Window Tint Recommendation

Window Tint Recommendation

I'm in Santa Cruz, CA and plan on tinting my windows. I started looking and realized there are some options out there. Can I get recommendations on material and a good shop between Santa Cruz and the rest of the Bay Area for this work?

Much appreciated!

Shesmyne2 | 02/06/2015

AutoImage in Belmont
OCDetailing Walnut Creek

Little far for you-there's gotta be someplace closer to SC...

Still Grinning ;-)

jgsuperstar29 | 02/06/2015

Check out Premier Protective Films Int'l in Fremont.

The tint product they use is called Spectra Photosync Nano Tint - the quality is superb and I think it looks great.

Tesra5115 | 03/06/2015

@shesmyne2, thank you but that is too far.

@jgsuperstar29, I will check them out. Thanks.

Other suggestions?

KL | 03/06/2015

AutoImage in Belmont is the best. 5 cars done by them out of my garage.

I got the SunTek heat rejection film with 75 fronts and 55 rears. I think I could have gone with the 45 rears without looking too much like a limo.

- K

KL | 03/06/2015

Oh, and Santa Cruz to the Bay Area is not too far ... I regularly drive from the Peninsula to Santa Cruz (Hwy 9, Big Basin, Empire Grade, Hwy 1) for fun because if you're a true Model S owner, you are actually looking for excuses to drive 200 miles out. :)

- K

chris | 03/06/2015

Would love the same recommendations (place & tint amounts) for Los Angeles. Many thanks, friends!

Tesra5115 | 03/06/2015

Not sure what I was thinking. Belmont is not too far at all. Thanks!

NomoDinos | 03/06/2015

Tesra5115 - The heat rejection on the Photosync film is the highest in the market right now, and it also does a little bit of darkening with brighter conditions. It's nice so that in lower light conditions, it doesn't have quite so much of the blacked out gangta' look. (unless you like that sort of thing, of course!)

Chris - If you're anywhere near Cerritos, I highly recommend Extreme Autowerkz (yes, I know, with a "Z"). They do exceptional work, and are committed to making sure you're happy with it. They also put on my XPEL wrap, and they redid the liftgate several times due to very minimal imperfections that I actually didn't care about. I posted some pics from when they first did it. The tint looks much darker than it actually is:

They are reasonably priced, but certainly not the absolute cheapest you'll find.