What Your Electric Car Says About You.

What Your Electric Car Says About You.

From the excellent, based on their analysis of a set of defined users across the Gravity personalization network:

"Turns out that people interested in the Tesla Model S are materially different in their interests than the Prius crowd. Let’s look at some of the highlights of the Model S fans’ aggregated Interest Graph.

> Environmentalism is not a substantial area of interest in the Tesla Model S Interest Graph. This may indicate that Tesla interest is driven by the technological or aspirational aspects of the brand rather than it’s environmental benefits. This is supported by the fact that, while the Tesla audience is 8.5 times more likely to be interested in fuel efficiency than the general population, Prius fans are 4x more likely to be interested than the Tesla folks (34x general population).
> Business and finance were dominant categories of interest. Interest rates, economics, the economy of Saudi Arabia, and bubbles, both real estate and economic, were high on the list.
> They are thirsty. Marker’s Mark, breweries, and Jim Beam are Tesla aficionado favorites.
> They like things that go. private transportation, Ferraris, and motorcycles were of high interest.
> Their lifestyle interests are a mixed bag. While family topped the category, Tesla fans do exhibit abnormally high levels of interest in cannabis, erotic dance, strip clubs, and Lululemon. It is unclear from the data available whether the Model S/”big night out” relationship is causal or simply correlated."

Bighorn | 31/07/2013

This sounds more like The Onion towards the end.

AmpedRealtor | 31/07/2013

So I passed by a couple of Model S owners the other day... | 31/07/2013


This is a joke right?

Nice Gif AmpedRealtor :o)

July10Models | 31/07/2013

Nailed it!

TikiMan | 31/07/2013


But seriously, I highly doubt food, booze, sports, and personal taste has much to do with what makes someone buy a Tesla. I've met a lot Tesla owners over the years, and we are about as diverse a group as you can get. Everything from McDonnell munchers to Zagat quality aficionados, lushes to tea-toddlers, etc and in-between.

Some of us are just problem solvers that want to be part of the solution than the problem (like myself), and others are spoiled brats that could care less if the MS had a tail-pipe that shot PCBs and PFCs out the back.

Some treat their MS like a family mini-van, while others treat it like a priceless exotic sport-car.

All that matters is; we love our Tesla's! :-)

cfOH | 31/07/2013

And Brian H's head explodes at TikiMan's post in 3...2...


defmonk | 31/07/2013

Hey, it's hard to argue with the almighty Interest Graph.

@TikiMan: it's not that these are qualities that make someone buy a Tesla, these are just interests that those who have a bought a Model S share (based on behavioral data gleaned from content interactions). Obviously, this is just an excerpt, the point of the blog is to contrast the shared interests of Model S owners vs. Prius owners. That's actually the more interesting part.

Overall, my anecdotal observation is that Model S owners tend to be 60-ish gadget guys, much more mustachey and baseball-hat-wearing than I would have imagined. I also note a relative prevalence of mommy jeans and white sneakers. Just the same, they seem to be a nice bunch. They give a thumbs up when we pass and I've had some engaging conversations while Supercharging.

Mark Z | 01/08/2013

It's Maker's Mark. I laughed because they were right on this Tesla owner having the product in the home.

TikiMan | 01/08/2013


No offence, however, I highly doubt that has enough Tesla owners information to even be considered a reasonable source of defined data.

Their blog reads like they choose their data from Tesla owners who are most likely independently wealth and seriously board. Which makes sense considering no one I know who has a busy life even remotely knows what is, much less would use it to find better booze and porn sites.

Brian H | 01/08/2013

Broad? Bored? Board? hoo nose.

david.cheney | 01/08/2013

LOL for real at TeeKeeMan and Brain and cfOHOHO.

EclecticCitizen | 02/08/2013

@defmonk "Overall, my anecdotal observation is that Model S owners tend to be 60-ish gadget guys, much more mustachey and baseball-hat-wearing than I would have imagined. I also note a relative prevalence of mommy jeans and white sneakers"

hilarious and so true! Sometimes I feel like the outlier when I run into other owners because I'm not wearing the "uniform" and I'm a few decades younger. Maybe I should conform and get some boxy Lee mom jeans and white Reeboks before I attend the next local gathering of owners?

I think we do span a very wide spectrum, but your anecdote rang true to my experience too.

Geert.Snijders | 02/08/2013

Maybe an 21st century updated version of Magnum PI paints the proper picture. Or just maybe he actually is the role model, being older now :D

(then BrianH would be Higgings...)

sunnysailor | 02/08/2013

I have never heard of I am not 60 or male. Nor do I wear white sneakers. My experience so far is that the Tesla owners are a very, very diverse crowd in background and interests. I would suggest the common threads are Tesla owners like driving fun cars, like technology, have national security/enviromental concerns, don't mind taking risks, are willing to put substantial money where there values are.

sunnysailor | 02/08/2013

typo. "their values"

Brian H | 02/08/2013

That's "Higgins". Two g's is enough.

brandtlings | 02/08/2013


RedShift | 02/08/2013

Oh, like Prius owners would not be interested in erotic dance and cannabis.

defmonk | 03/08/2013

@TikiMan & @sunnysailor

Gravity is a well-known personalization engine, used by publishers on the web like CNN Money, NYT, etc. You likely haven't heard of them because theirs is a back-end data mining system, which isn't really visible to users.

In fairness to TikiMan, their platform doesn't identify Model S owners per se, but those who show a high affinity for Model S. For example, they would likely identify the prolific Brian H as a Tesla owner based on his web habits, when in fact he is not. ;-) Thus, their sample size is 183,000 (unduplicated?), while we know there are fewer than 20k owners thus far.

defmonk | 03/08/2013


Thanks, but did I leave out Cisco golf shirts?