what os does the computer and screen run on? windows?

what os does the computer and screen run on? windows?

I am sure this has been covered before somewhere. But I would like to know if we are dealing with tesla own proprietary operating system or not. And if not can we load our own or third party apps onto it? | 22/10/2013

The primary and instrument displays run on Linux. The other internal processors are unknown, but unlikely Windows.

Jolinar | 24/10/2013

Both displays uses some modified Linux and run on Tegra 3 processor - at least that big one, maybe that small uses Tegra 2, not sure about that.
Motor control unit does not use operating system (AFAIK), it's coded and simulated/verified inhouse by Tesla in standart C (not C++) for microcontrolers. Heard that in one video with Musk, but no chance to find it, that was to long ago :(

Jolinar | 24/10/2013

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carolinagobo | 24/10/2013

Windows? you will get updates every 2 hours on the go LOL

ModelS3P | 24/10/2013

The computer, screen and windows all run on electricity :) | 24/10/2013

Just to confirm, the instrument display runs on a Tegra 2 processor. More undocumented details are on my site at: