What did you drive before your Model S?

What did you drive before your Model S?

I have read a lot of threads yet I think it would be interesting to see what Make (and Model) may be suffering from Tesla. What were you driving before the S. Or, if you are getting an S, what are you driving now?

I used to drive a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.

Maxkiddo | 18/06/2014

I drove a Mini Cooper Clubman. Great MPG and fun

AmpedRealtor | 18/06/2014

2007 Prius Touring

anodyne | 18/06/2014

Acura TSX

Dan L | 18/06/2014

Passat TDI

amatiych | 18/06/2014

RX350. Was getting ready to go back to Infiniti QX70 when my lease expires in August but a friend of mine ordered Tesla... | 18/06/2014

Infiniti M37

Kondo | 18/06/2014

2002 Corvette Convertible and 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP 6.2 ... the Pontiac felt very much like the P85 I drove last night. 12 MPG though was a deciding factor in selling both cars last week and ordering the P85 the next day.

RUNS KWH | 18/06/2014

2013 VW Passat TDI (and kept a 2010 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI)

bebopagogo | 18/06/2014

Just sold my M3 a couple of weeks ago with my Model S on a 12 July delivery schedule. Better be worth it ;-) I fixed a few little things before selling it and was having a little seller's remorse. But I'm sure I'll be cured of that soon enough.

AndyO | 18/06/2014

2000 BMW 540 iA Sport (fairly well worn out)

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 18/06/2014

Wife sold her Lexus LS430 for her 2013 MS85, I traded my 2012 MB SL550 for my 2014 P85, for now keeping the 2013 MB S550 until the service department drives me away. Traded in a Lexus SC430 for the Florida 2014 P85 which stays there year round. | 18/06/2014

Before I purchased the Model S I drove the following cars:

First Car- 1960(?) Fiat 500. The car threw a piston going down hill at 50mph. Babes pointed at it an laughed.

Subsequent Cars

Austin Healy Bug Eyed Sprite. Not a babe magnet, would stall out whenever I drove through a rain puddle.

Early 60s Chevy Corvair. Dual GlassPacks, Sloppy floor shift 4 speed. Red, mild interest from babes.

1965 Lincoln Comet Caliente, Red, fairly good babe magnet

1967 Mustang Fast Back. 289 engine, a pretty good babe magnet.

Got Married

Datsun 510 Station wagon. Kept it for 20 years. Very reliable and decently put together.

Toyota Camry. Blah.

Second car concurrent with Camry- Honda Prelude. Fun car. Gave it to son for his use during high school and his time at Berkeley.

Mercedes 300E . Nice car, son drove it to his Junior Senior Prom.

2000 Toyota Tundra Pickup. A truly fine vehicle, drove it from SF Bay Area to Anchorage AK and Back again. The most competent vehicle I owned until the Model S. Gave it to son who now lives in Alaska.

2001 5 Series Sport Wagon. Fun car to drive and practical. Owned concurrently with a 2006 Toyota Highlander, still have it, great car to take the dog to the beach, etc. Still own it.

Tesla Model S85. Calm, smooth, sedate and hell on wheels when desired. Also practical and the very best car I have ever owned.

More than you wanted to know? Indulge an old man, won't you?

Unplugged | 18/06/2014

1996 Chevy Cavalier. I've had my MS since Mar. 2013, what an upgrade! All these frivolous complaints make me laugh when you come from a car without power windows or even CD player.

Liam Ott | 18/06/2014

2009 Chevy Malibu.

Had been told: "You can afford a better car than that." But I was uninspired by cars of the pre-Tesla era, and I couldn't see any joy in buying a "better car than that." Then there was the matter of service. Even though I was happy enough with the Chevrolet dealer that I bought five cars from them over 20-some-odd years, I had never heard of any sort of dealer in my town that even begins to come close to the Tesla approach: routine stories of monitoring a Tesla remotely and proactively offering a fix; dropping off a loaner you'd think about buying when they pick up a car for service; and rangers who drive for hours to come for service.

Hard to believe I'm spending so much more for a car--but even harder to believe how much I'm getting from a car.

judimasters | 18/06/2014

2006 Subaru B9 TriBecA Very good car that got me safely across country but not free!

hjzebra | 18/06/2014

VW Phaeton (Fabulous vehicle)


goehring9 | 18/06/2014

2008 Range Rover. From high above the road to right down on it...

LOTR99 | 18/06/2014

Only one car, 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT; has over 200,000 miles and going strong... loved it 13 years ago... still do, but time for car 2.0, and I just purchased my last gallon of gasoline on Sunday... my new T MS 85 arrives this Friday.

Rocky_H | 18/06/2014

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid and a 2002 diesel VW Jetta that we got used. The Jetta is going to our daughter, and the Civic is being demoted to our secondary car.

We are from the camp where this is at least 3X more than we have ever spent on a car before.

