Windows tint

Windows tint

could you please comment if you tint your windows and how much it costed? Any cons?
My guy is asking for $150 in NH good reviews.

buickguy | 28/05/2015

Is that $150 per window? Realistically, to do the whole car (but not the windshield) you should be paying between $600 and $900 for quality work and quality materials.
By the way, please drop your duplicate post.

omega | 28/05/2015

Thanks. No that is for all but winshield. Sorry i cant fig out how to delete the other post.

buickguy | 28/05/2015

I recommend you check out your guy's work with other customers, especially customers who have had theirs for a while. $150 is below the cost of good quality materials that last!
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hcwhy | 28/05/2015

Does anyone know if, when tinting the rear hatch window, it is necessary or advisable to cut around the defroster lines? Thanks.

omega | 28/05/2015

hcwhy good question i also want the answer.

barlics2 | 28/05/2015

Recently tinted all 4 windows and rear window for $275. Guaranteed for 10 years.l and it looks awesome. I went to this particular place based on a referral from a fellow model S owner I met at the carwash. Personal references are usually smart choices.

CEYA GAS | 28/05/2015

They don't cut for the defroster.

Jazzy B | 28/05/2015

I did all windows except for the front windshield for $700 cash. I am in the LA area. Got recommendation from the forum. I agree with @buickguy that $150 is too low. Also what kind of film are they using? I could have paid like 275 but the film was not the one I wanted.

TheBear | 28/05/2015

Good tint you dont need to cut around defrost lines. Mine cost 900 or so for photosync, All windows. House of tint in visalia, CA. I highly recommend this guy if you are around there. Tons of posts on tinting already so just do a quick search. Photosync is great but in NH you dont need it. Just get a good crystalline or equiv and you should be fine. Tinting the car makes it look even sweeter.$150 for all windows except windshield is super cheap, even for NH, imo, so make sure he is using some decent film.

omega | 29/05/2015

Apparently he uses madico film. Is that so bad?

ColonyGolfer | 29/05/2015

Car in FL since Oct 2012. MS vin 0002xx, Tinted with Huber Optik film for $300, 5 windows and vent windows.....Couldn't be happier. Done by "Suntamers" in Bonita Springs.

DAB | 29/05/2015

+1 dvclifford

$300 for all except the front here in Los Angeles as well.

gwpotter | 29/05/2015

I spent maybe 12 hours looking at several sides of this issue. I reached the conclusion that 3M Crystalline is the best product in terms of preventing heat from entering the cabin. That became an issue when we took our first road trip - we have two small dogs and they ride in a crate which we put in back. I do not like the dark, private screened in appearance of some tints. So I opted for the Crystalline 20 - I know it is there. But the casual observer will not see it. I was amazed how effective the product worked. 3M has an authorized installer function - which I used. Then I consulted local Tesla owners to choose between a couple I had pre-selected. Got four doors and hatchback (nothing on front windshield) for $465.

Kutu | 29/05/2015

I had Llumar tint in stalled on all 4 windows, rear hatch and windshield for $400.