Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Hi. Just wanted to get an idea as to the best tinting material based on everyone's experience. | 03/09/2013

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shawns | 03/09/2013

I did 50% crystalline on all the windows and pano and really like it. Makes it slightly more tined from the outside, but still completely drivable at night time. Also blocks tons of heat.

sunrunner | 03/09/2013

I agree 3M crystalline tint is the best. If you are in the LA area I can let you know where I had mine done

Anonymous | 03/09/2013

I did 40% crystalline on side & back windows and really like it. Completely drivable at night time. Also blocks tons of heat.

SamO | 03/09/2013


I'm interested.

NomoDinos | 03/09/2013

3M Crystalline is very good, had it on my second to last car and it was fine. Pinnacle formula one is probably a bit better, but Photosync has the highest heat rejection and acts like those progressive lens sunglasses, darkening when it is brighter. Extreme autoweks in Cerritos does top level work ,(ask for Bing, he's awesome), I also have the tint guy from a specialty BMW place who comes to your house and does very good work for a bit cheaper, he put the 3M on for me.

earlyretirement | 04/09/2013

I went with the 3M Crystalline and happy so far with the results. The heat rejection really can be felt, especially lately when it has been very sunny and some parts of San Diego almost 100 degrees last week. I noticed a big difference getting the entire car tinted with the product.

I did meet a guy that originally had the 3M product and he said he got the entire car redone with the 3M product removed and went with the Photosync product. He used that place in Cerritos. He said that he could feel a big difference between the two.

The guy said he worked out of his car daily and spent many hours in the day so if you're like someone like that then you might want to think of the Photosync product but for most people and daily use, the 3M product probably is going to be more than enough.

Tinting is really the way to go on the entire car.

Rte66 | 04/09/2013


Does your rear window have a slight purple tint with the crystalline?
All my other windows look fine but the installer said it was something with the Tesla rear window.

Rte66 | 05/09/2013

[Bump] for sunrunner.

murraypetera | 05/09/2013

I would love to see a picture of anyone who has applied the Spectra PhotoSync on a Blue Model S since it seems to have a blue tint.

Sanjuro88 | 05/09/2013

+1 3M Crystalline.

I had it done in Al & Ed's in West Hollywood. Very happy with it, as it cuts on heat & indirectly increase the range (Less AC use)

Rte66 | 05/09/2013

@Sanjuro88, I had 3M crystalline done by Rob's in Marina Del Rey.
Does your rear window look slightly purple at times (esp early morning). They claimed it was something with the Tesla rear glass.

carlk | 05/09/2013

From everything I read on this and other car forums Photosync film is the very best, and most expensive too, if heat shielding is your goal.

Alex K | 05/09/2013

I have PhotoSync installed on all my windows (expect pano roof) - 65% all around and 75% on windshield. It significantly cuts down on heat and using 65%/75% combo also allows a lot of light in, even at night. I just had my windshield replaced and need to have the 75% PhotoSync replaced. I can really feel the difference in the Arizona sun, especially driving into the sun.

ThorensP | 05/09/2013

Does it make sense to tint the Pano roof any more than it already is? That seems to be where the heat in the car is coming from.

Jon C | 05/09/2013

If you look at the specs for Crystalline vs Photosync, their IR heat rejection are the same. The difference is that Crystalline is in 10's (40%, 50%) while Photosync is in 5's (35%, 45%), so the lowest Photosync (35) will reject more heat than the lowest Crystalline (40) . But if you go with say Photosync 75, any Crystalline 70 or lower will reject more heat. I have Crystalline 40 and all the side and rear windows in all three of our vehicles and Crystalline 70 on the windshield and love it.

howardb33 | 05/09/2013

hello Alex K thinking of doing the same thing Or even all 75 do you have any problems looking thru the front or back windows with haziness or blurring?

would love to see pictures


Alex K | 05/09/2013

@Jon C | SEPTEMBER 5, 2013: If you look at the specs for Crystalline vs PhotoSync, their IR heat rejection are the same.

Yes, but you really need to look at Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSAR), which is the industry standard. It turns out that manufacturers use different spectrums when referring to IR heat rejection and thus no comparison can be made between manufacturers unless the actual IR spectrum is the same. PhotoSync has better TSAR than Crystalline. For a more detailed discussion see the forum for a more detailed (48 page discussion) on Model S - Window Tinting. Page 36 has some tables comparing the various tints.

@howardb33 | SEPTEMBER 5, 2013: do you have any problems looking thru the front or back windows with haziness or blurring?

I've had no problems with haziness or blurring, but all higher end window tint (Crystalline&PhotoSync) will produce some hazing when the sun angle is just right. It's not bad, but it's still noticeable.

jeffaa | 05/09/2013

I also installed PhotoSync all around, with 35% on all windows and rear, and 75% on the windshield. The heat rejection is amazing. The car is much cooler when driving in the sun, so the A/C (on auto) runs at a lower fan setting. It also helped cut down on heat complaints from the kids, and there's almost no visible change looking through the windshield. (No pano here, so I can't comment on that part.)

howardb33 | 05/09/2013

I know this is a "dumb" question but anybody have 65 or 75 on a red car with pics so I can see how it would look?

howard red p85+

lloyds | 16/09/2013

I agree with Alex. I've had Huper before and feel a very noticeable difference with Photosynch. My coworker had Crystalline done, but imo, I didn't care for the bronze look. The company that installed it for me has tons of pics on their FB page:

Highly recommended tint for many Tesla owners.

RUNS KWH | 14/05/2014

I'd be curious if anyone has photos of their MC Red Tesla with Photosync as well.

One other question - should it be installed before or after OptiCoat?

zwede | 14/05/2014

I have LLumar CTX 30 (their high-end ceramic film) on all windows except windshield & pano. I like it. The AC has to work noticeably less. I did an unscientific test where I left the car in the sun before it was tinted, with pano on vent. Ambient temp was 33C (91F). In the afternoon my phone app said the interior was 52C (125F).

After the tint and at the same ambient temp, the interior was only 42C (107F).

brentlamb | 23/03/2019

All of the Tesla's need a non metalized film. A ceramic film will work best. We offer Solar Gard's Ultra Performance film and it works and looks fantastic. It comes in a ton of different shade so you can chose the look you are going for. You can take a look at the film on the Solar Gard site:
You can also see some cars tinted with this film on our website: