Will Model X have an integrated trailer hitch?

Will Model X have an integrated trailer hitch?

I'm hoping that Model X have an integrated trailer hitch for things like bike racks, wheelchairs and light trailers. Anybody now the status of this?

eric.zucker | 16/08/2015

Yes, trailer hitch is confirmed as an option.

ir | 16/08/2015

Kinda silly for Tesla to announce Class III towing capacity and then not offer a hitch no? | 16/08/2015

Sorry. It's a secret.

ian | 16/08/2015
vperl | 16/08/2015

The tow package is STANDARD.

YOU, deep thinkers figure out why.

kevingregoryjones126 | 16/08/2015

Maybe a trailer/pack to increase range or offset the loss from hauling the extra weight.

ian | 16/08/2015

Brilliant! How come no one has ever thought of that before! ;-)

kevingregoryjones126 | 16/08/2015

Totally new to the forum here. I like the sarcasm though. I can't wait to see the full concept around model X once the Red team is ready.

vperl | 16/08/2015

Hitch will be standard on MX, because the manufacturing process makes it easier to make it standard.

ian | 16/08/2015

Sorry kevin. I was feeling snarky earlier. Glad you have a sense of humor. ;-)

Welcome to the forums!

I agree with vperl, due to ease of manufacturing, towing will be standard.

eric.zucker | 16/08/2015

I doubt it will be standard. All the better if it is, but many don't need towing.

Usually, cars have mounting points for the reinforced structural elements that get added if the customer wants the towing package, and the electrical harness is prepared for adding a trailer outlet. Turn signals, brake lights, reverse light, 12VDC, ground, etc.

However, the towing package usually requires a reinforced bar inside the read bumper, and this is detrimental to other people's safety if they crash into you as there is no longer a crush zone. Some lady had the misfortune of not braking early enough on snow last year behind me. I hardly noticed the impact, my car merely got a couple light scratches on the rear bumper plastic cover, whereas her car was destroyed. Incredible. Fortunately no severe injuries.

vperl | 17/08/2015

Again, hitch standard. Lowers manufacturing costs.

ir | 17/08/2015

Or somewhere in the middle of the spectrum like the MS rear seat reinforcements:

Standard on early models to simplify early manufacturing. Then factory optional (no retrofit) as a cost cutting measure once they're running smoothly.

vandacca | 17/08/2015

I would be surprised if the hitch will come standard on Signature Series Model-X and very, very surprised if it is standard on Production models. Many would not have any need for a hitch and may not even want to have an ugly looking metal appendage sticking out from their bumper. It makes no sense to me, since typically a hitch is bolted onto the frame in such a way that it would be easy to add or leave off during manufacturing.

I predict that there will be a towing option or at the very least, it will be part of another option (e.g. Smart Air Suspension)

ken | 17/08/2015

My prediction is, towing hitch will be standard on the Signature Series, and an option on the other reservations. And BTW, by now we all know about my predictions such as DS open on 7/13/15, how did that go?

aesculus | 17/08/2015

Well the tow hitch will be mandatory for anyone who wants a hitch oriented sports rack (think Falcon Wing Door avoidance).

I do agree that certain features may be required in order to tow such as 90 kwh battery, which many may not want.

vperl | 17/08/2015

Go hitch go, STANDARD

WAIT FOR IT first week October

Red Sage ca us | 03/09/2015

Listed among 'Standard Equipment' for Model X is:
Rear accessory hitch for bike or ski carrier
You do need the $750 Tow Package to get these: 'Removable 2" hitch receiver', '7 pin trailer electronics harness' and 'Tow mode software package'. This is introduced as an 'Upgrade' with a 'high strength steel tow bar' to achieve the 5,000 pound towing limit.

gfb107 | 03/09/2015

Under "Standard Features" we see "Rear accessory hitch for bike or ski carrier":

Also in the fine print for the Tow Package we see "Not required for bike and ski carriers":

ken | 07/09/2015

@Red Sage, this is correct as I was told by Tesla Corporate. However, I was also told that if I wanted to use my existing 2" receiver bike rack I would need the tow package. The rep that I was talking to went off the line and verified that with his supervisor. That leads me to believe that they will have a lesser hitch available for only bike and ski racks that you may have to purchase from Tesla. Probably won't know for sure until September 29th.

gfb107 | 07/09/2015

Ok, maybe it isn't a 2" hitch, but it is a hitch.

Uncle Paul | 07/09/2015

There are two hitches common to small SUV's

The 2" hitch is used for towing heavier items, and a smaller, more compact hitch used for mounting bikes or a small luggage carrier.

It may be that Tesla will offer the smaller hitch as standard, and the larger hitch as the $750 option.

Smaller hitch will mount bicycles etc, as well as pull a small utility trailer, jet ski or teardrop trailer.

Uncle Paul | 07/09/2015

If the standard hitch is a common 1 1/4" socket, perhaps an adapter like this could be used to fit a 2" bike rack.

These are not to be used for towing, but only for mounting lightweight items on a smaller hitch.

Red Sage ca us | 07/09/2015

phawker1: +1!

gfb107 | 07/09/2015

It is mentioned under both both standard equipment and the towing package

gfb107 | 07/09/2015
ken | 07/09/2015

phawker1 | SEPTEMBER 7, 2015, thanks for the link to the 1 1/4" to 2" adapter. You are probably correct that the standard hitch is the 1 1/4". Again, it would be nice to have the specifications for the MX so that we could see for sure.