What ideas do you have for tesla?

What ideas do you have for tesla?

I am hoping Tesla incorporates (if they haven't yet) these ideas in their new cars.
What do you want to see from tesla?

Custamizable interior lights/floorboards
Customizable heads-up display on windshield
Customizable sounds (turn signal, etc)
Voice welcoming/acknowledgement through fingerprint recognition in steering wheel
Heated or A/C seats
Customizable dashboard/blind spot monitors
Transition Lenses on the windshield
Dash camera
Friend follower-tesla cars can recognize each other/who is driving and you can link up if you are trying to meet somewhere/follow each other somewhere w/o getting lost in traffic
Consciousness recognition-actively tries to get you to respond and calls for help when you don't, autopilot to the side of the road if you experience a seizure or fall asleep etc
Silent alarm-if you get attacked next to your car, GPS can follow your key fab to lead to you if you get abducted (phone app?)

What else are you hoping to see?
Suicide doors
Towing capacity (Tesla model Y=truck=S3XY)

blue adept | 15/05/2019


>>> "I really hope next generation Tesla electric car will include air turbine. It can help the car go far more than before."

Just off the top of my head I can think of at least 4 different ways (I mean, I could probably think of, perhaps, a dozen if I really put some brain to it but, yeah, 4 different ways right off the top of my head) Tesla could improve their range with just a few simple optimizations and/or tweaks of their existing technology and NONE of them involve the use of an "air turbine", mini 2-cycle motor, sails or any of the other equally ludicrous and ultimately meritless suggestions I've seen bantered about on these and other forums.

>>> "Hi Tesla , I think helping people transform their love car into an EV will be great. Because so many people got the old classic car."

There are numerous independents scattered all over the world who'll be able to help you with that.

In fact, if you merely perform a simple internet search for something as basic as "EV conversions", you'll get several returns on your query, several of which will probably be in your area...Good luck!