Windshield wipers hop, skip, jumping - Anyone else experiencing this?

Windshield wipers hop, skip, jumping - Anyone else experiencing this?

My windshield wipers hop, skip, and jump across the windshield. Tesla has replaced the blades and even the wiper motor, but it still happens, even when the window is wet with rain.

Tesla suggested that maybe I was cleaning the window with something that left a sticky residue, but I'm just using Windex. I've tried RainEx, just wiping with water, etc.

Has anyone else had this issue? Help!

AirForce462 | 30/10/2013

I recall reading of this issue with those who opticoated the windshield, but not on untreated ones.

AmpedRealtor | 30/10/2013

You said you used RainX. That leaves a film on your window that causes your wipers to skip. | 30/10/2013

In the past, I have had issues with Rain-X cause this behavior as it seems to wear away unevenly. I have used Opti-Glass on my MS with good results so far.


Gizmotoy | 30/10/2013

@AmpedRealtor: He actually said he tried RainX to fix the issue, which implies that the issue existed before the RainX was used.

Sleeper | 30/10/2013

Yes, this happens to me too. I do use rainX. It seems like rainX would decrease resistance vs increase it on the windshield? When I use the windshield washer they quit skipping for a few mins... | 30/10/2013

Same problem for me after applying Aquapel, recommended as better than RainX. I hated the skipping, and often it would show streaks and dirt faster than when it was uncoated. I finally took it off and now it's back to normal.

I suggest a tough cleaning with Bon ami, which is what I used to get rid of the coating.

Rheumboy | 30/10/2013

You boys are using a product for the model X. You need to get rainS.

Sleeper | 30/10/2013

Lol...thanks guys. I think I'm going to skip the rain x, as the skipping is annoying. We have plenty of opportunity to experience this here in the Pacific Northwest... rain that is!

David Trushin | 30/10/2013

Have you thought about entering your car in the Olympics?

mlnewman | 30/10/2013

Any specific recommendations for or against Windex?

... and LOL, @Rheumboy.

Captain_Zap | 30/10/2013

@David Trushin

Do you mean the Olympic Rainforest?

Bighorn | 30/10/2013

I had skipping that left linear residue at the top of the stroke. Definitely hadn't used RainX, but may have used Windex. It happened soon after purchase, but I haven't noticed it lately. Could just be breaking in the rubber.

AmpedRealtor | 30/10/2013

Those of you who have used RainX, did you apply it as instructed using a clay bar?

Gizmotoy | 30/10/2013

Standard RainX application does not recommend the use of a clay bar, though it certainly produces a better result. The Windshield Deep Clean Kit you're probably thinking of (clay bar, lubricant, RainX) is a relatively new product.

mumanoff | 30/10/2013

I had the problem.....just removed the windshield and bingo problem solved!

Gizmotoy | 30/10/2013

@mumanoff: I had the problem.....just removed the windshield and bingo problem solved!
"I simply applied the RainX directly to my glasses. Perfect!"

Rheumboy | 30/10/2013

I drank the rainX and peed on the windshield. Not recommended for women though cause of denting the frunk

David70 | 30/10/2013

I've only gotten the skipping while in the car wash.

bp | 31/10/2013

When I first saw this problem - used RainX - and the problem got worse - and it took a combination of cleaners to remove the RainX and get the wipers to run smoothly again.

What I've noticed is that after washing the car, the windshield wipers will start getting sticky. To solve that, I'll make a pass on the windshield with Windex - and if it's still sticky - I can usually get it running smoothly again by using water and a microfiber cloth.

I've also started wiping off the blades themselves after washing the car.

I haven't had this issue with other cars - not sure if this is being caused by the blades or by a difference in the materials used for the Tesla windshield - but at least I've found a solution that seems to be working...

Gizmotoy | 31/10/2013

The windshield gets sticky? That's... weird.

christurbeville | 31/10/2013

Doesn't rainX come with a wiperblade conditioning towellette?

spazthecat | 31/10/2013

I gave up on RainX for this reason. Terrible skipping when I used it. I cleaned it all off and used a coat Klasse All in One and things are way better. No skipping and water still beads up.

I imagine you could use NuFinish, carnuba, or basically any other brand of wax or polish and get similar results.


leclair.frederic | 27/12/2013

I am getting skipping in Quebec's winter storms, the ice form on windshield and makes the wiper skip, particularly the passenger one.

Low CG | 27/12/2013


ali925 | 08/09/2019

I had skipping problem using RainX on M3
any suggestion for an alternative?

harry pippic | 08/09/2019

I also had the same problem, which felt that the wiper blades were getting resistance from the windshield surface soils, I noticed slight streaking and film on the windshield which I believed to be road grime and oils coming from the highway pavement.
I used strong degreaser on a sponge and carefully cleaned the windshield then cleaned of the degreaser off with dish soap and brought the glass surface back to it's original virgin finish.

The wiper blade hopping stopped. Also I believe that quality wiper blades may have a type of graphite compound built into the blades. Maybe it's time for new blades.

Yodrak. | 08/09/2019

"I had skipping problem using RainX on M3
any suggestion for an alternative?"

Check a thread that's more recent than 6 years old.

gregmiller1817 | 08/09/2019

Has anyone tried 3 bladed wiper replacements? Maybe they won't chatter.