What ideas do you have for tesla?

What ideas do you have for tesla?

I am hoping Tesla incorporates (if they haven't yet) these ideas in their new cars.
What do you want to see from tesla?

Custamizable interior lights/floorboards
Customizable heads-up display on windshield
Customizable sounds (turn signal, etc)
Voice welcoming/acknowledgement through fingerprint recognition in steering wheel
Heated or A/C seats
Customizable dashboard/blind spot monitors
Transition Lenses on the windshield
Dash camera
Friend follower-tesla cars can recognize each other/who is driving and you can link up if you are trying to meet somewhere/follow each other somewhere w/o getting lost in traffic
Consciousness recognition-actively tries to get you to respond and calls for help when you don't, autopilot to the side of the road if you experience a seizure or fall asleep etc
Silent alarm-if you get attacked next to your car, GPS can follow your key fab to lead to you if you get abducted (phone app?)

What else are you hoping to see?
Suicide doors
Towing capacity (Tesla model Y=truck=S3XY)

Remnant | 06/05/2015

I have not experienced it myself, because I don't drive an MS as my own daily commuter, but I understand those who do experience a lot of stench from the ICE exhaust in front of them, as well as any and all dust and stench the MS goes through, sometimes even if the ventilation system is set to "Recirculate".

So my suggestion is to have the cabin air intakes placed in the rear of the vehicle, rather than in the front. This could be coupled with an air-tight switch with a 5-10 minute auto-off, to isolate the cabin from the nastier environments.

Boukman | 06/05/2015

I really would like to see a MS/MX with a "real" 300+ miles range. Meaning a 300+ miles range independent of AC/Heater, head wind or gradients. And that has to be achieved with a full load of passengers with a few bags in the trunk/frunk. I know EM has said that anything over 300 miles is excess but the rated range of the MS is rated under "ideal" conditions. People will disagree, but just like I go to a gas station every week or so ( no long distances), it would be nice to be able to plug in every 4-5 days or so. The MS battery is probably maxed out because of the battery weight, but in a few years, with advances in battery chemistry, I hope to see a MS with more range and more power than the P85D.

Nantang | 06/05/2015

Eventually, I want to see electric tractor trailers. They would look like the front end of bullet trains, and would charge at modernized truck stops--or possibly swap batteries there. A bank of 4 or 6 Model S/X batteries, stacked two deep and 2-3 long would make a truck platform that might have a reasonable range using current or near future tech.

Hey, we need something to be stuck behind in heavy traffic.

hobowankenobi | 06/05/2015

Over the horizon....whenever the cost/range issue has been cracked to the point that we see
Tesla vehicles in the $30K range flooding the road, and accepted by the average driver:

I think it would be interesting to see Tesla make or license a complete pan/chassis for others to build vehicles on. A 21st century version of the old VW type 1 pan: drive train, suspension/brakes, battery, steering, and core electronics for the whole shabang all in a single package that coach builders could buy whole sale.

This is common now in the heavy truck and bus industry:

The safety and DOT stuff would be a challenge..but it would wonderful to see Telsa powered designs in classic skins, like these kit/custom reproductions:

Heck some do electric already, but old school:

For those not interested in classics from the last century, there are new companies building new kit/custom cars:

It could be win/win: Telsa (or licensed partners) could crank out high volume, high quality chassis production, and let others build on top. Tesla would continue to turn out the very best complete, modern cars without any real direct competition—totally different markets.

Modular batteries, standardized chassis components....all $ to Tesla. And the builders can concentrate on the design and features, knowing the turn key chassis is already done, and better than anything anybody else has to offer.

We could see low end basic transport, specialty delivery vehicles, trucks, off-road buggies, and in short...everything anybody can dream up and build around a standardized pan. With 3-5 different models (wheel base options, 2 x 4, 4 x 4, battery sizes, etc.), they could cover a huge amount of the market.

Too far fetched?

Whoa fella. Think about the Roadster. Where did that body come from...?

Grinnin'.VA | 06/05/2015

@ hobowankenobi | May 6, 2015

Too far fetched?

IMO, yes. You're dreaming.
Of course, I've been wrong a few times in my Tesla forum posts.

clublon | 07/05/2015


Rocky_H | 07/05/2015

@hobowankenobi, I think this is kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place as far as a market for it. If you are talking about decent sized established car makers doing this, no, they won't dare touch any Tesla thing for fear of the impression of legitimizing them, or making it look like they need anything from Tesla.

