Where will your Model S reside?

Where will your Model S reside?

Tm has this informaton, but I think it would be interesting to develop a snap shot of where Model S' are being sold and will call "home". I'll start:

Signature #84
Vancouver BC

SLeser | 14/11/2011

Basel, CH (=Switzerland), Sig #14 (CH-Queue)

Robert.Boston | 14/11/2011

@William9: I bet you won't want to leave your Model S at home! Drive to LA, recharging along the way while you lunch at Harris Ranch. Surely Tesla will have installed something between LA and Phoenix by the end of next summer; that is such an obvious gap in the charging network.

viao44 | 14/11/2011



I too am a 'Michigander'! I grew up in Farmington as a child, then moved to Plymouth. Now I am in Lansing.

Since my wife and I are not at the point where we can afford a Model S; any chance I can visit you at a charging station sometime and droll over your Model S?

Anytime you or your family are traveling through Lansing in your Model S you can charge at my place for 'free' (if you give me a ride!).

Got $5K I can borrow?

michiganmodels | 14/11/2011

@Viao44 -

-I grew up in Farmington Hills (small world)

-My wife is a professor at Michigan State's Law School (so I visit the Lansing area relatively frequently)

-No need to visit at a charging station, we can meet up in East Lansing. I live in Metro-Detroit (67 Mile drive). I'm purchasing a Signature Series, so I can make it to East Lansing (and back) on one charge.

-Thanks for the offer to charge up at your home.

-Post your email here (or privately sent me a message at and we can arrange a time to meet in July 2012.

viao44 | 14/11/2011

@ michiganmodels

You are in my area frequently?! Great!

I had a feeling you wouldnt need any juice - but I had to offer something!

Id be honored to meet you in East Lansing in 2012. I'll buy you lunch. They didnt list 'free lunch' as an added feature yet did they?

My e-mail is I'll be sure to keep in contact with you. I visit this site a few times a week.

EdG | 14/11/2011

@viao44: While not a feature of the Model S, a "free lunch" has been mentioned all too many times in this forum. (Search on TANSSAAFL)

Yours sounds like the best version of it!

pdesamours | 14/11/2011

Atlanta, GA

Mycroft | 14/11/2011

Viao, drop cable, satellite, restaurants, Starbucks, etc. etc. and you should have $5k in no time flat! The other $45k might take a little longer.

Brian H | 14/11/2011

"viao44 | November 14, 2011 new
I are not at the point where we can afford a Model S; any chance I can visit you at a charging station sometime and droll over your Model S?"

Why would you want to make funny disparaging remarks about his new car? Doesn't seem like a very nice thing to do!!

KevinJ | 15/11/2011

Sig 21 in DC, and I can't wait....

CarlE_P439 | 15/11/2011

#P439- New Haven, CT (PLUG IN vanity plate is already taken in CT!).

EdG | 15/11/2011

I'm hoping to drive my S to New Haven for all my visits to my daughter for her senior year... That will double the S population there for those days.

NC Model S | 15/11/2011

Fayetteville, NC
Sig 495

Robert.Boston | 15/11/2011

@EdG & CarlE: We'll have to have a Model S rally at Yale Family Weekend next year, since I'll be driving down from Boston to visit my daughter (currently JE freshman)!

HJ-45 | 15/11/2011

Seacoast, New Hampshire

kublai | 15/11/2011

Atlanta, GA

EdG | 15/11/2011


Next year yours will be in the main college, away from Old Campus. So we'll have to get permission to park the cars in neutral territory right between JE and Branford. Put this into Google Maps: 41.309478,-72.930585 !

Now we have to make sure the colors don't clash...

