What lowering speed do you set for your air suspension?

What lowering speed do you set for your air suspension?

I have mine set at 55 MPH, figured I want it lower at hwy speeds or greater but i don't want it going up and down all day at lower speeds. What are others doing?

AmpedRealtor | 18/02/2015

I only want it to lower on the freeway, nowhere else, so I set it to 65 MPH.

tezzla.SoCal | 18/02/2015

I have mine set to ALWAYS

Anthony J. Parisio | 18/02/2015

Always? It can do that? I live in Philly. That would not be good in this old city.

Chris425 | 18/02/2015

I have my P85D set for 55 mph as well. I think it's a good balance.

ElectricSteve | 18/02/2015

I have set it to "always". Just slide the bar al the way to the left (zero speed).

AmpedRealtor | 18/02/2015

Those who set their lowering to "always", be careful! Lowering the car increases the already high camber in the rear and could lead to premature tire wear. It can also get you in trouble with parking curbs.

Rheumboy | 18/02/2015


tezzla.SoCal | 18/02/2015

Yep, that's the price we pay to look good!

WutGas | 18/02/2015

60mph for hwy.

ElectricSteve | 19/02/2015

@ AmpedRealtor

I drive a mid 2014 S85 on 19"
I have over 22000km on my Michelin X-Ice3 Winter-tires. Car has been on "Always low".
Did a tire-rotation the other day and used the occasion to inspect the tires: Noticed *no* significant extra wear on in the inside of the tires. Not what i expected by the way.
Therefore: a non-issue to me personally.

Tesltoronto | 19/02/2015

Mine is set to 65MPH. The car looks good low or high! :)

DavetheSmelter | 19/02/2015

65, if its always low just be supper careful of curbs. Thank goodness for the sensors if it were not for them I am sure my front would be scuffed up and damaged as there have been close calls.

NKYTA | 19/02/2015


AmpedRealtor | 19/02/2015

@ ElectricSteve - that's great news! I know some owners have expressed reservation about using the car in always low for that reason, glad it's not an issue. My personal reason for not doing that is fear of hitting a curb. Doh!

George with SacEV | 19/02/2015

Went with 55 also....sometimes freeway hiccups get that flow back to 55 in the Sacramento area.

Sleeper | 19/02/2015

50 | 19/02/2015


Question. Does the "always" setting render the location based smart air suspension inoperative? This feature (added in firmware update 6.0) is a great help in preventing front spoiler damage. Prior to 6.0 I would not always remember to raise the car prior to parking or entering my sloping driveway.

tezzla.SoCal | 19/02/2015

@Carmel - even though I have mine set to ALWAYS, the location based raising still works.

Mystery Lab | 19/02/2015

90 KPH (55MPH)

Bighorn | 19/02/2015

Depends--I might raise the limit to 100/Never if I'm driving at night, likely to encounter retreads, etc in the dark.

Albatross | 19/02/2015

How far does it actual drop and raise? I am going to order one and the suspension upgrade isn't cheap but certainly seems worth it.

JPPTM | 20/02/2015

SF Bay area--60 mph. | 20/02/2015

Virginia--55MPH. Air suspension alters ground clearance 4.7" (low) up to 6.4" (very high). I have a steep driveway and have never scraped front or rear. Air suspension a must for me.

Laryrob | 20/02/2015

definitely worth it if u have a sloping driveway

jeffinpt | 20/02/2015

@jfe_md I'd be interested in seeing a photo of that steep drive. I've got sort of a steep/bumpy gravel road for the last 25 yards to my house. Think the air suspension is going to be required for that and for ferry ramps.

johncrab | 20/02/2015

I use 60 so it never lowers around town. There are many places where I raise the car in town though.

CarlE_P439 | 20/02/2015

65 mph

Mark E | 20/02/2015

80km/h which is 50 mph

JagMan | 21/02/2015

70 - but I wish you could also set the steering to switch into sport mode at the same time - maybe one day they'll add that feature

JayInJapan | 21/02/2015

Mine's set to never. I'd rather have longer tire wear on my 21s.

2015P90DI | 21/02/2015

Mine is set to 90. This car already has a TON of rear negative camber, which puts the rear tires on the inner edge. Have read tons of stories about Tesla owners experiencing tire wear on the inner edge. After getting my car and seeing the negative camber, I can see why. I checked my Dad's car and my car. My dad is 70+ years old and drives like, well, a grandpa. He has 14,000 miles. Rear tires, outer edge has 6/32nds, inner edge, 2/36nds of tread left. I believe they start at 8/32nds. So, 25% wear in 14,000 miles on the outer edge, 75% wear on the inner edge.

I don't understand Tesla's reasoning for putting so much camber in this car. Camber is designed for a race track. Being that I don't anticipate too many of these cars on road courses, makes no sense. Owner's complaints about tires wearing out in 12,000 to 15,000 miles should be a clue. For them to respond that "that's normal" is not satisfactory. If they straightened up the rear wheels so the tires could wear evenly, they'd likely last twice as long.

Lowering the car, just adds more negative camber. Being that it's at speed on the freeway when most people have it set to lower, that just means you're going straight, riding on the inner edge at high speed and scrubbing the rubber off! If I could run it at the "High" setting, I would. Unfortunately, it won't let you. Don't understand that either. What do they care?

My temporary fix, I pumped up the rear tires to 50 lbs, instead of the recommended 42 psi. Typically this will cause the center to wear out quicker, but with this car, I tried it to get the center of the tire down on the pavement. My car with 12,000 miles, just over 6/32nd's on the outer edge, 5/32nds center and just over 4/32nds on the inner edge. So, whatever the reason, instead of a 50% split from outer to inner on my Dad's car, the combination of not letting the car lower at high speed and increased tire pressure has reduced my figure to only a 25% difference. While my dad is just about in need of tires after 14,000 miles, based on my wear rate, I expect I should get somewhere in the 21,000 to 23,000 range.