So if you go the other way, that it's a small startup company that would build these tops for the skateboard, that's a market in the hundreds of units since it's really hard for a startup auto maker to get any traction, and I don't see that being worth the cost for Tesla to develop for.

Captain_Zap | 07/05/2015

Windows compatibility.

For the long haul, connectivity with SpaceX's satellite network.

Captain_Zap | 07/05/2015


The ability to listen to Tesla earnings calls while driving via the internet connection.

sauce | 07/05/2015

Convenient ventilation upgrade along with Jump seats option.
Windows compatibility.
App for Blackberry.
Option for a removable cooler for the trunk pit or frunk (air/air is fine: very low draw 5A 12V).
19'' Turbines
Upgraded for interior storage, hooks and cupholders.
LTE connectivity.

What else?

holidayday | 07/05/2015

You know how in video games where you design a car, you get a bunch of custom car designs to choose from, and then can adjust almost every little thing about the car to build a highly personalized car?

Get that in the design studio.
Yes, I'll see if I can build a convertible in blue, with yellow racing stripes, the top in gold, with silver blade rims.
Interior with two-tone brown leather, with orange trim and nectar highlights.

hobowankenobi | 07/05/2015

What a bunch of kill joys. :)

It is true that conventional wisdom would not support my idea.

OTOH, not much about Tesla is conventional. Who would have guessed they would open their patents to their competitors?

And, to be fair, there are many a success story in the automotive world based on wholesale chassis subcontracting. Please don't make me list them....

OK, maybe targeting custom is unrealistic, at least at first. But selling to other manufacturers? Why not? As long as they don't cannibalize their own market. Let us not forget the mission:

To convert the world to electric.

If they can profitably sell/license chassis production ( I did say over the horizon....well after Model 3 is firmly established and selling as fast as they can build them) they can continue to lead and influence the other builders, at an exponential level.

james.nicklin | 08/05/2015

A dual skateboard for a full size pickup. One traditional RWD skateboard for the rear axle, another one rotated 180 degrees around the lateral axis and raised a few inches for clearances between the battery areas as needed for cooling. The top/front skateboard would have the motor below the skateboard instead of above to keep it more in line with the CG height of the rear drive skateboard. Mount the suspension in the opposite direction. Utilize an airbag system similar to the Ram 1500 to provide 3.4" of ground clearance adjustment.

h_corey | 08/05/2015

The ability to tag up on the freeway and join trains of Teslas. Lowering drag and increasing range of the participants.

Inductive charging or some way to automatically charge at home or in the parking garage without the 2 minutes needed to plug it in (charging snake like EM mentioned?).

A single 120V 15A outlet inside the cabin.

Brian H | 09/05/2015

Most experience is 5 sec. to plug in, not 120 sec.

Red Sage ca us | 10/05/2015

My ideas rhyme with 'Tesla Model ≡ P135D Coupé with Falcon Wing Doors'.

sabbia | 10/05/2015

Upon unlovk, driver's seat all the way back and steering column up to make it easier to get in. Once a profile is selected move seat steering column to saved position.

sabbia | 10/05/2015

Sorry: Upon unlock

EcLectric | 12/05/2015


They already have 19" turbines. I saw them at my local Tesla store on an 85D.

Rocky_H | 12/05/2015

@hobowankenobi, Quote: "But selling to other manufacturers? Why not?"

Because it takes two to make a transaction. Tesla can offer to sell all they want, but other manufacturers WILL NOT buy from them. They would rather kill themselves before they would ever give an impression of legitimacy to Tesla by admitting that they have anything better by buying it from them. Yes, they are that arrogant and stubborn. I mean the obvious thing that they really really need above all else is the Supercharger network, which Tesla has offered for them to participate in, and they won't even do that, so they obviously are not going to buy vehicle platforms that they actually can do themselves.

sauce | 12/05/2015

@EcLectic: Really? To me that's a novelty. I haven't seen any at the MTL-Ferrier SC. Can't find them in the design studio.

Are you from North America?


Red Sage ca us | 13/05/2015

Traditional automobile manufacturers want Tesla Motors to shut up and just be a supplier -- like Paxton, Edelbrock, Holley, Brembo, etc. They don't like it one bit that Tesla won't allow their battery management or motor technology to be used in hybrids or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. They cannot accept the notion that such a small, young company wants to mandate that they will only contribute to 100% fully electric vehicle projects.

