What will make the second row seats so special?

What will make the second row seats so special?

Elton Musk has indicated that both the Falcon Doors and the second row seats will be special and on the recent earnings call actually said both would require more testing prior to full production in September. What are you thoughts that would make the second row seats so special? Here is my wish. The two outer seats would slide out towards the outside while the flacon doors are open creating enough space for ALL three bucket seats to rotate electronically facing backwards so ALL rear passengers, both second and third row, could have a conversation while facing each other. The two outer seats would slide back into position while the doors close. That would be COOL!!! What do you think?. What are your thoughts of how second row seats could be special?o

Brian H | 10/05/2015

The "flacon" doors? Maybe they open automatically so the second row seats can eject more easily.

AlMc | 10/05/2015

Second row seats: I suspect they will turn sideways to allow better exiting by the third row occupants and ease of getting a child buckled up or in/out of a child seat. They might even be able to turn 180 degrees so they face 'backwards' towards the third row??

Gravlock | 10/05/2015

It would be cool if the second row could face inward and the front seat could face the rear creating a circle (oval?) for all seven passengers.

grant10k | 10/05/2015

I have no idea, but I find myself getting my hopes up for something awe-inspiring. Here's my off the wall list of ideas. Let's see what sticks.

The seats fold flat. Like really flat. Flatter than minivan seats that rolly-poll into the floor. Somehow.
The seats swivel out 90° for easy ingress.
The seats swivel in 180° for easy conversations.
The seats swivel further inward an additional 90° for the sake of completion.
The seats lean back and extend a footrest like a recliner.
The seats slide out of the car like the ones in Jurassic Park 2, both for ease of egress (they eject, too) and for the easy capturing of valuable road debris/wild animals.
The seats have the seat belts integrated, instead of attached to the frame of the car, so all this swiveling doesn't kill you.
The seats are heated and vibrate. It's taken so long to build because both features are gas-powered and no one at Tesla understands how gas works.
The seats are actually not anchored to the floor. You sit in a suspended seat like a suspended roller coster because the car already launches like a roller coaster, so they thought, "why the hell not". Also the roller coaster seats swivel and slide out of the car.

I also have a short list of really crazy ideas that I don't think will realistically make it into the car.
There is a cupholder within reach, and this amazes Elon.

PMadFlyer | 10/05/2015

What if they each have a map pouch and the engineering team was trying to find a way to light the pouch when opened? It looks like the engineering team gave up on the vanity mirror lights and just deleted the sun visors.

jjs | 10/05/2015

+1 grant10k - Made me laugh! Thanks

Iowa92x | 10/05/2015

Second row will be Dodge Caravan "Captain Chairs."

raffael s. | 12/05/2015

After spending some time in this forum, I am starting to think Americans love cups for some reason, but it is physically impossible for them, to hold one in their hand for a longer period of time. Can somebody please verify this?

jjs | 12/05/2015

Yes, I love cups. C, D, DD etc.

jjs | 12/05/2015

...sorry, that was just too inviting. :)

pvetesla | 12/05/2015

OH SNAP! No you didn't !!

grant10k | 12/05/2015

It's actually not all about the cups. Cup holders are great for holding a lot of things. Cell phones fit nicely into cup holders with one end way up in the air, so you can plug in a charger without the charge cable resting on the lip of something and over time bending the phone's charge port. You can store wadded up paper which may be covered in a substance you don't want touching the floor of the car, but it's easy to wipe off the (usually plastic) cup holder, containing the mess. It's a good place to put your wallet after paying for something from the car (usually paying for more cups at the drive thru), also sticking into the air which helps remind me to put it back on my person later.

I'm certain you're joking, but if there's a grain of truth then allow me to say it's not that Americans are unwilling to hold their own cups, but lacking cup holders precludes the ability to put them down.

The floating chairs the humans had in WALL·E didn't have cup holders, and look what happened to them.

jordanrichard | 12/05/2015

Motorized captain's chairs than swivel in synch with the flacon doors opening and closing would be amazing and would be the most talked about feature of the car. Though that's not going to happen. Unless they have redesigned the seats, I believe Elon said they were going to be design something like airline seats. Meaning you will be able to put stuff under them. So a single swivel point wouldn't work for that goal.

