What other car can do this?

What other car can do this?

The Tesla Model S is the best drive on the road.

I volunteered to drive the other day. Going for a lunch/meeting with 4 other adults; a lawyer, graphic designer, ballet conservatory director and a pharmaceutical sales representative, equal distribution men vs. women. Myself, an engineer…we about had everyone covered. I was only driving a short distance on the streets of Santa Ana during the middle of the day.
After lunch, I pulled out of the parking garage and the street was wide open…I gunned it…not even close to what the S can do because it wasn’t safe to do so, and of course I instantly let up on the peddle and whala instant control to a stop sign, : ) What happened was hysterical…I wasn’t even ready for it. At the same time each and every one of them let out a scream and followed with a true LOL! Their reaction somewhat startled me…it was the first time I had experienced someone’s raw reaction to the S. My comment was “I think I just sold 4 Teslas”. The look on their faces was “what the?” Seriously…they were blown away.
What other car can do that? I sincerely believe that Tesla will move forward and continue to compete because it is the best.

GLO | 13/06/2014

I've always loved to shocked response from "newbies"! Fun to see more Tesla grins...

Red Sage ca us | 13/06/2014

You know what? I think you just sold four Teslas. Congratulations!

ZERO EMS | 13/06/2014

What brings and engineer, a lawyer, a graphic designer, a ballet conservatory director and a pharmaceutical sales representative together for lunch?

ZERO EMS | 13/06/2014

despite the Tesla (love it, agree best car ever) - that's at the heart of the story, I think :)

bobrobert | 13/06/2014

I'm also trying to imagine the circumstance for that eclectic group in the electric car. Maybe planning a ballet which includes an electronic light show for an intended audience of stoners, legal protection included in the price of admission..
But comeon, fess up - gunning it then immediate regen for a stop sign? I suspect cowboying. Not to object to a rocketscientist stress-testing what he/she builds.

rocketscientist | 13/06/2014

Too funny I do stress analysis! : ) Mrs. Rocketscientist…
Great question...we are quite an eclectic group. We support the ballet director; fundraising, event planning…all volunteers. Lots of fun and effective to work with such talented people from such different backgrounds. We get a lot done! And we have a great time doing it. I found it quite amusing that even though they all come from VERY different walks of life they all had the same reaction.

Red Sage ca us | 13/06/2014

And that's the precise reaction that will be delivered by Tesla Generation III to a whole lot of people, from many walks in life, who don't yet know... what they don't know. ;-)

GeekEV | 13/06/2014

@IngoBingo - Now that sounds like the start of a good joke.

rocketscientist | 13/06/2014

Sage…I do believe.
Bingo & Geek…jokes flew right over my head. No worries. The heart of the story is the car.

bobrobert | 13/06/2014

@rocketscientist, bless you true patrons of the arts. My own studio folded when a sponsor turned single & became indiscreet about exactly how she contributed to the choreographer/artistic director; the other supporters flew the coop. Once again Odile masqueraded as Odette & betrayed Prince Siegfried - the tragedy of the mundane destroying the arts. And then I had to face that there was no longer enough makeup in the world for me to go under the lights in a pas de deux with another 20 y/o (is she dancing with her daddy?).. well, no more in the waking state, anyway.
At the risk of exhausting metaphor, I count you among the swans who drove Odile & von Rothbart into the lake. Not a flurry but a fury of feathers :) Oh, keep selling Teslas, too.

rocketscientist | 13/06/2014

Oh my…I will not be able to top that prose or dare I say choreography! To be counted as a swan I am not worthy, : ) A dancers time on stage is too short but the love of the stage lasts forever! I have often thought my Tesla is graceful like the ballet. I will keep selling Teslas…it is a joy to see that Tesla laugh out loud. Thank you BobRob, : )

bobrobert | 13/06/2014

I'm waiting for our grammar policeman to call for cleanup on aisle 5.

sbeggs | 14/06/2014

@bobrobert, haha!

redacted | 14/06/2014


info | 14/06/2014

There have been many people who won't allow drinks in their Teslas. And more who won't allow food in their cars. There's even a thread about those who will/won't allow dogs in their cars. I understand those beliefs. But whatever drove you to allow a lawyer in your car?

lolachampcar | 14/06/2014

The very best for me is when you get a true believer long term petrol head to violently floor the car from a dead stop. The reaction from a M5, C63, 911 Turbo type is just priceless. These are people that are a solute my convinced they KNOW what performance is :)

lolachampcar | 14/06/2014

Yea, that was supposed to be absolutely convinced...

NomoDinos | 14/06/2014

Lola - haha, I thought you were doing some kind of deep engineering metaphor about solutes and solutions in relation to car performance far above my head :)

Redacted - say it out loud with a flourish. It's the phonic of "voila".

Red Sage ca us | 14/06/2014

lolachampcar: They certainly know... NOW.

Brian H | 15/06/2014


Did they grab their wallahts when you started to peddle the car?

bobrobert | 15/06/2014

I worked mostly overnight shift as a paramedic lieutenant & routinely had breakfast at the local greasy spoon once alarms thinned out (in uniform, not tights.) The restaurant was also frequented by police from several jurisdictions (safest place in town between 'last call' and morning rush hour.) One night I watched several officers struggle to sit in a booth together without removing their utility belts. Such clatter from the nightsticks – I asked whether they ever got their batons twisted together, and was answered by a chorus of glares. So much for public safety camaraderie. I stirred over my hash-browns reflecting.. if laughter is supposed to improve digestion, did these police get frequent cramps eating here?
I wonder, too, what élan might be lost if one felt compelled to labor over several drafts of a post before sharing an entertaining anecdote. No – even if the grammar cops can't manage the occasional smiley, put the peddle to the meddle & some of us can ride over a bump to laff with yew. :-)

rocketscientist | 15/06/2014

Wow…this forum is quite hostile. I post something that was really fun and the playground cops attack.
No they kept "there" "wall ants" in "they're" "pickets".

rocketscientist | 15/06/2014

Bob…I had not read your post before I hit the send…I was reading a page of my computer which had not been updated. Thank you. That was such an amazing play on words all packaged up in a short story of support! Wow, I truly enjoyed reading it!

NomoDinos | 15/06/2014

Rocketscientist - apologies if my tone was misconstrued as an attack! I very much enjoyed the story, and was simply trying to clarify the message. I would blush a deep purple if all my grammar/spelling/technical errors from this site were put together on one page (which I hope no one decides to do now, as it wouldn't take an etc, etc to pull it off :)

Mathew98 | 16/06/2014

@Nomodinos - Brian will be sending you a bill for the effort shortly. Feel free to toss it in the fire place for warmth...

rocketscientist | 16/06/2014

NO...NoMo...I took no offense to your effort to clarify my use of voila as whala. I thought it was nice of you!!! : )

arldent3300 | 16/06/2014

Good gosh people. If we all are so anal about spelling, grammar, etc. then I suspect there will be a heck of a lot less postings on this forum. Chill out please :)

jordanrichard | 16/06/2014

arident3300, I don't know how long you have been coming to this forum, but the whole Brian H and grammar thing is a running joke.

arldent3300 | 16/06/2014

@ jordanrichard

Okaydokey :)