Grinnin'.VA | 13/05/2015

@ Red Sage ca us | May 13, 2015

Traditional automobile manufacturers want Tesla Motors to shut up and just be a supplier ...

It's a bit challenging and risky to determine the wishes and wants of a company. But I suspect that you got it about right. Nice post.

Sam_S | 13/05/2015

Dash cam

dhorvitz | 13/05/2015

What would I like to see?
Brake lights that activate when one removes one's foot from the accelerator so that the folks behind see this as the car slows
Better air conditioner, higher fan speed, more accurate thermostat (I live in Florida)
Blind spot indicator on side mirrors a la Mercedes, rather than on the dash
Bigger buttons for Homelink
Enclosed center console option or insert

Grinnin'.VA | 13/05/2015

@ dhorvitz | May 13, 2015

Brake lights that activate when one removes one's foot from the accelerator

My understanding is that regen braking does this now.

Blind spot indicator on side mirrors a la Mercedes

I'll drink to that.

Bigger buttons for Homelink
Yes! The Homelink dropdown comes up on my 17" screen just as I'm turning into my driveway. As it works now, I need to stop the car to be able to press that 'button'. Of course, I can't just hit it. It will not respond until I hold my finger on it for about a second. I believe that this is an instance where the touch screen driver interface is inferior to old-fashioned hardware on/off switches.

EcLectric | 13/05/2015


They had them in the Burlingame, California store. They look very similar to my 21's. I was interested because although I love the look of the 21s, I have gone through 7 tires and one rim (bent) in the 40K miles I've had my Model S.

hobowankenobi | 13/05/2015


I would Today, and Tomorrow.

What about after model 3 is cranking? When they are selling all they can make, and leading the market?

Remember when Steve Balmer laughed at the iPhone? Who's laughing now?

WHEN Tesla is legit in the eyes of the average consumer, some of the good old boys will come around. The question is not *if*, the question is *when*.... And the first to partner with Tesla will get a jump on the rest. That is an attractive incentive, for the first to see the light, and leap frog the rest spending $ on R&D with little show for it.

I am old enough to remember when the US big boys wanted VW to shut up and go away oh so long ago. 20 years later, they wanted all of the Japanese auto brands to shut up and go away. We all know neither happened, and mostly US makers followed the lead of-the-then underdogs in product design and quality.

This will be dejavu all over again. What is important is what Tesla does when that time comes, even if it is 6-8 years away.

sauce | 13/05/2015

@EcLectric: Are these the rims you're talking about?

Red Sage ca us | 14/05/2015

hobowankenobi: +1!

The shut up and go away became 'shut them up, and make them go away'... It backfired when Lee Iaccoca begged US regulators to force Japanese (and European) automakers to build on US soil. That's what they wanted to do anyway! Now NADA is trying to silence Tesla Motors, and their own protests are bringing more voices to Tesla's defense.

EcLectric | 15/05/2015

Yes! They have them on at least one of the 'show cars' in the lobby and I believe they have the wheels separately on display as well.

peder | 14/07/2015

I wish

Integration between GPS and cruise control so that the speed is automatically put down before a turn.

Integration between the driver and the phone so that my phone is elected when I run the car

Peder - Denmark

aranacacho | 19/07/2015

Super Alternators:

Made of super lightweight materials and output the highest volts, watts, amps etc. possible.

put 1, 2 or 3 on each wheel == 4, 8 or 12 on the car

The result == infinite, double or triple range.

The idea is to put alternators on every wheel, moved by a belt or some other mechanism. Designing the most efficient alternator possible. Recharging when in motion.

longlakeis | 20/07/2015

Solar charging package for car at home

Dr. Pete | 20/07/2015

A very modest request, easily implemented on all Model S vehicles:
In the NAV night display, the icon representing the vehicle's position is often hard to see, especially for us color-blind folks (8-10%of all males). Apple's solution to this problem is very elegant: "ripples-in-a-pond" circles expanding from a central dot. Is it possible to have an effect like that without infringing on an Apple patent?'

plafor | 24/07/2015

To support the new ludicrous speed, Tesla could implement a new selectable screen for the 17" display showing in real time graphics of the acceleration (in G), the speed and the distance driven versus time when drag racing the car. Looking at the graphics after the race would make it easy for P90D drivers to confirm that they did 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds and 1/4 mile in 10.9 seconds.

hollis | 31/07/2015

My idea -

i would like an on-demand test driving system - fueled (no pun intended) by the community.

Tesla or a third party would connect owners with potential buyers for a test drive. A commission - say 1k (similar to referral program) would be given to the facilitator if a sale is made.


Remnant | 05/08/2015

@ aranacacho (July 19, 2015)

<< Alternators ... on each wheel ... The result == infinite, double or triple range. >>

This system is already in place. It's called regenerative braking. It does recharge the battery, and thus increase range, at the expense of the kinetic energy of the car, whence slowing it down, that is, braking it.

You cannot generate energy from motion without slowing it down.

imwang | 05/08/2015

Since Tesla is coming out with Powerwall technology, how about converting that useless sun roof, or just the roof for those without sun roof, into a solar panel? You know the sun in Southern California is awfully strong, it would be nice be able to convert this sun power into any energy we can use. It will extend the Tesla mileage even greater.

Timo | 06/08/2015

@imwang, if you count mileage increase of one mile / $1000 spent to create that worth it, then maybe. OTOH it would probably be less than that.

Solar power is weak. Really weak. Not practical for cars.

bonnie | 06/08/2015


kondziolechpl | 06/08/2015

How about going a little bit further than stationary chargers?
Highways with movable chargers.

The vehicle moves at normal speed on special lane and at the same time is being charged by the charger moving right next to him. Or even the vehicle can be plugged into road by some kind of connectors and charged while moving.

I hope my idea can help You in making our planet the better place

hcwhy | 06/08/2015

A mixture of a shopping cart and gurney.....pull it out of the trunk and the wheels extend...go shopping...fill cart...put back in trunk.....take out when you get home. No bags, no loading and unloading much easier. When the supermarkets develop scanners that can read what's in the cart without taking anything out of it....which they're working on checkout lines either....just fill up your own cart and walk out.

Ross1 | 06/08/2015

An extra "speedo" to show the value of your shares, rising (or falling...)

Just bought in. In it for the long term, reckon its better than bank interest even now. Today.

bbmohebbi | 08/08/2015

Any information about TESLA marine? The marine industry would like to know how Tesla battery power can play a role?
Myself and may others are very interested to know how we can purchase and install Tesla battery power pack on our sailing yacht?

Anemometer | 12/08/2015

Sell superchargers to charge network operators. All the other stuff I've been using with my i3 is pants. I never heard of a Supercharger failing to work. Of about 30 rapid charge attempts, I've had 5 not working when I got there, about 5 that packed up half way.

Most EV forums are full of similar stories, and of course - the fact that when another car is charging you can't share the heads - even if one if Chademo and one CCS. It's also getting more common (in the UK at least) for charge spots to be EVd. People who have plugged in and wandered off shopping in Ikea with a Mitsubishi Outlander that charged fully after about 20 minutes. Or worse still EV owners who don't even bother to plug in... a variation on the robot charger, that can pick up the car and dump it elsewhere would be needed ;-)

A 6 head system from Telsa with 5 Chademo and 1 CCS (suited to current EV model mix) would be awesome. They could easily charge 6 cars as most of us non Telsa folks are stuck at 50kW.

If they don't want to sell them to other operators, it wouldn't take much to build sites owned and operated by Telsa - but not under the supercharger brand. Maybe they should use - better than everyone else charger.

Anemometer | 12/08/2015

How about going a little bit further than stationary chargers?
Highways with movable chargers

It's called a truck with a tow bar ;-) Stick a tow hitch on the front of the Telsa (like RVs have for towing a smaller car) and let it slip stream behind the truck whilst using regen to top up the batteries. Much easier to implement than having a track for a charger to run and hope the cable don't get caught on something.

Then the clever bit.. if you stick railway type overhead cables on all freeways so the trucks can use them via a pantograph (the extending bit on trains that picks up the electric). They can then download electric to your car as well as regenning on the tow.

Do a google image search for "pantograph for trucks on road". Already under development. It really is the only way we can decarbonise the haulage fleet otherwise you'd need batteries as heavy as the actual load.

Using trucks as mobile chargers then becomes a sensible idea.

PMadFlyer | 12/08/2015

A forum spam filter. Seriously though, this time is over the top, I'm almost impressed that each post is a different university.

Red Sage ca us | 12/08/2015

24-hour Forum Moderation by actual humans, instead of Mollom.

Mklimke | 30/10/2015

I would love to see a fun/ utility type car from Tesla , like a jeep wrangler or a kia soul'ster .