Red Sage ca us | 12/05/2015

Americans have a propensity to order beverages that are encapsulated within 44 oz to 64 oz plastic garbage cans filled to the brim with ice, that they incorrectly refer to as 'cups'. They want those drinks to be so cold that water condensation appears even during 60° F weather, but can't be bothered to hold them much longer than it takes to unwrap a straw due to extreme laziness or lethargy. This same state of terminal complacency is a primary contributor to their reluctance to learn the Metric system, because if a forty-five year old still doesn't know a cup is eight ounces there is no way in [HECK] he'll ever discern the difference between a deciliter and a milliliter. | 12/05/2015

If the second row of seats rotated in place, the occupants would find their knees in contact with those of the occupants of the third row.

The easiest way to facilitate inter-row communication is to use ipad-like devices and go to meeting-like software. | 12/05/2015

I'm thinking that the 2nd row seats in the X were adapted from the seats in the Spacex Dragon capsule, hence the Elon love.

EternalChampion | 12/05/2015

Forget Recaro seats.

I want a Tempur-pedic lined recliner with Bond-style buttons to disable moronic Sunday drivers.

mikeah007 | 13/05/2015

You guys we all to funny. Thanks for the feedback.

Brian H | 14/05/2015

or two funny?

vandacca | 14/05/2015

@Brain H, not you too.

jjs | 14/05/2015

I guess between you 2 it would be a tutu.

Red Sage ca us | 14/05/2015

This is a twoly toothful bunch...

carlgo2 | 14/05/2015

Cupholders are a safety item. Sometimes a situation ahead requires two-hand driving and you need to put your drink down easily and quickly.

Or you could drive without coffee...nah, let's be realistic...

As a public service there would be no storage for 64 oz drinks. It is even repulsive to see those things.

Back seat..what does that conjure up? Make it adult back there. Lots of adjustments to start with and a means of privacy. A way to access the sound system and some real bass speakers. A video screen, or iPad holder. I have lots of clever ideas, but this is a family site.

carlgo2 | 14/05/2015

Understood, but unsaid, is the recreational aspects of this if you are stuck at a slow charger. People would look forward to recharging, so to say. Some people not, but they can wander over to Bob's Bacon Muffin shop and a 64 oz drink to wash it down.

Remnant | 14/05/2015

Why not state the obvious?

Without a sex option for all five of the rear seats, the calisthenics implied would serve little utility.

Imagine the headlines, Tesla MX rear seat positions beat Kama Sutra.

Brian H | 14/05/2015

Especially with next gen 2nd row bolsters. Twister, anyone?

vandacca | 15/05/2015

@carlgo2, I think you should wait for the Tesla Model-XXX. It'll be 3 x the fun! The 2nd row seats will have 3-way capability and lie completely flat. And with your luck, it'll be delayed till 2069.

ian | 15/05/2015

Well that escalated quickly!

carlgo2 | 16/05/2015

@vandacca In 1969 I would have ordered the 40 kWh option so as to be forced to make more stops. Now I await the 500 kWh version. In 2069...well, there is always the hope for teleportation.

So THAT is why the imaginative center restraint. | 17/05/2015

Only the performance model will have the XXX options.

vandacca | 18/05/2015

George, that makes sense. The extra-stiff handling would be a real asset. The last thing you'd want is loose suspension. I heard that the seats come with a massage option too.

+1 @carlgo2 | 19/05/2015

Insane mode might work as well.

TytanX | 19/05/2015

My guess is second row ejection seats. In case your kids really bug you or safety feature in case of crash.

Seats that turn around 180 so you can have a conversation with people in the third row? Hppe you like playing footsie. there would be no room for all those legs.

carlgo2 | 20/05/2015

Brings new meaning to "are we there yet?", "almost there", "keep driving", "speed up", "slow down", "Stay in this lane", "bumpy road ahead" and finally "rest stop".