Captain_Zap | 18/06/2014


Congratulations on the NEW car! I hung on to my old steed for a long time too. Sometimes it takes time to find an adequate replacement for an old love affair.

drtmovr | 18/06/2014

Lexus RX400h

SeattleSid | 18/06/2014

'95 Acura Legend LS 6-speed coupe. Excellent car. Sold it with >250K miles on it, still running great according to the new owner. Thought I'd miss the stick shift, which all my cars have had: but the instant power at any speed in the MS makes it irrelevant. (Once in a while I still reach out to downshift when coming fast out of a curve.)

nobueno | 18/06/2014

ditto rocky

2012 Durango from 2012-Current (purchased used with 20k miles)
2003 BMW 530i (a dream car, that I always wanted purchased used) 2010-2013
2007 Rav4 v6 4x4 purchased new in 2007 turned over to my wife in 2010
1998 Ford Taurus...

sunkat | 18/06/2014

2011 E63 - still have it. Great change up once and a while to feel the rumble and hear the fire breathing dragon. Will probably keep it until supercharger network more mature

Steve1501 | 18/06/2014

Bentley Continental GT

ronbrown_pd | 18/06/2014

2011 Prius

GAGSTESLA | 18/06/2014

Wow! Very cool, so far it looks like BMW and VW is taking the biggest hit in people moving to Tesla. Lexus is next with Chevy, Pontiac (surprising me), MB (not surprising me), Toyota, Honda, Range Rover,Subaru,Infiniti, Mini all losing potential future customers to Tesla.

Sorry Carmel, I stopped going back when you got married:) Figured you found your babe magnet then.

Webcrawler | 18/06/2014

Ford F150 Ecoboost 4x4 (still have) and a 1974 VW Thing I converted to electric drive (Still have)...

Olof | 18/06/2014

Most recently: Saab 9-5 2.0T, BMW 323, 328, and 325 Touring. Then got kids, needed space and got Volvo S80 2.5T and Audi A6 4.2

Here is the funny part. When I got back into the last two cars after having gotten used to my MS I though: Is the tranny slipping or why is it making so much noise and not picking up speed? Why is it leaning so much in the curves, are all four shocks shot...

It is interesting how quickly a Tesla can change your frame of reference...

django | 18/06/2014

NIssan Altima 2005, only car I have ever owned.

moorelin | 18/06/2014
LOTR99 | 18/06/2014

If there was no Tesla, I would probably end up with a Cadillac ELR, can you imagine! Thank you Elon!

Very interesting thread.

DLebryk | 18/06/2014

1999 Mercedes E320

Will_A | 18/06/2014

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee... 17 mpg.
Got my Model S in April 2014. We'll see if I'll miss the Jeep come winter time here in Denver. :)

DannyB | 18/06/2014

Until I take delivery in August, I'll be driving my 2002 VW Passat.

Devin B | 18/06/2014

Nissan leaf for 2 years. After that I was done with gas but wanted more performance.

llngoc | 18/06/2014

2012 MB GL450 (Will be gone soon after the Model S delivery)
2009 Porsche Cayenne (Still own)
2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S (Still own)

Richardgbearman | 18/06/2014

2008 Infiniti G35 sedan.

Red Rover | 18/06/2014

And I came out of a 06 Subaru Forester. Didn't want to buy another ICE.

socalsam | 18/06/2014

2011 Porsche Panamera
Before that- Maserati quatroporte
Before that - range rover sport
Before that BMW 745 li
Before that- don't remember-

frankviaje | 18/06/2014

1996 Toyota Corolla! My wife jokes that we "traded" the Corolla for a Tesla. It was a definite upgrade.

Seanpilot | 18/06/2014

I drove a 2006 Corvette and a 2008 BMW 650i. And I love my Model S!

caseypaul | 18/06/2014

I was driving a 2012 Nissan Leaf for 2 years. I used it only for use in town, commuting, and maintained a ICE car, Mercedes SUV, for those times range was needed. Missed my last car, a BMW 740. The Tesla is the best of both worlds!

sule | 18/06/2014

VW Passat V6. Was considering Audi (very different car - Q7) but it never felt completely right.

NOGAS4G | 18/06/2014

Acura TL

sweetmanpe | 18/06/2014

06 Honda Fit. Priors include 2 Boxsters, Mitsu Galant VR4, Alfa GTV 6, Volvo 544, and my first was also a Fiat 500 that I drove with a tool kit that was frequently used on the road.

SilentRunning | 18/06/2014

1997 Toyota 4Runner V6
1987 BMW 325

Audi, Lexus, BMW were front runners for next vehicle before Tesla won out.

Electricious | 18/06/2014

2011 BMW 528i. My Model S arrives in just days--can't wait!

JstACarGuy | 18/06/2014

2012 Cadillac CTS-V, which my son now has.

Enjoy the seamless torque in my P85 even more then the V. Truly amazing.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 18/06/2014

Two 88 Toyota Supras and one 89 Turbo. Bought one on the way home from work one evening, Wife and I liked it so much, went back the next morning and bought a second one for her. They were manufactured a day apart. Amonth later my Sales manager died, and he had just ordered an 89 Supra Turbo T-top in red. The family couldn't afford it, so I bought it. The Supra's were all the best, most ergonomic ICE cars ever manufactured. We always felt like the Supra was an extention of our body. Would have bought replacement Supera's if they were still available new. All 3 have over 300,000 miles and our four grand children are still trying to decide who get's what. Also still have my first Toyota--a 77 Celica--no rust and body is in mint shape, 20R engine uses no oil. Have been offered $35,000 for it. 40 MPG. They all want it.