[ For moving into the dorm, I'm going to stress test the Model S cargo capacity. Odds aren't good, but I'll try. ]

xhawk1011 | 15/11/2011

P- 5810 Saint Petersburg, Florida
no longer Gods waiting room ;)

wbrown01 | 15/11/2011

wbrown01 - P4309, Philadelpia PA

Larry Chanin | 15/11/2011


P- 5810 Saint Petersburg, Florida



We are forming a SW Florida Tesla Motors Club. Our first meeting will be this Saturday at 2:00 PM. If you are interested please contact me at


vouteb | 16/11/2011


Robert.Boston | 16/11/2011

Random irrelevancy:
In the reservation tally, 87% are US, 4% Canadian, and 9% Europe/Asia.
In the postings here, 79% are US, 9% Canadian, and 12% Europe/Asia.

Conclusion: Canadians spend more time reading forums. ;-)

Mycroft | 16/11/2011

"Canadians spend more time reading forums."

That's because they only have something like 2 hours of daylight up there this time of year. ;-)

Vawlkus | 16/11/2011

And we're already snowed in by 8 feet of snow. Only things we can do are surf the web, and wrestle polar bears }B)

DarrellH | 16/11/2011

S30 in Los Altos, CA

b826166 | 16/11/2011

Perry Hall, MD
P# 3764

Shepherd | 16/11/2011

Larchmont, NY
Sig #501

gibren | 16/11/2011

sig #432 in Scottsdale, AZ. And freakin' excited!!

MTriantafelow | 16/11/2011

Raleigh, NC -- no number yet, will post on the reservation thread as soon as I reserve

gagliardilou | 16/11/2011

Ogden Dunes, IN

DartLady S77 | 16/11/2011

Canadian Sig #73 will live in Abbotsford, BC

Rumbles | 17/11/2011

@MTriantafelow welcome aboard. I am in Chapel Hill. Sig 540.

Beanagee | 17/11/2011


Burnaby, B.C. Canada

jhw1009 | 18/11/2011

Cary, NC

sunnysailor | 18/11/2011

I received my number so I am updating my prior post.

Chicago P5801

RobPaul | 18/11/2011


Santa Cruz, CA

mbhaddad | 19/11/2011


Indianapolis, IN

Robert.Boston | 19/11/2011

Now that we've hit the century mark, here's an updated list:
AT 1
AU 1
CH 1
CN 10
BC 4
ON 1
QC 5
DE 1
IT 1
NL 2
NO 3
UK 1
US 79
AZ 2
CA 15
CO 1
CT 3
DC 1
FL 7
GA 3
HI 1
IL 5
IN 3
KY 1
MA 3
MD 1
MI 3
MN 1
MO 1
NC 4
NH 1
NJ 1
NY 5
OH 1
OK 1
OR 1
PA 5
TN 1
TX 2
VA 1
WA 4
WY 1
Grand Total 100

mcornwell | 19/11/2011

Wow, only 15% reported from CA, I thought we'd have double that...

JohhnyS | 19/11/2011

Orange County, CA.
So far it looks like we are the only ones in our neighborhood!

Waymond | 19/11/2011

Signature Model S ~ No. 241,
Palmdale, California

discoducky | 19/11/2011

Issaquah, WA

mike | 19/11/2011

#3157 - Mequon, WI

hwye81k | 20/11/2011

Canby, OR

David70 | 21/11/2011


Ah. Only about 10 miles from the Bellevue store.

Lenn | 23/11/2011

P 4805
Woodland Hills, CA

I just saw (sat in) the white Model S beta at the new Newport Beach Showroom. Sometimes professional photos that appear in a brochure or on the web make a car look bigger and better than the actual car itself. In this case, the Model S is even more beautiful in person. I hope it drives as good as it looks!

Gilbert | 23/11/2011

Seal Beach, CA P5948

Lobstermanat42 | 23/11/2011

Number 5970, Wauwatosa WI, just reserved today. Following car since first photos, just waiting to see in real. Gorgeous

perbakken | 23/11/2011

Sig #85 - Troendelag, Norway
P #270 - Troendelag, Norway

DomandMai | 24/11/2011

S651 - Houston, TX