Windshield hydrophobic sealant

Windshield hydrophobic sealant

Hi Folks, I was surprised to read that Tesla recommends against windshield coatings such as Rain-X (and others.) The manual mentions issues with the wipers (chattering) if coatings are used. I've been using Rain-X (and, more recently, Griot's Garage windshield sealant) with significant improvement in visibility in rain and easier snow removal in winter. Has anyone tried one of the hydrophobic coatings and if so, how is it working out?

Anthony J. Parisio | 03/05/2015

I have used it coding. Yes it can make more noise but it does work better.

JPPTM | 03/05/2015

I have not had good luck historically with RainX on prior vehicles due to the chattering. On my S my detailer applied OptiCoat for glass. Works great. No chattering. YMMV.

1BadNerd | 03/05/2015

This is kind of odd. I use Rain-X because I can use my wipers less. I've gone 20 miles to work after applying Rain-X in other cars without even having my wipers on.

Rain expected this week, so I just applied Rain-X to all my windows. | 03/05/2015

I used Aquapel and hated it. Got some wiper chatter, but not that bad. For me, after cleaning it streaks really badly in the sun. After every cleaning, I had to rub it with a dry cloth very hard to get rid of the streaks. I finally removed it, which was a major pain. Chatter disappeared, and far easier to clean now. I should point out I'm in California, so there's a lot more sun than rain (especially lately). | 03/05/2015

I also used the 'special' spray cleaner Aquapel recommended - didn't help but was slightly better than windex. I should point out that the streaks were invisible until the sun directly hits the windshield, then it was really bad.

marc | 03/05/2015

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PBEndo | 03/05/2015

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1BadNerd | 03/05/2015

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Brian H | 04/05/2015

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TaoJones | 04/05/2015

I use GlassWow, which was developed by Richard Lin @ Show Car Detailing. A little bit goes a loooong way. I doubt I will use anything else for exterior glass.

marc | 04/05/2015

Hi Folks,
Thank you all for your helpful observations and comments. I take delivery of my S in a couple of weeks. I did not know if there was something different about the Tesla windshield or wipers. I've used Rain-X since the late 1970s (when it was used in racing) and had planned to continue unless there was a performance or safety reason not to do so. You've been most helpful!

thranx | 04/05/2015

Note that the heavy detergents utilized in commercial car washes will immediately and unevenly degrade many hydrophobic windshield coatings: a fact I learned to considerable chagrin, and far too much subsequent streaking (see: Teslatap and others).

Haggy | 04/05/2015

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Brian H | 04/05/2015

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Haggy | 05/05/2015

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PBEndo | 05/05/2015

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Brian H | 06/05/2015

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J.T. | 06/05/2015

But how many on this site?

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1BadNerd | 06/05/2015

Back to the OP already in progress...

FYI. I Rain-Xed my windows on Sunday and yesterday there was rain all the way to work. I had the wipers on sporadically to see if there was any "chatter." They were smooth as silk. Of course, due to the Rain-X, I didn't need them very much, if at all.

1BadNerd | 09/05/2015

Nope, I'm wrong. Big downpour here yesterday. My Rain-X from Sunday was still good and the wipers were OK except for the bottom/left driver's side wiper. It didn't generate much chatter sound, but it did flop around.

I think I might try not putting much in the lower left corner of the front windshield next time.