesla should revise frunk latch mechanism.

PatT | 21/07/2013

Tesla has certainly had problems with latch releases. I am on my second roadster trunk release problem. With the roadster, this can create a huge problem if one is traveling as the charging cable is normally stored in there along with the soft top.

The first malfunction occurred shortly after the car was delivered in 2010. I called the Seattle SC and, after a brief discussion, the service manager asked me to drive out to the airport. Shortly after I arrived he got off a plane carrying a small tool box. Using his sophisticated tool (a wire), he quickly popped the trunk open; made some adjustments; lubricated it; and climbed back on the plane. Very impressive!

Currently, now that my warrantee as expired, I am waiting for Ranger service. Fortunately the failure occurred right after charging and my mobile connector was not in the trunk. While the top is there; it doesn't rain often in July in Spokane so I am "good to go" while waiting for the Ranger.